If you are too nice to one person, you lose.

If you are too nice to one person, you lose.

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in fact, when you get to a certain age, you will find that

there are many smart and capable people, but few people are really trusted.

sometimes if you do something wrong and trust the wrong person, you will lose the whole game of chess in life.

so never trust a person easily, and don't be too nice to a person.

at any time, learn to have reservations, leaving yourself room for manoeuvre and turning around.

the great wisdom of life is to advance and defend.


it is said that eight points are full, leaving two points of leeway

there is a saying in "Zengguang Xianwen": "you can only say three points to everyone, but not all your heart."

think about it, it is true.

in interpersonal communication, the most taboo is to talk deeply.

most of the time, the injuries, misunderstandings and deceptions you suffer are self-inflicted bitter fruit.

in the TV series "Little Joy", Tong Wenjie is the company's deputy financial director and usually confides in his assistant Xiao Jin.

the relationship between the two is like a sister, and they are not shy about complaining about the leader in front of her.

later, when something happened to Tong Wenjie's family, she often had to ask for leave, only to find that she had been betrayed by her most trusted subordinate.

it turned out that while she was so busy, Xiao Jin deliberately sowed discord in front of the leader and told her boss about the conversation between the two.

in the end, Xiao Jin took Tong Wenjie's place, while Tong Wenjie was demoted to assistant.

Human feelings are as thin as paper and human hearts are as ruthless as wolves.

in life, there are too many people behind the surface, not all of them are sincere, and not everyone can be trusted.

Don't easily reveal your heart to others. If you say eight points, you are actually leaving a way back for yourself.

I used to know a leader who thought he was in a high position and must be eloquent and eloquent.

but after close contact, it was found that the leader not only didn't talk much, but also liked to use uncertain words such as "maybe", "probably" and "maybe".

subordinates secretly call him "virtual boss".

but it is such a seemingly hypocritical and cowardly leader who does things so rigorously that no one can find any fault.

by virtue of this character, he gained a firm foothold in the later factional struggle and rose all the way up.

in fact, Chinese people have always been particular about being full of people and seeking shortages in everything.

for people who are not acquainted with each other and are not on the same path, be sure to keep your mouth shut.

there is no impenetrable wall in this world, not only to warn people not to talk about other people's rights and wrongs behind their backs.

what's more, I would like to remind everyone that do not say too much, too much will lose.

along the way of life, there are many people who maliciously set up obstacles and hope to bring you down.

leave two points on your lips, leaving room for others as well as yourself.

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is not only a modest philosophy of life, but also leaves a glimmer of life for yourself.


do not forget two points of edge

come out of society for a long time, gradually know that the most difficult to guess in the world is the human heart;

see more, but also slowly understand, sometimes malice is really much more than goodness.

do you still remember the "white-eyed wolf" incident that happened not long ago?

Last month, 18 hikers were trapped in the mountains for help on Mother's Day.

37 members of the Blue Sky Rescue team gave up the opportunity to spend Mother's Day with their families at home and rushed to the mountains all night.

during the rescue, the hikers said they were thirsty, and the team members gave them their own water.

it was this move that led to the water outage of the rescue workers in the second half of the night.

A hard night in the mountains lasted 18 hours, and 18 hikers were safely sent down the mountain.

but a chilling scene happened when one of the hikers took out two bottles of water from his bag and boiled water to make tea.

when the rescuers asked him why there was still water?

the answer of the traveler is: "you need to keep your skills as a man."

in contrast, the rescue teams are exhausted and paralyzed to the ground.

the answer is chilling and infuriating.

there is a saying that makes sense: the greatest evil of human nature is the lack of gratitude.

there is nothing wrong with keeping a kind heart, but if we give unreservedly, it may be ourselves who will suffer in the end.

kindness without principle will only become a sharp knife for others to hurt you.

I have seen such a story.

once upon a time, a Zen master was meditating by the water. he saw a scorpion fall into the water and was determined to save it.

but as soon as the Zen master reached out his hand, the scorpion stung his finger.

the Zen master stretched out his hand again, only to be stung by a scorpion.

A fisherman saw it and said, "Why do you want to save a scorpion when it stings you again and again?"

the Zen master said, "stinging people is its nature, while kindness is my nature." With that, I have to reach out again.

at this time, the fisherman picked up a branch and the scorpion climbed up.

the fisherman said, "it is right to be kind, but you must first be kind to yourself and protect yourself before you can be merciful to sentient beings."

this story is short, but the truth is very deep.

kindness is not only the practice of a lifetime, but also the highest character of a person.

but what is more rare than choosing good deeds is that you are kind and tolerant.

is like a line in the Godfather:

all the prerequisites for tolerance and kindness should beDon't embarrass yourself, know how to protect yourself.

in this way, you can be kind to others as well as to yourself.


Love others

the same is true of communication between people.

there is a limit to everything, beyond which all previous efforts may be counterproductive.

some time ago, my best friend broke up and traveled to Yunnan alone.

We were all surprised because she and her boyfriend had been together for many years, and although they were not married yet, they looked like an old husband and wife.

looking at us with a puzzled look on her face, she slowly put down her glass and whispered:

"I don't think that much and there is no contradiction, but it's really exhausting.

he has a bad stomach and doesn't eat breakfast on time every day. I prepare a breakfast for him every day before going to work and tell him to have a good meal.

No matter how late he socializes in the evening, I will wait for him to cook sober soup and prepare gifts for his elders every holiday season.

but he never understands how much I pay for him, and he just takes it for granted. Even if I do too much, I will never get tired of it. "

I understand the state she is talking about very well.

it is said that to like a person is to dig out your heart and give everything for him.

but few people tell you that comfortable relationships take their course and don't need to be flattered.

if you love someone too hard, if you give too much, you will not be able to achieve perfection in the end.

and the more you pour into it, the more you expect, the heavier the emotional burden, and the more painful it is when you get hurt.

so, whenever you do, please remember:

eight percent of love is the most appropriate, and the remaining two parts love yourself.

eight percent really love others, in the hope that all gentle giving can get an affectionate response.

keeping two points sober to yourself is to let you learn to stop loss in time and not to consume yourself for a relationship that you don't know whether there is a future or not.

if you have the ability to love others and have the strength to love yourself, everything you want will appear in front of you easily and effortlessly.


I have read such a sentence:

the best state of life is that it will not be full.

words cannot be said. Successful people all know how to give themselves a way back and accept accidents.

Don't be blind to good. You can be compassionate, but you must know the truth of human nature and learn to promote good and suppress evil.

Love cannot be deep. A person who loves himself knows how to love others and deserves to be embraced by life.

the heart is unfathomable, the world is like frost, everything has its own degree, and the score of eight is just right.

two points are left for yourself in order to make a solid career in this life.