If you don't want to review, you can read this article.

If you don't want to review, you can read this article.

"Daily Life" during the examination season

with the gradual departure of Typhoon "Whale"

indicates that another bloody storm

is coming

its name is "examination season"

at this time, I always hear the roar of my roommates


You are sure to find that shop for dresses near me where to buy that will be what you need to show your unique style. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

but I am not afraid, because at such times

I always follow the army to garrison the library to review

This year my teacher gave us a


"key area"


what is meant by "teaching is the key point"

Don't think that you can fool me with this trick

so I ran to the podium and asked the teacher

"teacher, can you tell me which writers you want to test?"

the teacher glanced at me and said nothing, as if to say:

after discovering that there was no hope of missing the question, I decided not to go the wrong way.

after a wash, I picked up my long-forgotten bag

and promised my roommate one last appointment of the semester

AM 8:30

I came to the library and found a seat on the first floor.

but it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't browsed on moments today, so I took out my mobile phone

AM 9:10

I commented on the people who appeared in my moments one by one,

because I felt that I hadn't cared about them for a long time

AM 9:30

I was still replying to those people who responded to my comments.

I found them so interesting.

AM 9:35

I think this is really a waste of time for TM.

so I started browsing Zhihu Daily and Zhihu

AM 10:00

I felt very tired. I remembered that I saw the 01:30 Tomb robber Notes

in front of the ship's Red Bull last night. I knew that I was going to sleep again

PM 00:45

I went back to my dormitory after dinner. Just as I was touching my stomach and playing with the computer

my roommate asked me: "what have you gained in the library"

I sneered: "I have reviewed the first two chapters of Ancient Literature."

in fact, every time my roommates are reviewing on the computer

I will invite them to play games with me

because I know very well that if they review

and I don't review. I will play uncomfortable

I will be afraid, anxious, and give up


well, it's all because

I don't want to review.


all right, enough fun. I retired and reviewed

here, I wish you all pass the exam

(this blessing is not applicable to the physical test of primary school of science and technology)