It is the highest accomplishment not to embarrass others.

It is the highest accomplishment not to embarrass others.

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some people say: the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach. Life, each has its own suffering, only to be able to compare heart to heart, everything can stand in other people's point of view to understand, to think, do not let others feel embarrassed, this is a kind of leniency and kindness, but also the highest self-cultivation.

because not to embarrass others is a kind of smart wisdom and a gesture that a person should have. Do heart to heart, heart for heart, treat others peacefully, others will return you with sincerity, in order to get along with each other for a long time. As the saying goes: between people, it all depends on one heart; between love and love, it all depends on an inch of truth.

if you are friendly to others and know how to think of others, others will have a heart to heart with you, and their feelings for each other will get deeper and deeper. You know, people have feelings, cherish fate in order to get lucky. Do not let others embarrassed, know how to be grateful, in order to get the recognition and respect of others.

to be a man is to learn to be mature, to be kind, to delete yesterday's troubles, to update today's mood, and to enjoy the beauty in front of us.

and do not reluctantly, do not complain, do not base your happiness on the sufferings of others, and greet the bright dawn with a new look every day, as long as you take good care of your own emotions, physical and mental health, this life, even if you win more than half, the rest will be left to nature and rest.

Life is the past, people in the past, just smile; things in the present, people in the present, do their best; things in the future, people in the future, just go with fate. As long as you do it calmly, lose your composure, and go with nature, even if the road is full of vicissitudes, if you believe in beauty, you will meet beauty.

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because things are changing, people are changing, hearts are changing, everything is going, what should go will eventually go, only to be a free person, predestined, not pushed, not predestined, do not ask; come, welcome, go, watch, try to be an understanding of yourself, so, is the best calmness.

as Bai Luomei said: if you have peace of mind, you will be able to see the ugliness of the world and understand the cause and effect of Zen. If you feel relieved, you can finally let go of the burden in your heart and feel the happiness of the world. Life seems simple, and it carries too much bitterness and bitterness.

Life seems easy, but there are many things that people can't help but themselves. Only learn to control yourself, not to kidnap others with anything you like, not to judge others by yourself, not to exchange infatuation for others, not to force yourself, nor to embarrass others, to be true to your heart, to do what you like, and to live the life you want. In this way, it is the best journey in life, and it is worth it!