In the eyes of men, the five details of femininity are the most "added".

In the eyes of men, the five details of femininity are the most "added".

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keep a clean appearance and learn to dress and match

for women, external image is always the most direct business card.

although appearance is born, a clean and elegant image can be improved.

from hair to nails, from clothing to makeup, keeping a clean appearance at all times will give you a natural beauty.

even if you can't afford expensive skin care products, you should take good care of your skin, and wear textured clothes even if you can't afford to wear famous brands.

when shopping, always buy what is right, comfortable and suitable for you.

being generous and decent and knowing how to manage yourself will inadvertently highlight your temperament and add luster to you.


treat people politely and speak respectfully

sometimes the difference between vulgarity and elegance lies in an open mouth.

although some women are good-looking and well-dressed, they reveal a kind of vulgarity and publicity in their speech, which virtually reduces their temperament a lot.

speech and behavior can directly reflect a person's self-cultivation.

and being polite and decent can add points to your attractiveness.

usually treat people, polite, when others speak, listen carefully, do not wander, do not interrupt at will.

you will reap more goodwill if you are modest, low-key and introverted, and know how to consider the feelings of others.


the master of emotions

women who know how to control their emotions and are not influenced by the outside world tend to have an atmosphere and quiet power.

calmly face the dislike of others, calmly deal with the dissatisfaction of life, whether in the relationship, or in the relationship with others, such a woman will make people feel like a spring breeze.

Don't always pass on negative energy to others, and don't hurt your goodwill for the sake of meaningless arguments, let alone say things that hurt your self-esteem because of anger.

learn to be the master of emotions, and you can really become a magnanimous woman.


self-discipline understands the difference between beauty and temperament

A woman is easy to become beautiful, but difficult to cultivate temperament.

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Beautiful, seen by the eyes, only need external packaging and whitewashing.

and temperament, which is perceived from the heart, needs to be repaired both inside and outside, and gradually precipitates over time.

A woman with real temperament has not only the intellectual beauty cultivated by long-term reading, but also the beauty of self-discipline by exercise and maintenance.

develop healthy living habits, adhere to exercise, routine, increase your knowledge, and maintain full vitality and elegant posture.

in the long run, it will give you a charming glow.


refuses to be true and unique

Coco Chanel says, "Beautiful, from the moment you decide to be yourself."

in fact, every woman has her own beauty, regardless of height, short, fat and thin, no matter what age, can show her elegant demeanor.

the key is to learn to love yourself.

A woman can live fully and confidently only when she accepts herself from the bottom of her heart, gets rid of the expectations of others, and returns to her most authentic and comfortable self.

reject stereotyped beauty, keep yourself unique, neither humble nor arrogant, neither contend nor rob.

this kind of you, on the contrary, you can have your own temperament, and wherever you go will become a beautiful scenery.