If you don't want to go to work, take a walk on the street at 3: 00 in the morning.

If you don't want to go to work, take a walk on the street at 3: 00 in the morning.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some time ago, I saw a joke on Weibo describing the "five major phenomena of contemporary youth":

persistent diswant of work,

intermittent collapse,

staying up late with life,

dreaming of sudden wealth,

habitual cure.

many netizens said they were shot one after another. Isn't this who I am in reality?

I have to struggle in my heart countless times every morning before I have to get up and go to work.

on Sunday night, when I think of going to work the next day, I fall into inexplicable anxiety....

online it has been exposed that such an early morning schedule:

1:00: the mother-in-law selling fruit is ready to close at 1:30: the takeout boy is still taking midnight snacks to the white-collar workers who work overtime

2:00: the middle-aged people who socialize at the dinner party have just arrived

3:00: the nurse on duty is fully cooperating with rescuing the newly delivered patients

3:30: the truck driver is ready to go

4:30. Breakfast seller toils through cramped alleys

5:00: wake up the city's sanitation workers to the bleak streets

if you ever feel tired, Tired I really don't want to go to work, so I just walk around the street in the early hours of the morning.

you will understand that the world will not slack off and stall because of the coming of night.

you will understand that your work is tired and aggrieved, but there will always be people who are ten times more tired than you.

you will understand that no matter when and where, what this city never lacks is those who work hard to make a living.


it's not hard not to have a job.

A few days ago, I worked late. While waiting for the bus at the door, I met the security man of the building. He greeted me with a smile:

"just got off work!"

I was suffering from a project at that time, and when I heard it, I couldn't help complaining: yes, it's just like this in our business. I'm so tired!

but the uncle shook his head and said:

which line of work is not tiring now? You see, the master in charge of water and electricity in our building often has to rush to repair the equipment in the middle of the night.

you see that I work leisurely, but I often work shifts day and night, and my body is going to burn out.

and it rained heavily in the middle of the night. I saw a little girl sitting by the side of the road with an umbrella working with a computer.

Hey, it's not easy for anyone!

when I heard this, I couldn't help but feel a heat in my face.

Yes, no job in the world is not hard, and no job is easy.

it's hard to be a doctor:

Young post-90s doctors perform four surgeries a day, busy from 9: 00 in the morning to 3: 00 in the morning.

after the last operation, tired and hungry, he fell asleep on the ground before he had time to change his surgical clothes.

Entrepreneurship has its difficulties, stay-at-home mothers have the pain of stay-at-home mothers, and their careers have their own difficulties.

there are always all kinds of hardships at work, but everyone is working hard, and there are always people who are more difficult than you.

while looking up, we should also look back. All the roads are not easy. We can only try our best to do well in the present.


also does not have a job, is perfect

many background readers left messages, saying that their current work is tired and boring, do not see any hope. But will it really get better if you change your job?

I don't think so. My friend Xiao Lin has been complaining to us that he is under great pressure at work, often works overtime, and the leader has a bad temper. After being publicly criticized by the leader, Xiao Lin chose to resign in anger.

in the first week of his resignation, Kobayashi felt that everything was wonderful and lived a natural and comfortable life.

but when he went to look for a new job, he found that either the salary was not high, or the company had no prospects. He had been searching for two months without finding a suitable job. He was extremely anxious every day when he was in charge of a mortgage.

Kobayashi regretted his choice and impulse.

that job did have many shortcomings, but it brought him a lot of income, real experience and resources. Yes, there are so many perfect jobs in this world, most people are born ordinary, do not have so much choice, many people compromise and bow for the sake of life.

if you really don't like a job, you can change it, but if you don't like every job, you're probably a loser.

you know, work is never for enjoyment. Its real meaning is the capital for you to settle down and the platform for you to realize your self-worth. Sometimes life has to suffer.

either be strong enough to choose freely, or keep your mouth shut and work hard.


Why should we work hard?

Zhihu has such a question: what is the gap between petty-bourgeois families and poor families?

the answer of the highest vote is only a short sentence:

it's just another serious illness.

the answer is really gripping and true.

I have a friend whose father was diagnosed with heart failure at the end of last year and is in urgent need of 400000 yuan for heart transplant.

my friend's family is not rich. Fortunately, my friend has saved 200000 yuan after working for seven or eight years to help the family tide over this difficulty.

afterwards, our friends told us that fortunately, we had been working conscientiously and hard all these years.Otherwise, if the family members are sick, they can't even come up with life-saving money, and they will regret it for the rest of their lives.

Yes, money is not everything, but most of the time, money can buy dignity in exchange for the hope of life.

ask yourself, if one day your family members around you get seriously ill, how much money can you spend to renew their lives?

We have already passed the age of wayward and pretentious.

behind us are elderly and powerless parents who have worked hard for us all their lives.

what I fear most is that when your parents need you, you have nothing but tears.

and our children, the reason why we have to work hard is to give our children a broader path.

in order to be old later, you can tell your children that your parents did their best for you when they were young and had no regrets.

when I was a child, I didn't understand why my parents could get up so early. When I grew up, I realized that it was not the alarm clock that woke them up, but life and responsibility.

there are no good years, but someone is carrying a heavy load for you.

before we get rich, we must work hard and fight life in order to resist unknown risks and to protect the people closest to us.


Yes, when I was young, who didn't dream of poetry and distance? who didn't want to bring a couple of friends, bosom lovers, and spend the rest of their lives with wine and fried tea.

but people have two ways to go:

one must go, and the other wants to go.

you must take the road you have to go beautifully before you can take the road you want.

it is true that the work is very hard, but without the bitterness of the present, how can it be sweet in the future?

everyone should squeeze into the subway at the early rush hour. There are no complaints and other emotions on everyone's face, only the excitement of squeezing on it and the gratitude that you don't have to be late today.

Life is a smoke-free battle, and every penny you earn is your ammunition.

if you give up resistance halfway, life will never give you a chance to catch your breath, but will beat you to pieces.

if you don't try to live the life you want now, you will have plenty of time to live the life you don't want.

instead of being dominated by work and pulling forward, it is better to challenge it, conquer it, and strive to make people's lives the way they expect them to be. May everyone regard work as an interesting adventure;

May all perseverance lead to blooming flowers;

May all sufferings be rewarded with a broad sea and sky.

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Life is hard, but work is not easy.

but please believe that when you try to run, the whole world will make way for you.