In the future, we should learn to walk alone.

In the future, we should learn to walk alone.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Lu Yao wrote this paragraph on the title page of "Life":

"although the road of life is long, there are often only a few steps, especially when people are young.

No one's life path is straight and there are no forks. Every wrong step you take can affect a period of your life or your whole life. "

Life is a process of upgrading and fighting monsters. And the best ferryman in life is himself.

on the way to getting old, you must get better.

be an energetic and thorough person for the rest of your life.


you may be no stranger to having distant dreams

and the ability to keep your feet on the ground


some people say:

"my dream is to get rich overnight."

"my dream is to have a stable job."

my dream is to have a home in a big city. "

if the heart has no place to live, it will wander everywhere.

A person must have at least one dream before you have a reason to stick to it. But there is no shortage of great dreams in this world, what is lacking is the persistence and courage to realize them.

my good friend Big Cat has a lot of dreams:

to open a studio, travel by car, and go abroad for further study.

he plans his bright future all day long, bragging about his dreams to people everywhere, but he is a man who doesn't even have a job.

he aims too high and likes to daydream.

he can't stick to what he does and flinches at the slightest setback.

he can't bear hardships and stand hard work. He always wants to be comfortable. For people like

, a dream is a big dream.

Xunzi once said, "if you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become rivers and seas."

every step counts when life is not in vain. Don't expect pie in the sky, but pursue down-to-earth happiness. Only in this way will you have the strength to ride through the wind and waves and the ability to ride out the thorns.

Gao Xiaosong also said:

the blooming of flowers, the taste of food, and the growth of people all need a process.

some people never look up at the stars and never yearn for distance, because they prefer to live in the present.

Please go to work before your dream comes true.

Don't always try to cut corners and daydream.

there are no shortcuts in life.

you need to have distant dreams and the ability to keep your feet on the ground.


one has to be worth thousands of troops

one has to live a vivid life

one always hears such a voice in life:

"A person is really too bitter."

"it's really hard to be alone."

"A person is really lonely."

Life, there are some roads that you have to go alone after all, repeating every day, collapse and self-healing.

I read a message from my listeners:

Today I went to a noodle restaurant to eat noodles. Finally, I quarreled with my boss because of two yuan.

the noodle I ate was 15 yuan. I misread the price and only paid 13 yuan.

after paying the money, I left, and the boss caught up.

regardless of carelessness, he directly said that he had paid 2 yuan less for noodles, and he thought I did it on purpose.

I argued with him, but I made up the difference and left.

I suddenly burst into tears and felt aggrieved.

at this time, my mother called. I adjusted my mood and happily connected the phone.

after hanging up the phone, I cried even more ferociously. I really wanted to go home.

at this moment, I deeply realized that sentence:

in the reality of being vulnerable, everyone wants to have the ability to call the wind and rain. But the truth is, almost all of them are crawling and rolling on the ground with a tired body.

in fact, life is never plain sailing. You have to suffer some hardships, suffer some losses, and learn to be a person. This is the price of growth.

Nothing could be more magnificent than our high low bridesmaid dresses. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

as Martin said:

there are many sufferings in life, and you have to give yourself a reason to keep going. The reason is very simple, it is for the sake of the one you love and the one who has you in his heart.

the rest of your life is not long, so don't forget to love yourself when you try your best.

if a man is worth thousands of troops, he must live a lively life.


people who always look back

can't reach the distance after all

someone asks:

someone answers:

that's true.

in life, we often say things like this:

the most useless thing in the world is "if it had been". After all, the past is irrevocable, and it is hard to get back together.

writer Xin Yiwu said:

Life is like getting on a train, going through countless boarding and getting off. You will meet different people, different stories will happen, sometimes surprise, sometimes pain.

you can miss what happened on this train, but you can't go back and catch it. The past is supposed to let you grow up, not be your fetter.

share a story.

A camel in the desert met a donkey.

the donkey asked the camel, "how did you cross the desert?"

the camel said, "go straight."

the donkey asked again, "is that it?"

the camel said, "Yes, go straight ahead."

the donkey wondered, "is it that simple?"

the camel said, "Yes, keep going."

Let bygones be bygones and let bygones be bygones.

forget what should be forgotten, put what should be put.

those who always look back will not reach the distance after all.

finally, I want to say:

you need to get better as you get older.

on the way to getting old, let nature take its course.

on the way to getting old, live up to the present.

as the saying goes: