If you forget three times, you will have no worries in your life.

If you forget three times, you will have no worries in your life.

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Zhuangzi said:

Life is not easy, full of bitterness and sweetness. "forgetting" is the secret to getting rid of troubles.

forgetfulness is a blessing.

remember the joyful things, forget the annoying things, and you will have a lot less worry in life.


forget the year

in one's life, there is no best age, only the best state of mind.

as you get older, your physical condition may decline, but your mentality will become more and more mature.

some people feel that they are getting old and live an old life, while others are young, enjoy themselves and live a comfortable life.

Inner calmness is the good medicine for getting older. If everything changes, you will take it calmly.

Yuan Longping, a famous hybrid rice expert, is an octogenarian with a wide range of hobbies, including swimming, violin and volleyball.

despite dealing with rice fields every day, he played a beautiful violin song and won the runner-up place in the swimming competition.

he often says that he is in his seventies and eighties, his body in his fifties, and his state of mind in his thirties. His interests are not much different from those of young people.

Tao Yuanming said: "in the midst of great waves, we are neither happy nor afraid."

people's aging can not be changed, but their own state of mind can be adjusted.

Don't worry about age, the important thing is to have a young heart.

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youthful mindset is good for health.

forget age, it's just a string of numbers, be kind to yourself and live your life at your own age.


forget words

Silence is golden, and it is also a sign of maturity.

the more unsure people are, the more they like to boast and express themselves in words.

talking nonsense is a disrespect for others, making yourself disgusted and even causing disaster.

people should be measured and spoken with a yardstick, and the key to dealing with people and things is to grasp the scale of speaking.

A mature person knows what to say and what not to say. Know it without saying it, and say it without being rude.

when he was young, Zeng Guofan did not pay attention to his words and offended many people.

once, Zeng Guofan celebrated his father's birthday, drank a lot of wine, and babbled to his friends who had come to celebrate his birthday, and the other went away angrily.

afterwards, Zeng Guofan reflected on his mistakes and laid down the rule of "abstaining from talking too much".

he reflects on his daily verbal gains and losses by keeping a diary.

he believes that people have two bad habits, one is pride, the other is talkative. He taught his children: think about everything and say what you can't say. Forget what you can't say and don't say it.

if you talk too much, you will lose. Disaster comes out of the mouth, and don't talk nonsense, which is the key to interpersonal communication.

words are a tool of communication, not a weapon to hurt others.

it is good for others and for themselves to forget what they should not have said.


forget boredom

"worry happens every day, but if you don't pick it up, you won't have it." In life, many troubles are self-inflicted.

if you let troubles dominate your mind all day, you will make yourself very tired.

what's troubling is done. How much can you change if you struggle with it again?

it is better to let go of this, forget troubles, and look forward to life. An optimistic attitude is the key to staying away from troubles.

some things get more and more annoying when you think about them, so you might as well forget them as soon as possible and let nature take its course. There is no hurdle that cannot be passed in life, and you can't forget without troubles.

once upon a time, there was a man who was very stingy and attached great importance to money, and was often worried that someone would miss his money.

he didn't even trust the bank. He put his money in the can under the bed and counted it several times a day for fear that there would be less money.

for some time, he always heard a noise outside at night, and when he heard it, he suspected that someone was trying to steal his money while he was sleeping.

he thought of a way to hold the can on his body and sleep against the wall.

for several nights in a row, he slept with the can in his arms. Whenever there was a noise, he became so vigilant that he could not sleep well and was always worried about the money in his arms.

in the long run, he couldn't get a good night's sleep. He had physical problems and had to go to the hospital for treatment, but spent a sum of money.

instead of asking for trouble, focus on the present.

worry about everything, worry about everything, and be open to everything. Troubles not only make people tired, but also affect their health.

having few desires and abstaining from worry is a disease from my heart.

Don't worry. If you are bored, you will worry about your life, and if you worry about your life, you will suffer physically and mentally. Forget troubles, worry-free life can be at ease.

forget the things that cause you trouble, confusion and trouble. take it easy. forget what you should forget, and don't accumulate it in your heart.

forgetting is not a deliberate escape, but a focus on the present and expectations for the future.

forgetting is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of realm, which teaches people to let go of the past and welcome the future.