If you are in a bad mood, all health care is futile.

If you are in a bad mood, all health care is futile.

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someone on Zhihu asked: what is the highest state of health preservation?

the most popular answer is, nourish the heart!

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic:

Bad mood is the root of all diseases.

if the heart is moving, it is easy to make a fire; if the heart is not calm, it is poisonous.

if you are in a bad mood, all health care is in vain.


people should not be in a sick mood

there are two sentences in Mr. Zhao Puchu's "Ballad of Relief":

Sunrise in the East China Sea and setting in the West Mountain, sorrow and joy for one day;

when something happens, you will feel at ease, your body and your heart will be at ease.

look at all things with a joyful heart, all things have spirit, all things have feelings, all things are lovely.

on the contrary, if you are in a bad mood, there is no cola in your sight, or even cause illness.

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I saw such a story in the homework gang:

once upon a time there was an old lady who had two sons. The eldest son sold umbrellas and the younger son sold cloth shoes.

as soon as it rains, the old lady worries: "Oh, it's raining!" How can I sell my youngest son's cloth shoes? "

when the sun came out, the old lady was still worried: "Oh, look at this sunny day, how can anyone come to buy my eldest son's umbrella?"

Li Ka-shing once said:

and once people's mood becomes negative and restless, they will suffer physically.

sure enough, the old lady worried repeatedly in rainy and sunny days, lost weight day by day, and finally became ill.

the neighbor dismissed her when she saw this: "Grandma is so lucky!" As soon as it rains, your eldest son's umbrellas sell very well, and as soon as the weather clears up, the youngest son's cloth shoes sell very well. "

the old lady thought, this is the truth! After that, I didn't worry any more, and my body was refreshed.

it can be seen that people must not let the mood get sick. Once you get sick, even if you are fed by Angelica and Chinese wolfberry every day, it will not help.

all things in the world, there are gains and losses. If you are too obsessed with gains and losses, you will only hurt others and yourself.

as the saying goes, the loss of a horse is not a blessing.

correct your mindset, laugh at life, and good colors come naturally.


Don't let people lose to the mood

as the saying goes:

mood is not the whole of life, but it can control the whole of life.

in Dear Ma Yang Street, Ma's father is disabled due to illness and becomes inferiority complex, gloomy and grumpy.

in life, he feels like a loser, but he is afraid to admit it.

like a hedgehog, he stabbed his family with hard prickles all over his body. He lived in self-disgust all day and scattered his depression on his family, soothing his uneasiness with the most hurtful words.

finally, he is separated from his wife Niu Zilai.

Feng Zikai once said:

if you are small, everything will be big.

the heart is big, and everything is small.

I think so.

learn to adjust your mood so that you can be the master of your emotions. On the contrary, you can only be a slave and may hurt others.

have you ever heard the story of kicking cat effect?

A father was criticized by his boss at the company and scolded the child jumping around on the sofa when he got home.

the child was angry and kicked the cat rolling beside him hard. The cat fled to the street when a truck was coming, and the driver quickly dodged, but hit the child on the side of the road.

emotion is like a domino, it has a chain effect!

A good mood can not only please yourself, but also warm the people around you.

A bad mood not only makes you sad, but also brings disasters to the people around you.

Don't let people lose to the mood!

this life, but fleeting, with a happy heart to embrace life, is the best solution.


A good mood is the most effective medicine.

Dickens said:

Life is unhappy, nine times out of ten, if the heart is clear, life is full of sunshine.

so how to have a good mood?

first of all, please keep smiling

in the spiritual short film the Power of smiling, the materials that fall all over the floor, the parking spaces taken away, the coffee sprinkled all over, and those tense moments are all defused by a smile.

it tells us that the world is a mirror. Smile like a child, and the world will smile back to you.

smile is the most touching language and our most beautiful gesture.

as Sanmao said:

secondly, keep a normal mind

Buddha says: people have seven sufferings-birth, old age, illness, death, resentment, love and parting, and can not ask.

We can't change our destiny, but we can change our mood.

not happy with things, not sad with yourself, contented can always be happy.

finally learn to be grateful

there is a sentence in the Bible:

Rhonda Byrne interprets this sentence as two words-gratitude.

whoever is grateful, give it to him so that he may have more than enough. If there is no gratitude, even what he has will be taken away.

know how to be grateful, and all good things will follow. On the contrary, the wind and rain will continue to flow.

in the adult world, who is not the afterlife?

things change with the heart, and the state is created by the mind. The worse life is, the more we laugh!

A good mood is the most effective medicine.

if you are in a bad mood, all health care is futile..

Life is really hard, and you have no choice but to cross it by yourself.

May your heart be happy and flowers bloom all the way through life.