"I wonder if she will like me in the future."

"I wonder if she will like me in the future."

Actually, I know.

"she doesn't like me. Should I insist?"

recently, many friends have asked me a similar question backstage:

"I like a good friend of mine, but she told me that we can only be friends. Should I insist?"

I immediately told him not to insist, because the woman had made it very clear that she had said the word "only". This shows that she does not expect any further progress in the relationship between the two.

in fact, the pursuit between friends is very strange. As long as the man is a little careless, he will be sent a good card by the girl: "you are fine, but I don't like you, we can only be friends." Then the girls began to be on their guard, the previous intimate movements disappeared, the usual fighting is also separated by a layer of film.

I have been rejected once. The reason for rejection is: "Friends last a lifetime, and it is impossible for couples to be friends after they have split up."

I remember now that it's like eating snot chocolate from Harry Potter. I had a lot of good female friends in high school, but I haven't had a serious chat with them since I went to college. Because I have a girlfriend, how dare I die? And girls also need time to fall in love with people who pursue them, so how can they have time to grieve with me?

therefore, it is difficult to maintain the friendship between members of the opposite sex for a lifetime, sometimes even for a year. If girls are unwilling to try because they are afraid of losing a friend, please explain the reason directly to each other, because only in this way can they wake up and find that what they like is only a high school student who has not grown up.

there are thousands of reasons why girls reject others, but in the final analysis, there is only one thing, that is, your performance can not make her like you. It is said that girls are emotionally precocious than boys for several years, so when we go to college, we can't chase girls like children who have played house, buy her breakfast every day and ask for warmth on time. You're just telling her that you care about her, not proving why you deserve her love.

I said in an article "to someone else's girlfriend or someone who has already become a girlfriend" (reply to "Girl"):

an adult woman, in the face of suitors, you can determine a relationship based solely on the "good" of others to yourself. I have to say that her mind is still in the underage stage. I don't know how she measures whether others treat her well or not, but what I can be sure of is that there is no good for no reason, and there is no good way to go black.

if you give all the time but don't get a real return (such as the woman's true love), then most people will choose to stop giving at some point. At that time, I think the girl who agreed to others' pursuit because of "good" would say, "you don't love me anymore!" Because you're not as nice to me as you used to be! "

so all you have to do is to be a better person.

you have to keep improving, and then show it, and let the girl convince herself, "he's fine, too, at least unlike his boyfriend, who just plays every day."

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only this sentence OS appears in the woman's heart, your handsome, your dress, your behavior will be noticed by her. Before that, it was useless for you to invite her to Starbucks 100 times. Your position in her heart was just a spare tire that would buy yourself dinner.

(but 100 Starbucks is actually quite attractive to vain girls.

the premise of falling in love over a long period of time is that both parties are making continuous progress, and whether she will like you or not is not determined by her mood changes, but depends on you, to see if your suitor is more and more in line with her conditions for choosing a mate.