If you want to be a big tree, don't fight with the grass; if you want to be an eagle, don't sing with birds.

If you want to be a big tree, don't fight with the grass; if you want to be an eagle, don't sing with birds.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are many things in life, which can not be won by anyone who wants to fight.

as the saying goes, "Water will eventually return to the sea because it is good, and mountains will become their own peaks if they do not compete for height."

there is no dispute, there is a world and a realm of its own.


do not fight for victory

it is said in the Daojing: "do not fight for it."

if you argue with others, you will only consume yourself; only if you don't argue with others can you be yourself.

Don't argue, it's not a kind of weakness, but to make yourself more focused.

A really smart person will devote himself to self-improvement, rather than worrying about the outcome of the moment.

to be a man, you should look up and your feet should sink.

Life must reach a certain height in order not to be afraid of clouds to cover your eyes.

"Caigen Tan" says: "where the path is narrow, leave a step with the pedestrian;

when the taste is strong, minus three points for people to taste.

this is a method of extreme happiness related to the world. "

most of the time, give yourself a chance to make way for yourself;

take a step back in order to move forward better.

there is no need to worry about many things; for many people, there is no need to worry about it;

otherwise, they will only lower their own level, and the more they mix, the worse they will be.

in a person's life, the result is important, but the process is more important.

when you become strong enough, you don't have to fight, and you will have a world of your own.

everyone has his own way of living, whether it is bitter or sweet.

you don't have to envy other people's lives or cling to other people's eyes.

can you have less trouble and be the best you can be.


there is no dispute between right and wrong

Zigong argued with the guests: how many seasons are there in a year?

Zi Gong said, "there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter."

the guest said, "No, there are only three seasons a year."

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the two men quarreled endlessly, and the temporary contradiction could not be resolved.

when Confucius heard this, he immediately said to the guests, "there are only three seasons in a year."

the guests are happy to leave, but Zi Gong is full of grievances.

Confucius said to Zigong, "this man is dressed in green, just like a grasshopper."

A grasshopper is born in spring, dies in autumn, and has never seen winter.

for such a person, no matter how you argue, you can't compete with him. "

Zhuangzi said, "the imperial fungus does not know the obscure Shuo, and the cricket does not know the spring and autumn."

people have different horizons and insights, and they have different views on things.

not to fight for right or wrong, not to give up the pursuit of truth, but to stop demanding on others.

Life is your own, as long as you stick to the truth of your own life, there is no need for others to recognize it.

arguing with people at different levels will only waste valuable time.

We should learn to keep a low profile and jump out of our paranoia.

not arguing is not weak, but a kind of wisdom to let go of oneself.

things in the world are not black and white.

you might as well be magnanimous and have a long-term perspective.

it's not a bad thing to suffer a little loss.


Don't fight day and night

there is a saying in Daojing: "if you get less, you will get more, and if you have more, you will become a great man."

for both trees and people, less is more, and slow is fast.

as the old saying goes, "it takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to cultivate people."

if a tree wants to grow up, it takes time to take root downward;

A man needs time to grow up.

Life is too long, walk slowly, do not compete day and night.

A meal should be eaten one mouthful at a time, and the road should be taken step by step.

the more important things, the more precious people, the more worthy of your patience.

A man should learn from camels.

the camel is a calm animal, and it is never in a hurry:

if you chew slowly, you will always be full; if you walk slowly, you will always come to the end.

although it chews slowly, it is more able to withstand extreme heat and hunger;

although it walks slowly, it will eventually cross the Gobi Desert.

the same is true of life. It has never been in vain, and every step counts.

the tiredness you have suffered and the hardships you have suffered will become the rings of life.