If you get it, you are lucky; if you lose it, you die!

If you get it, you are lucky; if you lose it, you die!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

gain and loss, doomed,

gain, lucky;

lose, fate.

gain, frustration,

loss, do not care,

peace of mind, face everything.

gain and loss complement each other.

gain and loss will be lost at the same time, and

will make up for it.

none of the gains and losses are permanent. Just because you get it now doesn't mean you have it all the time. Just because you lose it now doesn't mean it won't happen again.

A lot of things, some feelings,

are actually predestined.

belongs to you, the president will accompany you,

is not yours, will leave early.

is yours, no one can take it away.

is not, you can't win it anyway.

just follow your destiny and take a light look at it.

everything is the best arrangement.

sometimes there must be a destiny, and

it should not be forced from time to time.

I am lucky to keep a low profile, don't show off,

lose my life, don't worry about it.

the real winner is not what you get, but how much you let go.

in life,

whether it is wealth, fame or fortune,

whether it is things or feelings, accept calmly that

should come, and

there is no need to retain those who want to go.

what if you get it? it's just a short-term possession.

it all comes to nothing after a hundred years.

what if you lose it? it just goes away instantly, and

leaves memories in your heart.

people in this life,

care too much about getting, so they are not willing to lose.

care too much about losing, so try to get it.

when you get and lose,

how many things you have done wrong and how many paths you have gone wrong.

cannot turn back. It is a foregone conclusion.

it is difficult to make up for it, and you will regret for the rest of your life.

so, be light, don't care,

be open, don't be angry.

when you are bearish, you can be relaxed.

if you think about it, you can have no worries.

you have to understand that

there is no one,

feelings can be happy forever,

life can be always plain sailing,

life can be satisfied forever,

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wealth can be used forever.

in this life,

Don't compare everywhere,

Don't compete for anger.

get it, fortunately, cherish it,

lose it, and forget it as soon as possible.

face it with an ordinary indifferent heart,

get lost, don't care,

everything goes with fate, listen to providence!