If you have the right mindset, life will go well.

If you have the right mindset, life will go well.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I read a sentence the other day:

I remember a short story I saw many years ago:

on a construction site, there were three people building walls, and passers-by asked them, "what are you doing?"

the first person replied angrily, "Don't you see?" Aren't I building a wall? "

the second man looked up and smiled: "I'm building a tall building."

the third man hummed and smiled brightly: "I am building a city."

Ten years later, the first person is still building walls on the construction site; the second person becomes an architect, and the third person becomes their boss.

every time I encounter something that bothers me, I will use this story to remind myself that facing the same life with a different mentality will lead to a very different outcome.


I have an appointment with some friends for dinner at the weekend.

as soon as I joined the table, I saw Sister Liu's sad face.

Sister Liu frowned when she was asked what had happened to her at the dinner.

due to the influence of the epidemic, she and her husband opened a cigarette hotel with very little passenger traffic, and she was afraid that she would not be able to come up with so much money because she was about to pay next month's rent.

in fact, it is not just the impact of the epidemic. Sister Liu has always been a very thoughtful person.

when she first graduated from college, Sister Liu entered a private company.

the salary is OK, the business is idle, and others congratulate her happily, but Sister Liu is worried about her future development.

she is afraid that the company will not develop well, and she is also afraid that she will be eliminated by the society in the future.

later, when she got married and had a family, Sister Liu began to worry again.

she said that the wedding room was not in the school district, and that children would have problems going to school later. She also said that her mother-in-law was difficult to get along with. When she went back to her hometown during the holidays, she would always look at other people's faces.

later, although the school district housing problem was solved, the family also started a business, and the income was still good.

but Sister Liu's frown never loosened.

in the eyes of others, a very small thing has to be a big deal to Sister Liu.

every time I go out with her, I can hear her groaning and frowning tightly.

although she has only been married for five years, Sister Liu looks as if she is more than ten years older.

in fact, there are so many difficulties and unexpected difficulties that we are facing in the world.

instead of frowning all day long, it is better to deal with it actively, break up and crush the difficulties, and overcome it little by little.

since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice. Since there is no pure land, it is better to clear your heart. Since you didn't get what you wanted, you might as well be relieved.

it is difficult for us to change the external environment, but we can decide what kind of mentality to face it.


I wonder if you have ever heard the name Wang Zengqi.

many people know that he is a master of literature and has made great achievements in the creation of short stories.

but what few people know is that he lost his mother at the age of three. He was in turmoil after dropping out of college. He was 26 years old, and he couldn't even find a real job.

if you put it now, many people would sigh or be anxious and sad.

but Wang Zengqi is different.

he spends a lot of time writing, and after writing, he finds himself a lot of interesting things.

playing the flute, singing, practicing calligraphy and painting, whenever he has time, he will use it for recreation.

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in this way, the depressed days became rich and interesting in his hands.

so you see, there is not much difference between people's lives.

the difficulties you encounter today may be the same for him tomorrow.

if you can't get through today, you haven't crossed it before you went to him.

but people with a good state of mind will regard the difficulties and despair imposed on them as a kind of experience.

it is not that they are not sad, but they have learned to adjust their mindset.

it's not that they don't panic, but that they know that panic is useless.

instead of spending time worrying about the future and dissatisfaction with the status quo, it is better to adjust your mindset and deal with it positively.

perhaps through this difficult situation, the future will really be full of willows and flowers.

people's mindset sometimes really determines a person's future.


I like Feng Zikai's sentence

after three years of follow-up, the researchers found that there is only one secret to longevity: mindset.

because they have a good state of mind, they don't haggle, and things that look big in the eyes of others can be easily resolved by them.

because of their good mindset, they don't cut corners, and many things that worry others can't sleep at night come to them as if they never happened.

because of their good mindset, they are bullish on right and wrong, do not indulge in negative emotions, and do not shackle to complicated little things.

as a result, there will be less and less troubles in life, and life will be better and better.

Life is not as good as nine times out of ten. One or two thoughts are enough. Open up, open up, let go, do not embarrass yourself, do not compete with yourself, learn to let go, you will find that many problems in life have been easily solved.

No wonder people often say that what kind of mindset you have, what kind of life you have.

I hope that if you read the article, you can also have a good state of mind and laugh at the ups and downs of life.