Keep favors on sunny days and borrow umbrellas on rainy days

Keep favors on sunny days and borrow umbrellas on rainy days

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Gibran said: "the meaning of life lies in the connection between people."

in life, everyone needs to lend a hand.

No one can be brilliant forever, and no one can be down to the end.

No matter they are relatives and friends, they have nothing to contact and help each other in case of trouble.

wait until you ask for help before you can open your mouth.


there are times when everyone needs a hand.

I have a college classmate who used to be a loner and unsociable.

one year, he trusted his relatives in his hometown and guaranteed him 300000 yuan. Unexpectedly, the relatives failed in their business and ran away.

300000 of the debt fell on him, coinciding with some other changes in the family.

my father relapsed and was hospitalized. He didn't have time to go home for more than half a year. It was usually the hospital and the company that ran at both ends.

there are a lot of things at home, and he often asks for leave, so he is worried that he will be fired by the company if he goes on like this.

I didn't expect to be afraid of anything, because a small mistake in my work caused a lot of losses to the company, so he was demerited.

this kind of glitch could have been avoided. Other colleagues check each other, but he is always alone, and no one wants to examine him.

things fell on him one by one, and he was so stressed that he suffered from insomnia to depression.

several of our classmates heard that running can relieve stress, so they took the time to call him to run. when he saw that strangers had obstacles, they ran with him at night.

pull him every day, keep running in the dark night, accompany him.

if he is willing to speak, we will listen. If we do not want to speak, we will follow at a distance.

after more than half a year, things have finally passed. My father's condition has improved and his relatives have come back from outside.

after this incident, he found that his previous ideas were biased.

he used to think that socializing was useless and he didn't socialize with people.

but it was only after something happened that he realized the importance of interpersonal communication.

were it not for these old friends, it would be very difficult for me to survive.

if the company has someone to help, it is much better than struggling alone.

if a person's social relations are not good, his life will not be very satisfactory.

all one's life, no one can do everything by himself. How can one live without friends?

three cobblers are better than a Zhuge Liang.

one person has no way to go, no clue, two people may be willows and flowers.

if you share the pressure that you can't bear, you will have more courage to move forward.


Life is an echo

when Qian Zhongshu wrote Fortress besieged in Shanghai, life was very difficult.

at that time, no businessman was willing to publish Qian Zhongshu's academic manuscripts. He and Yang Jiang lived by writing articles, and their lives were stretched.

two people are worried about firewood and rice, and his friend Huang Zuolin heard the news.

he took the initiative to find Qian Zhongshu, arranged and directed Yang Jiang's two comedies, and paid the fee in time, so that the life of Qian Zhongshu and his family could be maintained.

years later, many people competed to make Fortress besieged. Qian Zhongshu gave the script authorization only to Huang Shuqin, Huang Zuolin's daughter, in the sound of surprise.

Yang Jiang also unstingingly authorized her works to Huang Shuqin.

because of Huang Zuolin's righteous help at that time, he helped his daughter's career out of the trough a few decades later.

maybe no one thought of it at that time.

one of my literary friends is doing self-media and typesetting has its own style. I thought she was a professional.

I learned later that she helped others with typesetting, but in the end they didn't learn it well, but she mastered a new skill herself.

writer Lin Qingxuan wrote in his article "send him a bright moon"

"We always keep a kind, tolerant and clear mind, not to mention a bright moon, it is possible to send a lot of bright moon at the same time.

because the bright moon is not sent to each other, but a kind of reflection, which can reflect the light of each other. "

when you have the ability, you can help others. It's not a loss of life.

