If you don't want to work, just look at these three things.

If you don't want to work, just look at these three things.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

2020 is coming to an end, and for many people, this year has been a hard and tiring year.

I often hear people around me complain about Sanlian: "work is too tiring!" The salary is too small! Life is so hard! "

however, in the adult world, there is no such thing as "easy".

if one day you feel too hard and tired to work, take a look at these three things first.


balance of bank card

first of all, check your bank card balance. How many days will it take you?

there is an interesting joke:

when the pressure of life is really on your head, it is not just "cold in the heart".

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just like I have a senior sister who went to a foreign company after graduating from college with a decent job and a stable income. She has a mantra: "Women, you must love yourself."

look at her moments. Instead of eating in a high-end restaurant, she takes a selfie at a famous scenic spot, and there is a big wave of likes below.

as a result, some time ago, she posted several water drop chips in succession on her moments. Click inside to see that her mother suffers from heart failure, and the cost of the operation plus the late cost of medicine costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

she also asked me carefully if I could borrow some money.

I asked inexplicably, "your salary is not low. Why do you have some savings?" How can you not even have the money to see a doctor? "

she cried that she used to spend as much as she earned and never wanted to save money. Now that her mother is ill and the family is waiting for the money, she not only can't come up with the money, but also owes the flowers, so she has to put down her face and ask people to borrow money everywhere.

the situation of elder sisters is not alone. nowadays, although the income of many young people is generally higher than before, their savings are getting less and less.

some people feel good about themselves in front of the Yueguang clan, and only find that they can do nothing when the family needs money.

some people usually spend a lot of money, but when they want to get married and buy a house, they find that they can't afford the bride price and the down payment is not enough.

some people have a low income but love vanity, and they are burdened with heavy online loans at a young age.

recently, Zhou Xiaochuan, former governor of the central bank, said anxiously:

the savings rate of China's younger generation is falling significantly, and some young people rely too much on borrowing to spend too much and extravagantly. It is not entirely clear whether it will be a good thing in the future.

overdraft in the future is not destined to be a long-term solution. If there is no money in the card, you will not have any ability to resist risks.

any bit of wind and rain will instantly knock you back from the quiet appearance of the years to your original shape.

every young man should know that being a moonlight is not cool at all. Saving more money is the highest level of self-discipline.

only if there is enough balance in your bank card, you don't have to worry about tomorrow and have the strength to meet any challenges in the future.


current room

then, look at your current room. Do you have sense of security?

the "eggshell thunder" incident some time ago has attracted the attention of many people.

looking at those homeless young people reminds me of the difficulty of renting my own house.

when I first graduated, I had no money and no experience, I couldn't afford to rent a good house, and the environment of a cheap house was too bad. Finally, after entangling for a long time, I had no choice but to choose a single room of about ten square meters.

there are several people living in the same room. I have to wait in line to use the bathroom in the morning and take a bath in the evening. I can hear a cough next door.

I can't help it, so I have to work hard every day. When I get a raise, the first thing I do is move to a new house.

although the new home is not luxurious, it is clean and comfortable. When I have time, I will read and cook at home, and my life will become much happier.

I have read such a story, and I have the same feeling:

A girl who came to study in the city from the countryside moved three times in half a year because of her poor family. When she was the poorest, she could only eat instant noodles for a few days in a row. During that time, she told herself every day to work hard so that she would not be so bullied when she lived in a big house in the future.

later, she wrote the tear-jerking song "I want to have a Home" based on this experience, and finally became popular:

I want to have a home

A place that doesn't need to be gorgeous

when I'm tired

I think of it

I want to have a home

A place that doesn't need much

when I'm scared

I'm not afraid of

She is the famous musician Pan Meichen.

where there is a home, there is peace of mind. But having a home of your own requires more than ten years of struggle.

there is a piercing saying:

if you live in the basement in your 20s, people will say that you can bear hardships;

if you still live in the basement in your 30s, others will only laugh at your incompetence.

renting and living in their 20s is a natural life, while renting a house in their 40s is a miserable life.

you can be poor for a while, but not forever. How good a house you can live depends on how hard you live.


wrinkles on the faces of parents

finally, go home and see your parents. How many more wrinkles have on their faces?

I have read such a sentence:

do not scold a young employee casually, because they will resign as soon as they turn around, but you can scold a middle-aged employee at will, because they will only endure it in silence.

Young people can resign at will, but our fatherWhere's the mother? Unfortunately, they are precisely the kind of middle-aged people who dare not resign easily no matter how aggrieved they are.

some time ago, because my work was not going well, I took a long vacation and went out to play, and went home in the last few days.

when I was at home, my parents prepared a large table of dishes every day and made delicious food for me in different ways.

I joked: "it seems that you two usually have a very good meal."

as a result, my father told me, "this is when you come back, and the food at home is getting better. Usually your mother and I have only two dishes at a meal, and sometimes we don't even have meat."

at that moment, I felt very bad. I suddenly found that the wrinkles on my parents' faces were already so many and so deep.

that night, I talked a lot with my parents. It turned out that my father had been unable to get a job in his factory for several months, so he had to take odd jobs everywhere. There are new young leaders in my mother's company, who are mean and often picky about their employees.

at that time, I was furious: "that little leader has gone too far. Stop it!"

Mom sighed: "it's hard to find a job this year, so put up with it if you can bear it." While your father and I can still work and save you more money, your burden will not be so heavy in the future. "

hearing this, my nose is sore and I feel ashamed.

compared with the hard work and grievances suffered by our parents, our work troubles are really too light.

parents over 50 years old are desperately clenching their teeth for you. How do you have the right to yell tiredness and pain when you are young?

as the saying goes, "the speed of your success should catch up with the speed of your parents' aging."

parents are getting old and their health is getting worse and worse. if they get sick and flash their waist in the future, they all need to spend money and energy to take care of them.

as a child, what you fear most is not that your parents have three illnesses and two pains, but that when your parents need you, you have nothing but tears.

in order to enable parents to spend their twilight years comfortably, to let their children have better learning resources, and to let their families have a more decent life.

We have no choice but to keep fighting.

there is a line in "settling down":

in the face of the heavy blow of life, evasion will not solve the problem, and giving up will hit rock bottom.

only by clenching your teeth and sticking to the end, is it possible to break out a piece of your own world and prop up a clear sky for yourself and your family.

hold on a little longer, those who can't kill you will only make you stronger; when you become strong, the whole world will be kind to you.

May your hard work now become the flowers of the future;

May your tears of last night turn into the bright smiles of tomorrow.