I'm in the lake, but you're still in the city.

I'm in the lake, but you're still in the city.

Yeah, waiting for you.

"I feel like a person without tomorrow."

Last night, when I said, "what can I do alone?" "after being pushed out, many of my classmates asked me the same question:" what do you think if we stay in the city for our junior year? "

what can I actually think? Because in the eyes of most people, Guancheng campus is not a place where people can calm down and learn. Of course, people who want to learn will never rely on external constraints. But the learning atmosphere of the Dongguan campus is indeed washed away by the surrounding cotton, Wanda and Xinghe city.

if you ask me to look back on what I did in my freshman year, I can only tell you: "in 2011, I visited all the business circles in the South side, the East side and the town." However, as we all know, this is of no use.

A year ago, I was out of work and thought about Xinghe City with unlimited traffic and a 15-minute drive every day. At night, I either went to Mian Ji to drink sugar water or went to the fruit stall behind to buy half a watermelon. When I got back to the dormitory, I began to watch "True Detective" while digging watermelons, or I started to play with LOL. I called my girlfriend at 11:00 and hung up at 12:00 to go to bed. At the end of the day, I didn't feel anything except "Shuang", but "Shuang" was of no use.

but although I didn't do my job and did nothing every day, I still felt very comfortable in the Dongguan campus. So after receiving the news of "crossing the lake", I also mobilized everyone in my moments and asked them to collect likes together, and then sent it to "Seven buildings", hoping that it could help us express our desire to stay in the city.

so now you are very much like me at that time. You want to come to the lake but don't know how to express your demands, so you have to entrust this task to me backstage in the form of a message. It's just that at that time, I wanted to stay in the city, while you wanted to come to the lake.

Yes, at that time, I felt very happy to stay in the city, because the life in Dongguan campus was so colorful, there were East side Bar Street, midnight snack street, cinema, HathampterM, Uniqlo, ZARA, so that I didn't leave anything for myself.

so in 2011, I didn't do anything because of myself and because of Guancheng. Of course, its own reasons accounted for 90%. However, if I were to choose again, I would still send my moments to encourage others to oppose "coming to the Lake" when I was a freshman, and then in my sophomore year, I lamented that it was the worst thing I had done in my life. I'm glad it didn't work out as I wanted it to be.

otherwise, like the student who was a sophomore yesterday, he would say to others backstage of some Subscription account: "I feel like a person without tomorrow, because here is not like a university at all." But his words are so strong that he is not like a university, but with less flavor.

"the learning atmosphere in Guancheng campus is not strong enough. Why?"

Why so many people do not want to stay in the Dongguan campus, it is because many people think that the learning atmosphere there is not strong enough. So, let's think about it together, why?

as we all know, most freshmen of majors have to spend their freshmen in Guancheng campus. This means that over there, freshmen are the main force. I would like to ask, you have just escaped from more than a decade of examination-oriented education, what do you most want to do?

of course it's play. how did the high school head teacher say to us: "when you go to college, you can have a good time." How did Mom and Dad say to us: "hold on a little longer. I'll give you plenty of time to play after the college entrance examination."

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I believe all of you are familiar with similar remarks above. I still remember that a few days ago, many people posted the same moments: "in more than 20 days, hundreds of thousands of people will feel that they are going to be liberated." I observed that most of the people who posted this moments were sophomores and juniors, and few were freshmen.

Why, because freshman year is the easiest stage in the whole college. The reasons are as follows:

one, as soon as you get out of the college entrance examination, you only need to devote 50% of your attention to preparing for the college entrance examination before the exam to keep your record of failing.

two, you have no idea that the "reality" is so close to you, and your mind is full of clubs, departments, male (female) friends, and games.

third, many people's values and self-awareness are not fully established, so they will not be subject to all kinds of ideological pressure.

so freshmen give people a sense of sloppiness. However, I can't blame my brothers and sisters, because I used to be more sloppy than them, and people will grow up.

in a university, the most important thing is not the teacher, but the students who study and live in it. Therefore, the learning atmosphere of Guancheng campus is not strong enough, there is nothing wrong with it.

A few last words

I remember that on the first day of school, the assistant class told us this sentence:

"the city is a place where you don't want to come when you want you to come and a place you don't want to go when you leave."

Yes, although there is a little less learning atmosphere there, there is more humanistic atmosphere that is lacking here. The boss who sells sausage powder, and the fat guy who roasts goose noodles, including cotton notes, which are full of people to death at mealtime, are all things that I can't forget so far. So you let me freshman also stay in the lake, I do not want to, because the lake + city, is the real characteristics of Dongguan workers.

so, as a worker. I sincerely hope that every Dongguan student can experience the life on both sides. I have been in Dongguan City for two years. I hope the school can let them come over. After all, they also want to experience the life here.

but I hope that before you are really sure, you can stay rational, do not spread rumors or spread rumors, let alone do something that affects your future.In matters, we should express our opinions in the right way.

well, everyone, I'll wait for you in the lake.