I have read a sentence that says, "Life is an echo":

when you have the ability, you should give others a helping hand. To help others is to help yourself.

give others hope, that is, give yourself hope;

give others a way out, that is, give yourself a way back.


when wind and rain are in the same boat, people hold hands in adversity

my friend is a doctor and is usually very considerate to patients.

one night she met an asthma patient. After the examination, she took medicine and her condition was relieved, but she was worried about the recurrence of the disease and hoped that the patient would stay in hospital for observation for one night.

the patient said that he was a low-income household and was worried about the hospitalization fee of more than 100 yuan a night, so he was about to leave.

my friend was worried that the patient's condition would be repeated, so he paid for the hospitalization fee and arranged a ward for him.

later, she encountered a doctor's trouble, because the patient did not follow the doctor's advice, the family took medicine for a long time, and her condition did not improve, so her family went to the hospital to make a scene and complained against her maliciously.

her patients were in a hurry when they heard about it.

running around lobbying, she, who has always been rigorous, could not have made such a mistake, argued with the family, and could not bully others.

finally, the patient could not watch it any longer, so he confided the truth and did not take the medicine in accordance with the doctor's request to prolong his condition.

this cleared the doctor.

Sadie said, "anyone who wants to get help in times of misfortune should give more on weekdays."

the mother of a classmate is a warm-hearted person. As long as she is asked for help, she always puts her own work down and helps others first.

their hometown is rich in apples. Every time she is busy picking apples at home, her mother goes to help others after collecting her own apples.

one year, when the fruit merchant came to buy Apple, there was no labor at home, and she was worried that she would not be able to deliver the goods on time. But the mother said, "Don't worry."

at noon the next day, when she came home from school, she saw many people helping her with apples.

the fruit merchant asked the helper, "other people's families don't have enough hands. Why are there so many people in this family?"

everyone rushed to say, "usually, if someone has something to do with us, my aunt will go to help." Now, if she needs it, of course we will help! "

with everyone's help, her apples were quickly boxed up and sold without delay.

A heart is always filled with others, always thinking of each other when things go wrong, always thinking of others, and you can also be in the hearts of others.

people are exchanged and help is mutual.

those who get the right are more helpful. People who want to be friends of others can have friends of their own.

in times of wind and rain, we are in the same boat, we are in the same boat when we are in need, we often help others when we are in trouble, and when we are in an emergency, we have help.


keep favors on sunny days and borrow umbrellas on rainy days

We must have such friends: make friends now.

they usually have no movement. They dive in WeChat groups and can't explode unless they use a red packet with enough weight.

when you have something wrong, you can't see him at all. Once he calls you or sends a message asking "yes or no", he must ask for something.

"Oh, you have to help me with this!"

"you have to lend me this money!"

"We are best friends!"

when I use you, I will make friends with you and love whoever I love when I don't need you.

some people say that the heart is not a warm hand. it only takes three minutes to plug in to give you the warmth you want.

it is too late to cram temporarily, and affection needs to be accumulated deeply.

it's like you're making a deposit in the bank. The more you deposit, the longer you deposit, and the more interest you have, so it's convenient to use.

the so-called cold and warm world is actually the temperature at which we treat others all the time.

We are convenient with others, and at some point in the future, we will receive this kind of affection, or even more.

so, make more money when you have something to do, and keep in touch when you have nothing to do.

when you accumulate human feelings, once you encounter difficulties, someone will come from somewhere else to help you.

this is the seed. Sow more good seeds and you will have a rich harvest in life.

Wang Yangming: wise men build bridges, fools build walls.

to forge one more good relationship for yourself, there is one more bridge and one more connection with the outside world.

build one more bridge, you can have one more road. Because "those who are isolated from others, those who accept them can accept all kinds of rivers", it is useless to be busy with things but not "busy with others".

can be a human being, but only when doing things can you have fun.

when the relationship is good, you will feel nine percent bitter in the world, just for a little sweetness, it will be worth it all your life!

people are exchanged; affection is accumulated;

help is mutual; friends are warm.

it is neither stupid nor foolish to help others as much as you can.

with others in mind and compassion, people's connections can be refined into an amulet of walking society.

keep favors on sunny days and borrow umbrellas on rainy days.

if you can do it for all, everyone will do it for you.

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