If you need one more money, you'll understand.

If you need one more money, you'll understand.

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I happened to see such a sentence in my moments, and I thought it was quite reasonable:

Yes, as someone said: money is not everything, but without money is absolutely impossible.

having said that, I never dared to talk about money frankly in the past:

talk to my partner about money lest he think he is superficial and worship money;

talk to his boss about money lest they think he is utilitarian and realistic;

talk about money with acquaintances and worry about hurting each other's friendship for many years.


at that time, I thought it was too vulgar to talk about money. I thought it was okay to be poor, as long as I was happy.

however, when I first entered the society, I was slapped in the face by reality.

until that moment, it dawned on me:

money is really important!

We are all ordinary people and can't live without money.

there is a good saying in the movie "parasites":

when you reach middle age, the biggest sense of security is not a continuous network of ten miles or obedient children, but a number in your bank account that gives you food to eat when you are hungry, room to live when you are tired, and medicine when you are ill.

after all, the collapse of adults often begins with a lack of money.


once you need money, you will understand

the world of adults, which is really difficult.

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there are no fairy tales, there are no easy tales, there are only a seemingly secure life that can be broken by a serious illness.

some time ago, my friend Wu Yue suddenly posted a circle of friends:

I hurriedly asked her what was wrong.

she told me that her husband was diagnosed with aortic dissection and the cost of treatment was as high as 300000.

"relatives and friends, friends of relatives, friends of friends, can borrow everything, this money is still not enough." As she spoke, her voice gradually choked up.

"We have been married for three years and usually live frugally, so we want to save some money and bring our parents from the country to the city, but he gets the disease!"

"people who make good friends on weekdays hide when they see me, and some of them don't even answer the phone, lest I ask ta to borrow money."

"I also understand that it is not easy for everyone, and each has his own difficulties, but there is nothing I can do this time!"


after saying this, my friend has already burst into tears. And I am also heartbroken:

29 years old, a young life, a father of two, a beautiful age under thirty, but because of lack of money lying in the ICU waiting quietly-maybe after the money is collected, maybe the death before.

you see, life is so cruel, without a trace of affection.

some people ask: what is the gap between rich families and poor families?

A highly praised answer is: no, just another serious illness.

it is true.

as the saying goes, "if one person is seriously ill, the whole family will fall." No matter how beautiful the fairy tale is, the truth of the adult world is:

at some point, the amount of money determines the length of life.

what is the tiredness of work and the hardship of life? lack of money is the biggest difficulty in life.

some people say: lack of money, you will really see how helpless the so-called life is.


when you are short of money, you will know what is meant by "no one asks if you are poor in a busy city". Some small boats of friendship will really turn over;

lack of money, you will understand what is meant by "but we poor and humble couples feel more sad", affectionate and unable to drink enough water;

lack of money, you will know what it means to "look at the cold and warm in the world, and the human face is high and low." it is sad to pursue the rich and sparse the poor, but it is the normal state of the world.

really, a lot of things, lack of money, you will understand.


the dignity of adults is all money

some time ago, teacher Akiba sent such a Weibo message:

"Today's wife called, and the taxi driver took the initiative to tell her that a man who had just got on the bus began to cry.

this man was a senior executive in Wuhan a year ago, with an annual salary of more than 300,000 yuan, bought an apartment with a monthly payment of 5000 yuan, and just bought a car with a monthly payment of more than 300,000 yuan, with a monthly payment of 7000 yuan.

originally wanted to do a big job this year, pay off the mortgage and car loan, and then be a middle class with a house and a car, but unexpectedly, the company announced its closure after the epidemic.

now I can't find a suitable job in Wuhan, and I can't get out of the city. I didn't expect that my life would end up like this in just a few months, so I had to cry bitterly in a taxi. "

this is the epitome of the adult world:

people are extremely respectable-you have a car, I have a house; you are an executive, I am a pillar of the country; you have your high friends, and I have my skills.

but each has his own last resort-the car loan is heavy, the house loan is heavy; the executives have made salted squid, and the pillars have become corner wood; you are busy with yourself, and I am busy with you.

the so-called decency is but a fig leaf woven by money: it covers your crying and my emptiness.

once this fig leaf is lifted, you, me, and we may all have to, like this business executive, pick a time and place and cry where no one knows-this may be the last decency of an adult.

behind a big cry, there is a life full of chicken feathers and a life already riddled with holes.

Zhang ailing once said:

this sounds a little scary, but if you have ever been short of money, you know it is not an exaggeration at all.

In Ode to Joy, Fan Shengmei's father is hospitalized because of illness and is in urgent need of an operation fee of 100,000 yuan. Unable to take it out, she crouched in the hallway and cried bitterly-the lack of money shattered not only her self-esteem, but also the dignity she had struggled to maintain.

faced with similar money problems, Su Mingyu in "everything is fine" can come up with 400000 yuan in one breath to solve the chicken feathers at home when her mother died.

money may not help you get out of the darkness, but at least it keeps your self-esteem and dignity.

Oscar Wilde once said:

the decency of adults is, to put it bluntly, money.


working hard to make money is what every adult should realize

there is a question on the Internet: people, why do we have to work hard to make money?

A high-praise answer poked many people's tears:

"I work hard to make money, not because I love money so much." But in this life, I don't want to be inferior to anyone because of money, and I don't want to embarrass anyone because of money.

I work hard to make money. I just hope that when my parents are old, I will be able to share; when my children need it, I will not run out of money. "

it is true. It may be hard to make money, but believe me, it's even harder to earn without money.

an epidemic has left many people in chaos. Lack of money has become the norm. At this time, we finally understood.

Zhang ailing said:

this is indeed the case.

if you are short of money, you can only live cramped in a cramped life; only by working hard to make money can you live brilliantly in a colorful world.

know that working hard to make money can bring you:

is that when you want to eat Japanese sashimi, you don't have to go to the street corner to buy a cold skin instead of saving money;

is when you reach the so-called marriageable age.

is the financial backing for parents to stay in the best hospital, receive the best treatment and get the best care when they are old and sick.

the most important thing is the right to choose-to choose what to do, not what you can only do.

so, from today on, don't indulge in small luck, don't linger in the comfort zone, eat well, sleep well, live well, and make good money.


there is a question on Zhihu: what is the most terrible thing to lack in this world?

some people say that the most terrible thing in the world is not lack of love or mindfulness, but lack of money.

Don't think it's vulgar to talk about money. No one can resist the powerlessness, helplessness and helplessness brought by the lack of money.

so, while the time is still early, while time is not old, while time and energy are still there, try to make money and live a serious life.

for the rest of my life, may you and I not be trapped by money and live happily in a happy life; may you and I both work hard to make money and live brilliantly in a colorful world.

encourage each other.