If you leave your child with more than a dozen houses, you might as well leave him these eight words.

If you leave your child with more than a dozen houses, you might as well leave him these eight words.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

good parents do not leave their children much real estate or savings, but teach them the habit of lifelong use by words and deeds, and develop the most precious temperament of their children from an early age.

these eight sentences are the best gifts parents can give to their children.


Children, must learn to cook

children, learn to cook, has nothing to do with serving people.

in the future, when your parents are not around, you can be kind to yourself, fill your stomach and warm your time.

to survive in this gentle and cruel society, you can cure yourself with the energy of delicious food and go on firmly and tenaciously.

moreover, pots and pans are filled with five flavors of the world, the boards reveal their ups and downs, and there are small pieces of joys and sorrows under the blade.

in the kitchen, you can feel the philosophy of life.

A happy family cannot do without a steaming kitchen.

as long as you are willing to feel it, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea can also generate piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops in your heart.

when you learn to cook, you learn to make a living and make love.


son, you must go to college

. You will be with a group of people who are almost as good as you, better than you, or not as good as you. It deepens your true understanding of yourself.

you realize that you are not that good, because there are people who are better than you, even though you used to think you were good.

of course, you may also realize that you are not so incompetent, because there are people who are more incompetent than you.

what you know about yourself is getting closer to the truth.

you are no longer arrogant or belittling yourself.

by going to college, you have gained a lot of knowledge and met students from all over the world.

students from rural areas have seen the modernization of big cities and the richness and diversity of the colorful world.

through children in rural areas, urban students also learn about the customs and customs of all parts of the country.

you have met many excellent students and some excellent teachers, and you will learn a lot from them.

this broadens your horizons, your horizons, your mind, and your future.


Child, you should keep the habit of reading.

it is said that education is a struggle for a father, but for those families whose families are poor and their parents' cultural literacy is not high, will there be no way out for their children?

Yes, it is reading. The world in books is vast.

if you can't travel, read books. There are mysterious pyramids, luxurious Versailles, ancient pavilions, and picturesque rivers and mountains.

Children, read, talk to the greatest writers in the world, discuss life with the most thoughtful people, and look forward to the future with the most forward-looking people.

even if you are dressed in rags, live a poor life, and come into contact with mediocre people, books can give you the best education and shape your soul.

Reading is not to improve your composition, but to follow the author's footprints to see the scenery along the way, but to make yourself a better person.


Children, children must have self-esteem

. If there are only two bowls of water left in the world, one bowl to drink and one bowl to wash your face and underwear.

people live in the world regardless of status, wealth, culture, beauty and ugliness.

Please remember: people's self-esteem is sacred and inviolable, which is the embodiment of the core value of being a human being.

everyone should have their own self-esteem, and strive to maintain their own self-esteem.

one can live without honor and flowers, but not without self-esteem.

whether others respect you or not, you should actually respect yourself.

only people with self-esteem know how to respect others and will be respected by others.

the ancients remained famous for thousands of years, and they were all respected by others by attaching importance to themselves.

so, please maintain your self-esteem, otherwise, if you don't respect yourself, who will respect him and who will respect him?


child, don't complain

child, don't cry even if the sky falls, don't complain. That can only make those who love you feel more heartache and those who hate you more proud.

many acts of fighting, destruction, and killing in the world are caused by complaining, so complaining is the cause of karma.

if you always have good thoughts, even if you are aggrieved and bullied, as long as you have self-cultivation and a little patience, it will pass.

if you feel that your interests are uneven, or if you are occupied by others, you cannot create irreparable vengeance and karma for the sake of vain profits, and in the end, you will suffer the most.

therefore, once you have the idea of complaining in mind, you should be alert and reflect on yourself.


son, you can record your life in words

Chiang Kai-shek insists on keeping a diary for half a century. As a general of the Kuomintang, he is a rare military talent.

first he became the president of Huangpu military Academy, and then he went to the national general. even after a busy day, he always picked up his pen and kept a diary in the evening.

this is also a common trait of excellent people.

Today, the pace of life is speeding up, the ways of entertainment are increasing, and most people chase dramas and play games at night.

as a result, more and more people are addicted to the virtual world.

what I'm trying to say is that you spend half an hour every day writing down your life.Sort out your state of mind and reflect on yourself, your mental state will change greatly in less than half a year, and your life will continue to improve.

your diary is like a life history, recording everything in your life.

it is more like an evolutionary history, recording how you change, progress, and grow in your life;

how to move from ignorance to enlightenment, full of confidence and passion.

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recording life with words is not only a form of life, but also a way to cure life.


Child, you must have your own space

Child, you must have your own space, even if it is only 5 square meters.

it allows you to avoid living on the street and meeting bad guys when you quarrel with your lover and run away in anger.

more importantly, when you are impetuous, there is a place for you to calm down and give your heart a corner.

A person's life, all the way to the end of the landscape, there are only two words, and you are the only one who can give yourself a home.

you will come to understand that many times the people we meet are not as reliable as the house. The people we were looking forward to have finally disappeared.

when the outside world is unpredictable, when human nature is esoteric, and when people come and go around, women finally learn to take back their expectations of men and put them on themselves.

buy your own flowers and buy your own tall buildings.


son, you have to be a kind person

good deeds may not be praised or rewarded at the moment, but it's still something worth sticking to.

every kindness you put into today will be rewarded one day in the future.

there is no fixed scale for kindness, and there is no standard answer.

it is good for the rich to donate their possessions to the poor, and it is also good for doctors to sacrifice their lives to save the sick, but do you know?

in addition to these magnificent feats, many inconspicuous little things, silent thoughtfulness is also good, and these are enough to make the world warm and loving.

Child, I hope you can grow into a powerful person, but I hope you can be a kind person.

because, in a long life, kindness must be one of the qualities that enable us to settle down.

maybe your kindness won't be praised by everyone, but it doesn't matter, as long as you are worthy of yourself and leave no regrets, that's enough.

May you be kind to others and reap the kindness of others from others.