In ten sentences, see others clearly and understand yourself.

In ten sentences, see others clearly and understand yourself.

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want to return the favor and forget the resentment.

for those who have helped you, try to repay each other, and the idea of holding a grudge with others should be dispelled in time.

to be a man, you should know how to repay your gratitude.

Don't forget the benefactors who help you, and don't hurt the dignitaries who guide you.

otherwise, there will be fewer and fewer friends, and life will become more and more difficult.


he who knows me is said to be worried. Those who don't know me say what I want.

those who understand you will naturally know what you are thinking, and those who do not understand you will never know how you feel or understand what you are doing.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "the world is your own and has nothing to do with others."

what other people think of you and what they say about you is other people's business, which has nothing to do with you. How you live and how you live has nothing to do with them. Be yourself and don't care about it.


but do good deeds and don't ask about the future.

when you reach a certain age, you will understand that a person, just do more good deeds, do well in the present, as for the future, don't worry about it.

cleverness is a gift, while kindness is a choice. Kindness is always more difficult than cleverness.

good will be rewarded with good, evil will be rewarded with evil, and many injustices will kill themselves. Everything is determined.


it is better to choose friends than to make friends widely.

Friends are indispensable helpers in life, especially bosom friends.

if you make too many friends, you will inevitably know some so-called friends. They are called friends, but they are not helpful at all. You might as well make a few mentors.

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A daughter is easy to get, but a bosom friend is hard to get.

A true bosom friend will help you when you are in trouble, bless you when you succeed, and remind you when you get carried away.


A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

language is the most influential thing, is the most lethal weapon, an angry word, can hurt people, a cruel word, can kill people.

so never hurt those who love you with cold words when you are in a bad mood.


first class, second class, three failures, one thought, two efforts, three successes.

sometimes, waiting for a while to regret, the so-called days to come are just fickle.

most of the time, the reason for failure is to think too much and do too little.

if the opportunity is missed, there will be no next time. If the truth is missed, it will be a lifetime.


sometimes there is something in life, but don't force it all the time.

it's up to man to think, and God to get things done.

do one thing, try your best to do it. If you succeed, praise yourself. If you fail, don't blame yourself.

success learning has a characteristic: man prevails over nature. If you don't succeed, it's because you don't work hard enough and treat yourself hard enough. As long as you don't look at yourself as a bad person, you can succeed.

but how can man defeat God?

do not entangle, do not complain, do not demand, do not calculate, with a natural state of mind, live a relaxed life, with a willing attitude, live a life of ease.


sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about him or her.

at work, do not casually talk about other people's mistakes. Instead of being demanding on others, it is better to look for your own shortcomings.

there are some things, not because others have done something wrong, but because they have seen it wrong.

all the problems are actually their own.

and act and cherish, learn to love and respect others, and be a person who understands introspection.


Life is not easy, know how to let yourself go.

sometimes, we forgive others, but we are still unhappy, we put aside our hatred, but we are still unhappy, that is because we forget to forgive ourselves and let go of ourselves.

the reason why we live so tired is that we are filled with too many unimportant but extremely harmful people and things.

some are deeply regrettable, but powerless memories of the past; some are friends who are extremely reluctant to give up, but have to go their separate ways; and some are thoughts from the heart, but are trying their best to reach the distance.

it's time to let go of those who are psychologically unable to pass.

spend your limited time on happier and more meaningful things.


three smiles a day, life is hard to grow old. If you are annoyed three times a day, you will be old if you are not old.

nine times out of ten, unsatisfactory things in life, no matter what, except life and death, are trivial.

the best happiness in life is to be alive.

live the way you like, happiness is the key, happiness is more than anything else.