I've been busy all my life. What's yours? (classics must be read)

I've been busy all my life. What's yours? (classics must be read)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

what is the most important thing for a person to live a lifetime?

some people think it is wealth, so they spend most of their lives working hard, getting up early and working late at night.

some people think that it is fame and wealth, so they fight with each other all the time.

some people think it is status, so they do not hesitate to calculate for the future.

you can be busy, but it's not your own after all.

after much experience, you will understand that no matter how much money you have, you will never take it with you; no matter how big the name is, it will become empty in the twinkling of an eye; no matter how high the position is, it is but a dream!

only the following three things, time does not dilute, others can not take away, is really their own.


A healthy body

everything is floating in the world.

only your own body can accompany you to the end.

but the sad thing is that people always take a fluke, thinking that illness and death will only patronize others.

so he squandered his health and treated his body at will.

Last year, the variety show "Oh, good body" frequently hit the hot search list.

as one of the guests, Yang Di, accompanied by his mother, once went to see an ophthalmologist.

who knows that he is only 30 years old, and his eyeballs are already 50 years old.

due to the increase in workload in recent years, staying up late has become Yang Di's daily routine. Basically, he wears contact lenses all day for work.

over time, the body naturally goes bad.

in fact, many people are pursuing happiness while exchanging their lives for money.

everyone knows that without a healthy body, happiness is just an illusory bubble that bursts at a touch.

only by cherishing life and body can we live a better life.

the only thing you can show off in life is a healthy body.

it is not only the foundation of all life, but also the only happiness I can grasp.

as Robert Owen said:

therefore, it is important to work hard, but everything should stop. Don't wake up after losing your life: health is the greatest happiness.

remember that only when you are healthy can you be happy.


optimistic attitude

there is a saying in the Book of changes:

people have a good state of mind before they can have a good life.

I have seen such a story.

there was a young man who frowned all day long, so he went to the local Zen master to relieve his sorrow.

after hearing the news, the Zen master gave him a bowl full of water, grabbed a handful of salt into it, stirred it, and made him drink it.

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when he finished, the Zen master asked, "how does it taste?"

the young man's face crumpled up and replied, "bitter and salty."

then the Zen master took him to the lake, poured the bowl of water into it, and let him taste it again.

the Zen master asked, "how does it taste this time?"

the young man replied honestly, "it tastes sweet and mellow."

at this time, the Zen master said:

it makes a lot of sense.

people's life is actually like this bowl of water, ups and downs, it all depends on what we add to it.

more optimistic, positive and sunny, the taste of life is naturally sweet and comfortable.

just like the "good Song" in the first time of A Dream of Red Mansions,

the world knows that the immortal is good, but the fame can not be forgotten!

where will it be in ancient and modern times? Arazuka, a pile of grass is gone.

the world knows that immortals are good, but only gold and silver can not be forgotten!

in the end, I only hate to get together, and my eyes are closed for a long time.

in life, mentality is undoubtedly a good medicine for life, which can not only make people feel at ease, but also make life more enjoyable.

youdao should have no place to live, but give birth to its heart.

in life, the heart goes well, everything goes well, and when the heart turns, things change.


the companionship of a lover

Hemingway once said:

people live in this world, no matter how strong or rich they are, there are always moments of vulnerability.

if there is someone around, listening to you when you are depressed, hugging you when you are lonely, and comforting you when you are lost, it is the greatest happiness in life.

I remember once, when I was walking on the road, I suddenly saw a couple walking hand in hand.

both of them have white hair and stumble, but with the help of each other, it is not so difficult to walk.

when she passed a flower bed, the old woman was so attracted by the flowers that she couldn't help stopping to watch, while the old man stood by, looking at her with tenderness in his eyes.

the old lady looked at her husband and said, "if you don't look at such beautiful flowers, why are you looking at me?" I haven't seen enough after watching it all my life. "

Grandpa said, "you look better than flowers, and you haven't seen enough all your life." Fortunately, I have been accompanied by you all my life, and I have been through all the ups and downs! "

looking at this picture, I understand what is meant by "companionship is the most lasting confession."

as the old saying goes, young couples are old partners. The older they get, the more important they will find out.

especially in old age, people depend on each other and take care of each other. No one can replace this kind of companionship.

in this life, people come and go, and only my wife is the most important wealth in my life.

Su Qin said:

accompany because you care, and cherish because of companionship.

people live a lifetime, there are too many things difficult to give up.

but spend the rest of your life pursuingIn the end, it's all just fleeting.

Old Mr. Ji Xianlin said:

since this is the case, it is better to see clearly than to take it lightly.

regardless of the vicissitudes of life and the twists and turns of years, life is enough as long as we keep these three things well.