How not to waste time.

How not to waste time.

Whether it is a waste or not, that is our own business.

Life is short, wasting time is a crime. -- Abel Camus "between suffering and sunshine"

such as "an inch of time is hard to buy an inch of time", "time is life, money, speed power", "wasting time is murdering life", etc., including the first sentence to persuade people not to waste time, really heard too much, all the people on earth know not to waste time, life is short, cherish it. But many people don't know what it means not to waste time.

some people think that playing is a waste of time, some people think that studying at school is a waste of time, some people think that only work and study is not a waste of time, but is it a waste of time to live slowly with relatives and friends?

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"everyone has their own beliefs, which is a waste of time in the eyes of others, but she thinks it is very important." Any meaning is relative to its purpose. Different people have different purposes, and it is impossible for others to say what is meaningful to me.

A person who takes traveling around the world as his lifelong dream and career will certainly feel that it is a waste of time to sit in the classroom and study politics, history, geography, physics and chemistry, because what he needs more is the experience and knowledge of survival in the wild, human geography or photography skills. It's not that politics, history, geography, mathematics, physics and chemistry are of no use to him, but compared to the things he needs more, he feels that spending time on these things with little effect is a waste of time. Therefore, we can understand that people who use their mobile phones to communicate with the outside world every day will think that people who read books in the library are a waste of time, and college students who love travel and freedom think that it is a waste of time to sit in the classroom and listen to lectures every day. people who value their career more important than their family will feel that it is a waste of time to accompany their family, while true love believers will feel that it is not a waste of time to do anything as long as they are with the person they like.

time is running all the time, as for how we use it, whether it is a waste or not, that is our own business. A famous saying goes like this: "if you can have fun in wasting time, you are not wasting time." Our life is so short and fleeting in the timeline of the universe, but our life is super long. Countless days and nights from birth to death, we can experience all kinds of colorful things in the world and build up our great and smart consciousness.

A friend once said to me: I always think that the meaning of life lies in experience. As long as you take every moment seriously and experience every moment, then there is no waste of time at all.

it is important to be serious. Work and study seriously, travel and vacation seriously, fall in love seriously, take every inspiration that pops into your head seriously. Is it just because he or she has a higher IQ or EQ that others do the same thing better? In fact, countless experiences tell us that the biggest difference in how things are done lies in whether the person who does it is serious enough. Serious, it means to spend more time and energy to study and practice, as far as possible to think more comprehensive, more perfect. Those things that have been done seriously, spoken English practiced, songs written, large-scale events held, 100,000 words passed, and so on, even if we will never do the same thing again, they will still be recorded in our life files, making us more confident ourselves.

so, as long as you do one thing seriously, it is enough to live up to all those lost times.