However, shouting "come on" is useless.

However, shouting "come on" is useless.

Red Bull style "come on"

"it's no use shouting 'come on'"

Today, while taking the taekwondo promotion exam, a red belt teacher (hereinafter referred to as A) was taking her red and black belt promotion exam. In the physical fitness assessment section, she was asked to complete 70 push-ups (A had already conducted two sets of high-intensity physical fitness tests before that), so from the 55th push-up, A showed obvious physical exhaustion, and the remaining 15 push-ups became an extremely painful process.

suddenly, while A was bitterly gritting his teeth for the remaining physical fitness test, a student at the scene suddenly shouted "come on!" The atmosphere at the scene was stirred up, and for a moment the small ashram was filled with shouting and cheering.

however, such shouting and cheering can not help the party at all, and its only function is probably to distract the party's attention, or to force the party to the point where he has to rush forward (so, after shouting, An is still painfully slow to do the Nth push-up. )

because you have no idea what it's like for a girl to do 70 push-ups in five minutes. Your so-called heartfelt cheering is just a bunch of nonsense. You may say that we cheer to make the client feel the power of love and increase her inner confidence.

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then think back to how you feel when you run 800 meters to the sprint position, you are physically and mentally exhausted, you have difficulty breathing, and you feel like you are about to fail.

either you don't feel it at all, or you get so excited that you sprint so hard that you collapse to the ground, or suddenly die at the finish line.

because you are pushed to the end, a group of people are cheering you on, and you will hold on if you can't hold on any longer. Otherwise, you will not live up to everyone's expectations.

so I think that compared with the blind cheering of Red Bull, the more appropriate way to cheer is to accompany quietly in the process and give warm applause at the end.

We like to see others "exhausted", and then give care

freshman sports festival, I once saw a male classmate run a kilometer in agony.

is obviously a classmate who is not good at long-distance running, but he signed up for the field and began to run one kilometer under the scorching sun at noon.

before finishing the first lap, he was obviously short of breath, and his figure wobbled like a soft, deformed plastic bag. Slowly and painfully completed the remaining two and a half laps in the hot sun, he fell weakly into the arms of a group of classmates.

was embraced by the crowd, caring, shouting "you are great!" "you are so good!" "look, there is an ugly picture of you!" "come and have a drink of water in the shade!" The physical and mental pain has long been replaced by the sudden emergence of care, forgetting the pain of being out of breath when running, and will continue to participate next time if necessary.

vicious circle

No matter how many times Liu Xiang is injured, people are looking forward to his breaking the world record again.

Uncle Nan Pai wrote grave robbing notes that he was close to schizophrenia, but netizens were thinking, "Please tell us what will happen when my little brother comes out of the bronze tomb ten years from now."

I don't care if the person will be tortured to death. We just like to marvel at other people's great achievements.


trying to accomplish what you think you can't do and trying to accomplish what you really can't do are two different things.

sometimes, shouting "come on" is of no use except to murder others.