Kindness is the best feng shui on a person!

Kindness is the best feng shui on a person!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A person's best fengshui,

is not money and wealth,

is not career status,

is not fame and power,

but kindness!

what is kindness?

kindness is the purest quality, and

kindness is the simplest accomplishment.

it is the highest state of life, and

is also the most beautiful character.

kindness is like a Wang of clear water,

transparent and visible, free of impurities.

kindness is like a mirror.

reflects the heart and bears witness to character.

kindness is like a breeze, neither hot nor cold, comfortable. Kindness is a kind of investment. If you use your own kindness to help others, you will gain shelter.

if you treat others with your own sincerity, you will get a great blessing.

because the good days see,

good luck comes to you, and

becomes a blessing to you. Kindness is the best feng shui in a person.

it fulfills others as well as oneself.

if you give kindness, you will reap warmth.

if you are always kind, you will leave a good name.

your goodness hides your luck.

in the rest of life,

in the unpredictable future, goodness will turn into a kind of strength.

help you avoid disasters and turn misfortunes for you.

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in life,

the accumulation of virtue depends entirely on kindness, and

doing good depends on a true heart.

people with a good heart

blessings are on their way.

often cherish a good heart and reap good results.

often do good deeds to help others, and finally get a reward. When you are alive,

being a man comes first, and you can't lose your kindness.

everything has cause and effect.

everything you do has reincarnation.

you get what you do to others.

you get it.

those who are kind to others are good to others, and

those who are sincere to others are cherished. To be a man,

kindness is born,

but it needs to be maintained.

No matter what temptation you face,

but what tribulations you encounter,

A kind heart is immutable.

because kindness is the best feng shui in the body,

it can keep you safe and well-being, and

can also bring good luck and good fortune to you. Kindness,

is a person's best feng shui,

is a person's greatest ability in life.

the kinder you are, the more successful your future is, the more expensive your life is.

always rest assured that you are kind and do good deeds easily.

everything is based on goodness,

does not violate the heart and conscience,

be a good person with good character,

do not do evil before you can be happy,

always do good, heaven will love!