If a man has no faith, he will not stand; if he has no character, he will be useless.

If a man has no faith, he will not stand; if he has no character, he will be useless.

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in this life, people always have something to rely on and something to pursue.

rely on nothing else, or the character we are born with, and what we pursue is not ethereal, that is, happiness that is close at hand.

but if you want to enjoy the gifts of the world with peace of mind, integrity and character are indispensable.

people without faith, do not know what they can, people without faith, it is difficult to live in the world.

people are immoral and cannot stand. We can be incompetent and not good enough, but we cannot lose our character and conscience.

only with these two magic weapons can you get to your feet and stay away from right and wrong.


people do not have faith, do not stand

people, can be short of money, can not be immoral, can lose their words, but can not break their promises.

what is "letter"?

there is such an explanation in the Chinese dictionary: "people's words are believed".

to put it in vernacular, that is, every word people say can be completed conscientiously, and such a person can be called honest.

to be a man, it is impossible to move forward without honesty, and if you do things without honesty, you will accomplish nothing.

when the Duke of Jin Wen attacked the country of origin, he only carried food for ten days, so he agreed with the doctor to withdraw his troops within ten days.

Ten days after arriving in the country of origin, the State of Jin failed to capture the country of origin, so Duke Wen ordered Mingjin to retreat.

then a scribe who came out of the original capital city said, "the country of origin can be captured in three days."

the courtiers approached and remonstrated:

the Lord Wen said:

so he withdrew his troops and left.

when the original countrymen heard this, they said, "the monarch is as trustworthy as he is. How can he not be obedient?"

he surrendered to the Duke of Jin Wen.

after hearing this, the Weiguo said, "the monarch has a man of his word. How can he not follow him?"

then surrendered to the Duke of Jin Wen.

when Confucius heard this, he wrote it down and said, "to attack the country of origin and get Wei depends on credit."

people live, ups and downs will clear up after ups and downs, but if you lose your credit, even if you have a great fortune, you will end up alone.

the bankruptcy of your career still has the opportunity to start all over again, and the bankruptcy of one's credit is doomed to the failure of your life.

after all, credit is an one-off thing, and if you lose it, you will never come back.

therefore, people cannot stand without faith, and success may be very difficult, but what can a person without credit use to achieve success?


people are tasteless and useless

A successful life is based on character.

Zuo Zhuan records that

this virtue refers to a good character.

so what exactly is character?

it may not be seen or touched, but it appears around everyone all the time, making people comfortable, reassuring and happy.

character is a person's best gold-lettered signboard.

I have seen an issue of "coming and going", and the guests in one issue were very moving.

his name is Geng Xiangshun, and he is the first college student to walk out of Daliangshan.

after he was admitted to the university, he was infatuated with writing and loved public welfare; in just a few years, he founded the "Heart-weaving Volunteer Troupe," which specializes in supporting teaching and learning in mountainous areas, medical treatment to the countryside, and other projects, helping more than 1000 poor students.

he is also a contracted writer for the publishing house, and he devotes all the money from his book sales to the public welfare to help the children of those mountain villages get out of the mountains.

during the recording of the program, Geng Xiangshun's simplicity, sincerity and selfless kindness moved all the workplace talents at the scene. In the first 20 minutes, his lamp count has been full, and Xia Jiaoyang, deputy general manager of Lefeng, gave him a light directly.

to be a man, character is always greater than ability.

there is a saying:

the ability is poor and can be cultivated slowly, but if the character is not good enough, no matter how strong the ability is, it will be in vain.

therefore, people can not lose self-cultivation without anything in this life, and they can't lose character without anything.

depending on a good character, you can stand firm no matter how the world changes.


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A life of wind and rain, details determine success or failure.

as the old saying goes: the mention of thousands of miles is routed by the ant nest.

success is actually accumulated by one trivial thing after another, one trivial detail after another.

and a person's seemingly inconspicuous behavior often hides the person's most real character.

therefore, details are by no means optional, they can not only become adults, but also destroy people.

I have seen a very interesting fable.

in the animal kingdom, the panda is the most respected by everyone, and even the picky fox admires it very much.

one day, the hedgehog found the panda and asked it for advice: "Brother Panda, why are you so respected? is there any secret?"

the panda replied calmly, "Secret?" Not really. However, I opened an emotional account and kept saving politeness, tolerance, gratitude, credit and honesty.

the hedgehog asked, "what's the use of such an emotional account?"

the panda said, "of course it works!" I opened this account and used it on other people every day. Haven't I been benefiting from it now? "

in such an era of moral character, a person's virtue determines the success or failure of this person to a great extent.

Zhou Guoping said:

"those who do great things tend to do small things seriously, while those who do small things not seriously often fail to do great things."

in the slightest place, in the most difficult to find, people who can still keep their bottom line and do not violate their own virtue, it is very difficult not to succeed.

therefore, it is not talent or luck that really determines a person's height, but whether he or she can make the best of the details.

Life is like sailing against the current. Credit and character are double oars.

when the oars are there, you can go all the way up against the current, but if you lose one oar, you will end up with a boat destroyed and people will die.

so, even though life is bound to encounter setbacks, as long as you are open-minded and innocent, then there is no need to be afraid, because your character will be the best ladder for you.

May we not lose credit and character, treat others with tolerance, treat friends with righteousness, establish the world with compassion, achieve what we want, and do what we want to do.