It's a holiday. In order not to quarrel with your children, please read it aloud three times a day.

It's a holiday. In order not to quarrel with your children, please read it aloud three times a day.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Summer vacation

is an annual test for parents

Children study, play and live at home all day. In the face of a disobedient child

can you control not to lose your temper with your child?


from now on

I will find more bright spots in children

praise the child

instead of blaming and criticizing the child

because I know

the child has worked hard enough

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even if the result is not satisfactory

I should not vent my anger on the child

. At this time, he is already uncomfortable

he should understand and encourage his child

to vent his temper, which is not a wise move.

it will only worsen the relationship with the child. Keep children away from me

from now on

I will teach

to be a role model for my children

because I know a lot of things I can't do

, but ask my child to do

too demanding

and can't convince my child

only if I can do

will my child be affected. Learn my strengths


from now on

I will do more good deeds

Let my children understand

Don't give up doing good deeds even if it doesn't matter Don't do bad things even if it is inconspicuous

Children can only become kind and grateful people when they grow up in good families

then they will honor their parents

love the world


from now on

I want to see more, ask more, listen more and think more

. Care about your child

ask about your child's feelings

listen to your child's thoughts

instead of perfunctory

comprehensively understand your child's situation

Don't arbitrarily judge your child's behavior

hurt your child's self-esteem  05  from now on

I want to respect my child's growth trajectory

love my child

Don't force children to live according to their own ideas

Don't force children to strive for the first place in everything

Don't force children to compare with others

my child This is the best gift God has given me

I will cherish

I will not wrap my children as I like


from now on

I will learn to interact with my children equally

I will not oppress my children

with their parents' names

be patient with their children

know what they really think

Blame children

because I know that oppression will always lead to resistance

children will only become more rebellious

parents' oppression will only backfire


from now on

I will learn to control my emotions

Don't spread my bad emotions to my children

because I know

I'm happy. The child will be optimistic

I am grumpy, the child will be sensitive

my emotions will affect the child's personality

I should pay more attention to

not losing my temper



from now on

I will work with my lover

to make the whole family more warm

only a harmonious environment

can children grow up carefree

A child who grows up in quarrels and violence

is sensitive all his life. No matter how hard it is to be happy

I can't make my children suffer so much

We should fall in love

make them believe in love


from now on

I will learn to reflect

my child is the mirror of parents

when I find out that my child is doing something wrong

I also need to reflect more on whether my

is my own unintentional words and deeds

. P>

Let the child do something wrong

the root of all the child's problems is me

only I am good. Children


from now on

I want to be my child's best friend

the strongest backing

so that my child is not afraid of wind and rain

No matter whether the child is around me or not

I want to be a child

Source of courage

confidence  reasons for loving the world

these 10 parental rules

It is not a master key, but it is the foundation for parents to love their children, but in reality, there are very few parents who can do it.

the tedious life makes many parents lose patience in the face of their children, but their children grow up only once, and the process of educating their children is also a process for parents to improve themselves. I hope that parents and children can grow up together, better and better!