How would you deal with the extra "one second" today?

How would you deal with the extra "one second" today?

Global time increased by one second on July 1, 2015.

(today's song is one of the soundtracks of Interstellar, it needs to be listened to very quietly. )

I have heard that there will be a full second more Earth time on July 1, 2015.

unlike other "seconds", this second is not silent, disappeared and has no name, it is called "leap second":

Leap second refers to the fact that in order to maintain coordinated universal time close to universal time, the International Bureau of Metrology uniformly prescribes an increase or decrease of 1 second in coordinated UTC at the end of the year or in the middle of the year (or possibly at the end of the season). Due to the non-uniformity of the earth's rotation and long-term chronic (mainly caused by tidal friction), when the difference between universal time (civil time) and atomic time is more than 0.9 seconds, the universal time is moved forward 1 second (negative leap second, the last minute is 59 seconds) or backward 1 second (positive leap seconds, the last minute is 61 seconds); leap seconds are generally added at the end of the Gregorian calendar or at the end of June of the Gregorian calendar. In March 2012, the National time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that China would make a leap second adjustment on July 1, when it will be 7:59:60.

someone must ask, what's the big deal in one second? At the moment you see the word, a second may have passed. So one more second or one less second has no effect on our lives at all.

well, it doesn't matter if we lose one second, so we'd like to lose one second, then two seconds, then half a minute, one minute, ten minutes, half an hour, one clock. Like the gluttonous snake when you were a child, at first the snake was only one square in length, and then a lot of dots appeared on the screen, allowing your snake to eat them, and you will slowly immerse yourself in the pleasure of "eliminating the dots" so that you forget the time and length. Only when you hit your tail will you realize that the snake's tail is already so long.

I don't think of myself as a procrastinator all the time, but I admit that I procrastinate sometimes. For example, I actually conceived this article in the morning, but I have to play the game "relax myself" first, and after playing the game, I have to watch the Wedding Banquet that was just played yesterday. And when I really wanted to start, I suddenly found that the time on the computer was already 11:30, so I woke up my roommate who was still asleep and asked him to go to dinner.

after dinner, I repeated what I had done in the morning, but fortunately there was only some self-control left, which allowed me to go out and exercise for an hour at 5: 30.

but this self-control can't match the psychological hint I gave myself, that is, I still have a lot of time to write. So it was not until 09:30 in the evening that I obediently opened the background and began to write this article about one second.

I roughly calculated that a total of 820 minutes, or 49200 seconds, had passed from 8:30 in the morning to 22:10 now. No, there is still a leap second today, so it should be 49201 seconds.

when my roommate saw the above paragraph, he asked me, "so why care about that second?" You waste 4W seconds all the time. "

I didn't know how to answer him for a moment. I just thought of a short film by Pang Haoxiang called "one minute". I once showed it to my classmates in the class meeting of the second year of senior high school to encourage them to cherish their time. There is a passage in "one minute":

how much faster is the question? And why fast?

A minute is not a minute.

in one minute, you can delete ten boring APP and decide to play one less hour of games each day. One day, one hour, one week, you can learn to type until you type 108 words a minute.

time has unlimited potential, one minute, not one minute.

you have to remember, one minute, one decision, change your whole life.

this short film only lasts for more than 3 minutes, but I have seen it no less than 30 times. Because I have been thinking about such a question, why can't I think of what Pang Haoxiang can think of? Why can he cheer me up and encourage myself to "cherish my time" through a few words, while I can't move others even if I write more than a thousand words?

Pang Haoxiang published his first novel at the age of 20, and at the age of 20, I was still complacent about the 10W words I had written. Time is obviously fair, the length of his 20 years is no different from mine, and there is not even a minute-by-minute deviation. But can he be so successful because he won't waste 4.9W seconds a day like me?

time is fair. I am not the only one experiencing this second now. Everyone in the world is experiencing it with me. Well, now another second has passed. Time seems endless, but everyone's life is only 900 months, or about 27W days, if we make a list of 900 squares and color one of them every month. We will get the following picture:

I have heard the words "cherish time" for more than a decade, but I have never practiced it. If it took me a second to make a "write right away" decision in the 4.9W seconds wasted today, would the article you are seeing now be more careful in terms of words and more organized in narrative?

Thank you for this extra second today, because it makes me understand:

the original second is not a second.

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