It's okay to go to bed early and make more money when you have time.

It's okay to go to bed early and make more money when you have time.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a good saying:

experience all kinds of things and know the profound connotation of this sentence.

the more a person wants, the more trouble he or she will have. The simplest day is the best day.

the troubles of life are mostly caused by lack of money and lack of sleep.

the best way to live is to go to bed early and make more money when you are free.


going to bed early can solve most of the problems

Funan says:

there is no healthy body, everything is empty talk.

Zhejiang Satellite TV host Hua Shao, known as "China's good tongue", has been appearing on the screen with a personable and thin spirit.

for a while, he quickly put on weight and became an uncle with a round double chin, and he was in poor shape.

he said on the program that he gained weight because he often needed to go out to socialize, did not have a good diet, and often had a disordered schedule. I often go from this place to the next place, get home late at night, eat a bowl of noodles and go to bed.

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he also revealed that his lung tube had ruptured due to heavy work and unhealthy living habits. The most serious one, vomiting 500cc's blood.

the consequences of overdrawing life are frightening. Hua Shao realized that to lose health is to lose everything.

so he gradually adjusted his work schedule, turned off his cell phone and went to bed around 10 o'clock in the evening, got up at five o'clock in the morning for exercise, and stuck to this routine.

finally, he successfully lost 30 jin, and his physical condition has been greatly improved.

the White Paper on Chinese Sleep during the COVID-19 epidemic released by the China Sleep Research Association in 2020 shows that 80% of people have the habit of staying up late, and 16% go to bed almost every day. Staying up late has become a major cause of sudden death among young people.

for people who stay up late for a long time, every time they stay up late, they are playing with their lives.

people should learn to be responsible for their bodies.

Don't let tears take the place of smiles and don't let your health overdraft reach zero. Go to rest when you are tired, don't grit your teeth, sleep for a while when you are sleepy, and don't stay up too long.

if you sleep well, you will be well. Go to bed on time every day, less anxious, in a good mood, life will shine.

Haruki Murakami said:

getting up early and going to bed early is the most cost-effective way of life.

A strong and energetic you will be able to solve more than 80% of the problems in your life.


making money can cure all hypocrisy

when the years are stable, it may be possible to say, "money is not that important." But when life is mixed with suffering, you will understand how embarrassing it is to have no money.

Smartisan, founded by Luo Yonghao, finally closed down because of industry competition, quality crisis and other problems. Luo Yonghao took on 96 million of the company's debt.

in order to find a way to make money, he began to do live streaming.

during the first live broadcast, due to the rusty process, there were frequent mistakes, but Luo Yonghao still worked hard to sell.

A fan left him a message saying:

Luo Yonghao responded on Weibo:

there is no such thing as "easy" in the adult world. They all swallow the bitter fruit alone and still live a quiet life on the surface.

even if life obstructs you in every way, you don't have to magnify your difficulties with hypocrisy. The appearance of a person trying to make money is not shameful.

money is certainly very important. It gains not only material things, but also freedom and dignity.

there is a saying on the Internet that is very true:

there is no eternal backer in the world, and no one will always be anyone's safe haven, but having money in your pocket can keep you from panicking when something happens.

so, when you have nothing to do, be less hypocritical and make more money.


living a good life is a person's greatest spiritual practice

the epidemic in 2020, which has affected the lives of countless people.

Hu Song, a 39-year-old restaurant owner in Wuhan, also spent a rare long holiday in his life. In addition to watching TV dramas, reading books, exercising and cleaning, he also practiced a specialty dish, Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce.

although he is so leisurely, in fact, the string of incense hotpot restaurants he runs have been forced to close down without any income during the epidemic.

and soon he will have to pay the rent for the next quarter, plus 130,000 to 40,000 yuan for water and electricity.

but Hu Song is very open:

there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome in life, only those who cannot get through.

if you can keep an open mind, you will have a good life.

No one can change yesterday. If you worry too much about tomorrow, it will ruin today.

only when you understand calmness can you understand life. We can't choose what will happen in life, but at least we can choose how to face it.

Zhou Guoping said in "May Life take it easy":

when people reach a certain age, they all live with a little worry and unspeakable pain.

Life is long and short, life has joys and sorrows, life has its ups and downs, learn to wave sleeves calmly, warm smile without death.

living a good life is one's greatest spiritual practice.


go to bed early and earn more money when you are free

Wang Zengqi said:

there will always be some days in life, the wind is a little strong, the rain is a little urgent, the day is a little dark, people are a little tired, and there are a lot of sand and gravel under their feet.

maybe you don't know how to get yourself through this part of the road safely, but as long as you still try to go on, everything you go through will be a thing of the past in the end.

We should give our minds a holiday at the right time, to have a healthy body, and to develop aHave a good state of mind and live a calm and comfortable life.

many things in the world can be solved in two ways: sleeping and making money.

get a good night's sleep, save energy, improve yourself, and be energetic;

earn more money, have full confidence, be rich and have nothing to worry about.