"if my dormitory was equipped with air conditioning, I certainly wouldn't turn it on."

"if my dormitory was equipped with air conditioning, I certainly wouldn't turn it on."


this morning, when I was starving, a circle of friends about "air conditioning" appeared on Wechat. Yes, the friends who went to the 19th building today gave us a live broadcast of the installation of air conditioners. The handsome side face of a man appears in their moments for the first time, and then a picture of a 45-degree white box is attached. When you look at the small picture, you think it is a universal charge in your hand. When I went in and had a look, I knew that I had been fooled by them. it turned out that the white box was the legendary air conditioner, while the handsome man was the air conditioner who fell from the sky.

"that's enough! Is it great to install air conditioners? " My roommate looked at the circle of friends and said to me that at this moment he forgot the ultimate rule of "ladies first" and was only thinking about how to smuggle the air conditioner to our dormitory.

"in fact, if we had installed air-conditioning in our dormitory first, I would never have opened it." I looked into the distance and pretended to be deep.

"Why?" He looked at me in bewilderment as if he were a new friend. "I'm sure you'll turn on the air conditioner the first time and send it to your moments, because all you can think about is revenge!"

"childish!" I gave him a hard look. "do you know what will happen if we use the air conditioner before others?"

"Dongguan workers will perish as a result." I sighed and went on. "what do you mean by that look? You don't believe me? As the highest university in Dongguan, we represent the IQ and EQ of the whole Dongguan city. unexpectedly, until now, you still can't realize the seriousness of the matter. "

"then tell me why using air conditioners first will lead to the death of Dongguan workers."

I took a deep breath, ready to apply all my life's knowledge to this explanation:

"have you ever heard of feminism? The conceptual basis of feminism is that the current society is based on a male-centered patriarchal system. Now let's install air-conditioning in the girls' dormitory, which is obviously a great challenge to feminism. What does equality between men and women mean? It means that in this unimportant juncture, we can not be biased towards either side, and the school in the formulation of air-conditioning sequence, is entirely male chauvinism as a starting point to think about this issue. Leaders believe that boys can be more modest and first install air conditioners for girls who can't stand the heat, which tacitly says that 'women can't compete with men in heat resistance'. "

"so if the girls in the 19 buildings use it after being equipped with air conditioning, they become loyal fans of male chauvinism, because they have no opinion about the prejudices of the leaders, but accept it naturally. And once they start enjoying it, the feminists lurking in our school will start their actions, perhaps by secretly cutting off power lines, or handing out leaflets in sunken squares to promote feminist ideas. At that time, the girls in building 19 will be the target of public criticism. "

"then even peaceful male chauvinists will come forward and preach the benefits of male chauvinism, followed by a debate between the two sides and bringing the two incompatible views to formal discussions. From then on, Dongguan students will be divided into two, with all men supporting feminism and women becoming 'supporters' of male chauvinism. At that time, there will be no more cuddling in front of the light box, and there will be no more you and me on the fake grass. 85% of the business will drop sharply, and even the number of classrooms will be urgent because they have to be isolated from each other. "

"just like the street fight in" ace agent ", the two sides will fight as soon as they meet, and in less than a year, no, maybe in a month, Dongguan workers will perish."

my roommate was so intimidated by me that he asked me timidly, "what should I do?" Go and stop it! "

I bit the pen with my teeth, grabbed the end of the pen with my index finger and middle finger, and exhaled a long breath: "what else can we do? we can't go back to this morning and burn all the air conditioners."

he was in a hurry and grabbed my right hand hard: "but do something!" I'm still a sophomore, and I haven't got my degree card yet. Who wants me to go out and look for a job in the future? my father will kill me if he knows. And my mom! She recently caught a cold, and if she is emotional, it will affect her illness. You should do something for my mother. "

I held out my left hand and motioned to him to hand over his meal card. He struggled for a while before he gave it to me in silence.

"well, it's not without solutions. I wrote an article today to urge people who are equipped with air conditioners not to use air conditioners, so that feminists will not stir up trouble and the safety of our workers will be guaranteed. "

he seemed to see the glimmer of hope and said to me, "what title are you going to choose for this article? I will forward it to my moments as soon as I see it!"

"Ah, this is indeed a question worth thinking about. Let me see. I want to keep a low profile and attract attention. I can't criticize a dormitory with great fanfare. Well, the name is'if my dormitory is equipped with air-conditioning, I certainly won't open it.' Is it low-key enough? "

without waiting for him to answer, I turned away because I knew what he was going to say. Suddenly, I remembered that I used to adhere to the truth. In the past, whenever I saw others skipping class, I would silently skip class. Because I was afraid that if I went to class, the teacher would have the illusion that "we should come to Qi today" and not call the roll, so the student who skipped class was proud to be out of the law. So I secretly made a decision, as long as he does not call my name, I will not appear in class, because I want the truant to be brought to justice and punished by the school rules and regulations!

see those who act in order not to be lateStudents in a hurry, I sighed, because I can't work hard with them today.

this time, as before, I didn't tell anyone what I had done. I just silently took his meal card and went to the canteen.

my roommate looked at my back and said:

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"waving sleeves, hiding merit and fame."