If you want to go to my university,

If you want to go to my university,

For you who are going to be freshmen.

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

"the disadvantages brought to us by local universities"

my university is the best university in our city, but how good is the "best"? That is, if we move our school to Guangzhou University City to compare with the same type of university (2A college), we should immediately become a "middle or lower" school.

due to geographical limitations, we can not feel the difference between colleges and universities, and there is no motivation without comparison. Therefore, it is easy to fall into the strange circle of self-satisfaction, thinking that "university" is the "university" in their own eyes, and their horizons gradually become narrow. I spent my freshman year in Guancheng. It only takes about 20 minutes to drive from school to Xinghe City by bus, including waiting for the bus. Of course, those places are much more interesting than the library, and over time, there are only three kinds of entertainment left: watching movies, eating, and playing LOL.

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and every class I sit in the last row, either sleeping or playing with my cell phone. I have no idea what I should do. After class, I just know how to go back to my dormitory for lunch, so that I can watch anime and eat at the same time. At that time, I didn't have any plans, and I didn't know what I liked. Career planning was even more nonsense. I just muddled along every day.

if I am not messy, then the two paragraphs above describe not only my freshman year, but also my sophomore and junior year.

in fact, the most terrible thing about a narrow vision is not that you can't see the outside world, but that when you see someone else's success, you will unnaturally attribute his success to his superior family, without the slightest idea why he succeeded.

so there will always be a group of people preparing for an internship who devote all their three years of college to eating, drinking and playing, and get nothing but fat meat.

if you ask them, "what do you want to do later?"

they shook their heads: "I don't know."

"what do you like?"

"I don't know."

"then what are you going to do? you're going to be an intern."

"go home and play for two months first. You don't want to come out to work so early, and then send your resume."

\ "try to take a part-time job"

two years of college, I worked as an intern in the government, entered files for other companies, worked as a McDonald's, and delivered newspapers at school. To put it bluntly, the above jobs are to use time to change money. You don't need to use too much brainpower, or even zero mental cost (you can see how I feel about working at McDonald's to reply to "work record"), because you are like a machine in a factory assembly line. people set everything up for you.

the more this kind of work is done, the angrier I become: "Why is my hour worth ten dollars?"

so this is one of the motivations for me to keep writing, because I don't want to do mindless work anymore. And when you look back, you will find that those jobs give you neither contacts nor work experience, and you can't even learn the simplest principles of life.

so be sure to do those "brainless" part-time jobs when you don't know anything. Only in this way can you be motivated to find your true direction.

"get a better Wechat avatar."

avatar and moments are the first things others know about you, and in other people's eyes, they are directly linked to your aesthetics. I'm not saying that you want to tear yourself to pieces. I just hope you can learn from your strong points and make up for your weaknesses. If your face is not good-looking, you can ask a student who can take pictures of your back or side face.

A friend used a melancholy selfie three or four years ago and went out with "shorts and slippers". Once he asked me, "Why don't all the girls I like like me? is it because I have no money?"

I really want to tell him that whether you have money or not is one thing, and whether you are willing to clean up yourself is also one thing. I'm a man, and it's hard for me to like him.

"if you want others to like you, it's more important to improve yourself than to be good to her."

there are thousands of reasons why girls reject others, but in the final analysis, there is only one thing, that is, your performance does not make her like you. It is said that girls are emotionally precocious than boys for several years, so when we go to college, we can't chase girls like children who have played house, buy her breakfast every day and ask for warmth on time. You're just telling her that you care about her, not proving why you deserve her love.

if an adult woman can determine a relationship only on the basis of the "goodness" of others to her suitors. I have to say that her mind is still in the underage stage. I don't know how she measures whether others treat her well or not, but what I can be sure of is that there is no good for no reason, and there is no good way to go black.

if you give all the time but don't get a real return (such as the woman's true love), then most people will choose to stop giving at some point. At that time, I think the girl who agreed to others' pursuit because of "good" would say, "you don't love me anymore!" Because you're not as nice to me as you used to be! "

so all you have to do is to be a better person.

you have to keep improving, and then show it, and let the girl convince herself, "he's fine, too, at least unlike his boyfriend, who just plays every day."

only this sentence OS appears in the woman's heart, your handsome, your dress, your behavior will be noticed by her. Before that, it was useless for you to invite her to Starbucks 100 times. Your position in her heart was just a spare tire that would buy yourself dinner. (but 100 Starbucks is actually very attractive to vain girls. )

the premise of a long-term relationship is that both parties are making continuous progress, and whether she will like you or not is not determined by her mood changes, but depends on you, to see if your suitor is more and more in line with her conditions for choosing a mate.

"the work experience of the student organization does not make much difference."

I tell the truth, of course, this is my personal feeling.

I think there are only three better organizations for Dongguan workers, namely, Guanqing, the Social Council and the Trade Union.

I know that many people will scold me when I say it, but if there are brothers and sisters who want to ask me for advice, I will really recommend them to join these three organizations and achieve a certain height. Because if you're just a participant, it doesn't make much sense except to be able to broaden your social circle a little bit.

Don't say much, and don't discuss it with me if you think it's wrong. I didn't join any student organization. I just expressed my opinion from the point of view of a layman.

"what would you say if you were asked to give some advice to freshmen?"

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