In the middle of life, learn to be bearish.

In the middle of life, learn to be bearish.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

this is probably the second half of life, the best life.

after decades of ups and downs, we have endured hardship and poverty. I am tired of watching the hustle and bustle and gradually understand that pessimism is the best way to be bearish in the second half of life.


people who want to have it too much are easy to lose

Marilyn Monroe once said:

Yes, how can life be successful?

if you want to be rich, you have to pay time. If you want to be happy, you have to know how to be free. You have to make some choices. The key depends on what you want.

No one can catch both good things, what they should do is to choose what they need.

in ancient times, a man who regarded money as life crossed the river with his friends. who knew that in the middle of the river, the boat was flooded and swam back to the bank in crisis, but he could not swim far because he was carrying gold on his back.

someone advised him to throw away the gold to save his life, but the man shook his head, still swam with the gold on his back, and finally sank into the river with the gold.

if you choose to live, you must lose gold; if you want gold, you must lose your life.

Life has always been like this.

people who want to have it too much are more likely to lose it.

Today's fast-paced society, staying up late and working overtime has become the norm for young people. Often after ten years of struggle, they find that the money earned by staying up late is not enough for the body's medicine.

as the saying goes, "if you lose something, you will gain something." sometimes if you give up something, you can reap unexpected surprises.

Don't hold on to desires too tightly, be bearish, release your hands, and give away some desires, which can make life more colorful.

Man's never-ending desire is like a curtain that obscures the sun. Only by putting the curtain down can we see the light.


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know how to be bearish, and that's why we have experienced both ups and downs over the past few decades. Along the way, there have been losses, regrets and mistakes.

but now that half of my life has passed, it's time to learn to be bearish.

look down on the past and let go of some memories. only in this way can we focus on the present and realize the lightness of the rest of my life.

I have heard a story:

on a high-speed train, an old man accidentally dropped a new shoe he had just bought from the window.

while the people around him felt sorry, the old man threw the second shoe out of the window.

this action surprised people. The old man explained, "No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is of no use to me. If anyone can find a pair of shoes, maybe he can still wear them!"

the way to keep a good mood is to be open-minded.

staring at scars, you will always feel pain. Only by letting go and facing the sea can you feel the beauty of life.

half of my life has passed, so learn to let it go.

instead of spending day after day in remorse and remorse, it is better to look down on the things that have been put into the old days, clean up your mood and live the rest of your life.


in the middle of his life, learn to be bearish

Mr. Qi Baishi has a motto:

this is probably the portrayal of his life.

for a long time in the past, Mr. Qi Baishi's paintings were controversial. Some people recognized his paintings, full of praise, and regarded him as an artist rarely seen in a century.

there are also people who, out of prejudice or jealousy, scold him, attack him with words, and even throw dirty water, talking about his paintings and behavior.

either way, Mr. Qi Baishi just smiled back and didn't take it to heart.

being bearish is not pretending to be invisible, but not caring from the bottom of your heart.

other people's scolding, questioning, or cynicism have nothing to do with themselves. no matter how harsh those words are at that time, they will be defeated by time in the end.

in the face of this, what we need to do is not to care, not to be angry, not to retaliate, but to be bearish.

if you are bearish, there will be nothing in the world; if you are bearish, you will have no distractions.

isn't that better than holding a grudge?

Mr. Nan Huaijin once said:

Yes, all fame and fortune are false.

you stand upstairs looking down, the crowd is nothing but ants; the scene of fame and fortune is nothing but drama; gossip is nothing but smoke and smoke.

if you stand higher and look down in the sky, you will find that crowds, fame, gossip, prosperity, not even drama, are just dust.

half of life, learn to be pessimistic, everything outside is just dust, live your own life freely.