How powerful is it not to complain? (suddenly enlightened after watching it)

How powerful is it not to complain? (suddenly enlightened after watching it)

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complaining is actually a kind of harm to yourself.

complaining is actually the most common thing in daily life.

but as the writer Sanmao once said:

people are used to attributing their own failure to others and their success to the injustice of the environment.

but when you keep complaining, you will be surrounded by negative energy. The more negative energy you have, the more you want to complain. In such a vicious circle, it will be difficult to see the beauty of life.

but if you face the unhappiness of life and have the optimism and wisdom to think from a different perspective, then the difficulties will be solved and the troubles will disappear.

so when you stop complaining, your life changes.


complaining will only make life more miserable

those who complain are poor, and those who complain have no ambition.

Life is by no means easy for everyone, but reality tells us that no matter what the situation is, just complaining will not solve the problem, but will make things worse.

it's like a popular saying on the Internet:

so complaining will only make you more and more hopeless and make your life a mess.

American social psychologist Festinger once told such a story:

when her husband brushes his teeth and washes his face in the morning, he puts his expensive watch on the washtable.

my wife brought her watch to the table for fear of getting wet. Unexpectedly, her playful son accidentally broke it.

when the husband saw this, he complained about his wife's meddling and children's playfulness, and chattered for a long time.

in the midst of complaints, the three broke up in discord: the husband hurried out with a wave of grievances, only to find that he had just complained and quarreled and forgot to take his briefcase, but the keys were in the bag again.

so I asked my wife who was already at work to come back and open the door. In a hurry, my wife knocked over the fruit stand on the side of the road and lost a sum of money.

when the husband found out, there was another complaint: complaining about his wife's superfluous action in the morning and her carelessness on the road.

after returning to the company, my husband was criticized by his boss for being too late, and he was even more angry. He didn't forget to scold his wife and son until he got home in the evening, which made the whole family full of grievances.

the effect of every complaint will be the "butterfly effect".

maybe you just think it's a sentence, but it will have a very negative impact on your future actions.

to use a very vivid analogy, complaining is like a poison, which is not fatal at once, but it is painful.

the misfortune of many people's lives is not poverty and marital failure, but that they refuse to take responsibility for their lives and evade problems.

so, complaining is a kind of emotion that you can't control. When you can't control your emotions, you become a killer of your own destiny.


if you don't complain, you can live a better life

what destroys a person is not a disaster, but downright pessimism.

every day goes by day by day. If you always complain, your life will be full of suffering, but if you are full of optimism, your life will be happy and happy.

this is not metaphysics, but the power of a good state of mind.

the same thing, different angles, different mentality, the formation of different views.

therefore, what makes you can only be a strong and optimistic heart.

I still remember Lai Min, who appeared on the stage of the Reader. The audience was all moved by her strength and optimism.

since she came to this world, Lai Min has been carrying a genetic disease from her mother. At the age of 21, her walk began to wobble, and doctors diagnosed that she might not live past the age of 30.

however, bad luck did not break the cheerful girl.

since 2015, New Year's Day, Lai Min and her boyfriend have spent three years together, their footprints have made a heart shape on the map of China.

she faces the censure of misfortune optimistically and tenaciously. a smile is her best gift to the world as well as to herself. She said:

whatever it is, it is a joyful day to look at it positively, and another day to treat depression negatively.

time does not change because of your mood, but the quality of life changes because of your mood.

there is a saying:

when we complain about the injustice of reality to us, we first ask ourselves whether we are pearls or sand.

if it's not a pearl yet, try to be a pearl.

No matter how much sand, you can't hide the luster of pearls in the end. If you don't complain, you will get more fulfillment. "

therefore, only those who do not complain can solve the problem with a positive attitude, push aside the obstacles and see the light on themselves.

only by living a life without complaining can you win more opportunities for growth and demonstrate one's pattern and wisdom in dealing with the world.

only if you don't complain, can you live your own splendor and pride!


instead of complaining, it's hard to change

, but don't give up easily.

No one ever dictates what life is really like.

if you think poetry and distance are beautiful, try to get close to your beauty. There is no need to complain about the utilitarianism of other people's lives in the process.

if you think that working hard to earn money is enough to live a fulfilling life, please don't complain about the hard work and the leisure life of others.

A high quality of life is not about complaining, but about change.

Teney, a former Treasury secretary of the United States, is a representative of wise women.

after being elected, tiny went to the college to give a speech for the first time. The students thought that the minister would say how good his education was and how smooth his life was.

however, when tiny opened his mouth, many people were amazed.

Tenny went up to the podium, glanced at the audience and said, "my mother is deaf, she can't speak, so I don't know who my father is, let alone if he's still alive."

and my first job was to help others hoe in the cotton field. "

at the end of the speech, Teney said:

"if fate is unfair to you, you can find a way to change it and equalize it with your own hands."

it's no use complaining. Only by changing your mindset can you change your destiny. "

when she finished her speech on her experience, there was thunderous applause from the audience.

you are the only one who can decide your life.

in this life, people should try their best to strive for a life they like, instead of wasting time and letting life turn themselves into what they don't like.

as Matsuura Mitaro once said, "drifting with the current is the worst way to live."

as long as you bravely take the first step of change, your life will make a big difference.

so, people who love life will never complain, they will only try to live into a light, illuminate the darkness and show the way.

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