If a family lays down these seven rules, the child will be successful.

If a family lays down these seven rules, the child will be successful.

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it is often said that educating children is like a spiritual practice.

but more and more parents walk into a misunderstanding, interfering too much in their children's learning and indulging in their own habits.

only pay attention to "teaching", but ignore "raise".

as a result, children's lack of awareness of rules is often the beginning of a family's failure.

parents have an unshirkable responsibility for their children's education.

there was a mother who laid down these seven family rules for her child.

to help children develop good habits and excellent qualities from practice, it is worth learning from all parents.


Don't take other people's things without permission. This is education

some time ago, Weibo had a hot topic. Why do young people hate visitors at home?

there is an answer at the bottom:

you have experienced the despair of a customer's design that took half a month to complete, torn or even doodled by children brought by relatives.

have you ever experienced the collapse of scrapping when a bear kid comes to your house and destroys your phone, tablet, or lipstick on the spot?

none of us want our children to be labeled as "uneducated", but have you ever thought that even if your child is too self-willed and arrogant, almost no one will remind you that your child is impolite and ill-bred.

they just talk behind their back that their parents can't teach, and then watch your children go away on the road of being uneducated, never to return, until they get into more trouble.

it's really good for children. They don't want their children to be criticized and hated behind their backs. Parents should set good rules for their children from an early age.

Don't take other people's things without permission; don't throw rubbish on the ground; don't make noise in public places; don't make noise in public.

the best education is not to have high scores, but to be engraved into your bones.

and in one detail after another, it is not the embodiment of parental self-cultivation.


never swear

or do any indecent behavior. This is a child with quality

, which will be liked and respected by everyone wherever you go.

but in recent years, there has been an endless stream of news exposing children's literacy problems.

at Shanghai Disneyland, a boy cut in line in a game project and was dissuaded by the staff. Instead, he insulted the other side: "just don't line up, smelly old ladies."

while the boy's parents were indifferent, they just ordered the people at the scene to delete the video, saying it had "violated the portrait right."

still at Disney, an 8-year-old boy met a young girl's ass. Instead of apologizing, the boy's mother beat and scolded the young girl:

"what happened to my son touching your ass?" Your ass has never been touched! "

children and parents who are full of foul language and have no quality are really ugly.

some psychologists say that in order to improve the quality of children, we must first improve the quality of parents.

therefore, this family rule is more likely to be written to parents.

A child is like a sapling, and the family environment is watering water.

as parents, they have the responsibility and compulsory education for their children and abide by the basic rules of life.

but at the same time, parents also need to behave cleanly and speak appropriately in order to nourish children with physical and mental health.


meet elders and teachers

be sure to say hello politely, which is etiquette

our country has always been known as the "land of etiquette".

the Analects of Confucius says: "if you don't learn etiquette, you can't stand."

Xunzi said: "people are rude, things are rude, and the country is rude and restless."

even now, with the continuous change of culture and the ever-changing times, etiquette civilization is still worth learning and inheriting by our children.

it is the most basic courtesy to say hello to acquaintances first.

but most of the time, parents only urge and force their children to say hello to their uncles and aunts in order to prove that they are qualified parents.

when meeting introverted and sensitive children, they pursed their lips and drew back, but they didn't say anything. Parents felt very humiliated and reprimanded their children on the spot.

of course we should teach children to be polite, but politeness is not for others.

Real politeness is sincere from the heart, not a mere formality.

but this requires parents to patiently guide and cultivate, but also to set an example for their children.

parents treat others politely first, and when their children are nurtured by osmosis, they naturally learn to be modest and kind to others.


when communicating with others,

can't interrupt others. This is respect.

A child who can talk wins as soon as he opens his mouth.

indeed, people tend to prefer children who are generous, lively and cheerful, and dare to express themselves confidently.

however, this also requires separate occasions.

some children are used to interrupting the teacher's speech in class, and the teacher can't wait to stand up and answer before he has finished talking.

some children like to interrupt when adults are chatting and talking. They want others to play with them in a different way.

this is a very bad experience for anyone.

at any age, interrupting others casually is an act of low EQ and disrespect for others.

so, when a child has this kind of behavior, parents should remember to tell their child:

reminding children to change the way they speak and teaching them to listen is actually teaching them to respect others.

speaking appropriately is the foundation for children to gain a foothold in society in the future.

A child who knows how to respect others can go wider and wider on the road of life.


be good at taking responsibility for your fault

and wrong behavior

every child does something wrong, but every parent handles it in a very different way.

there is a little boy in the United States who was once punished by his father for bullying his classmates and was not allowed to take the school bus or run to school for a week.

during this week, the child ran in front, while the father followed, rain or shine.

later, after this incident, children deeply realized two things:

I have seen a lot of parents, their children constantly wiping their buttocks when they do something wrong.

when the child grows up and makes a more serious mistake, he can't bear it any longer before he begins to regret it.

in fact, it is not terrible to do something wrong. The terrible thing is that parents cover up their mistakes and their children do not correct their mistakes.

every mistake is actually a good time for children to learn to take responsibility.

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expressing your responsibility with practical actions and making others feel sorry is more effective than ten thousand words of "I'm sorry".


everything you have used

all books you have read should be put back in place.

an educator once said:

the power of habits is powerful, and good habits can promote children to make positive changes and benefit for life.

but habit formation does not happen overnight, and parents need to supervise and repeat their children's behavior from an early age.

even such a small thing is to put used things and read books back in place.

can also help children better establish a sense of rules and form a sense of order in the process of forming habits.

to help children form habits, in the final analysis, it is to help children find the right path and walk steadily and far on the road of life.

so don't miss the best opportunity for education.

Children who grow up in good habits are bound to have a greater sense of mission and are more likely to be favored by others in interpersonal communication.


have at least one sports hobby

physical exercise is necessary. This is health

We all know that exercise is very important. A sound mind resides in a healthy body.

but nowadays, most children, affected by the environment and their parents, are busy with their studies and ignore sports.

Last year, there was a related research data:

the main indicators of physical health of children and adolescents in China have declined for more than 20 years in a row, 33% have varying degrees of health risks, small glasses, small fat, sugar people and other conditions are prominent.

imagine that a child who is supposed to be full of vigor and vitality is physically weak and prone to illness at a young age.

how can their shoulders withstand the test of wind and rain in the future?

if the youth is strong, the country is strong. Children need not only mental well-being, but also physical well-being.

the significance of exercise is not only to bring children a healthy body, but also to cultivate the quality of unity, self-confidence and perseverance in the process.

and psychological studies have also found that all children's intellectual and psychological development are actually based on physical development.

only in good health can we have the ability to withstand the wind and rain and live this life calmly.


some people say that children's education is actually about parental level, foresight, and attitude towards life.

Children raised by different parents are very different.

but the only certainty is that a family with rules will not raise a bad child.

as said in rules and Love:

growing up with love without rules, children lose gratitude;

growing up with rules without love, children learn self-abasement;

grow up with no rules and no love, children lose awe;

grow up with rules and love, children learn humility and self-confidence.

A family with rules and love is the blessing of a child's life.