How long you sit every day determines your lifespan, ​.

How long you sit every day determines your lifespan, ​.

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the World Health Organization lists sedentary as one of the top ten leading causes of death, with more than 2 million people dying from sitting every year.

sitting for a long time is harming our bodies a little bit, and most people don't know it.


sitting for a long time is equal to chronic suicide

accelerating aging

sitting still, the buttocks are not strong, the meat on the buttocks can not be hung up, and the buttocks are sagging and sagging.

lack of exercise, fat accumulates in your abdomen, turning your little waist into a swimming ring.

Blood circulation is not smooth and the supply of qi and blood is insufficient, which makes the skin dull and prone to long spots and wrinkles.

sitting for a long time is taking away your beauty and confidence.

cause gynecological diseases

A large area of contact between the private parts and the chair, closed and stuffy for a long time, bacterial growth, easy to cause vaginitis, pelvic inflammation and other gynecological inflammation.

sitting for a long time, the blood circulation in the uterus is blocked, which not only affects menstruation, but also makes the ovary anoxic, leading to premature ovarian failure and early menopause.

sedentary for a long time, it is seriously harmful to women's health.

affect your sex life

are you unable to do so in bed because of low back pain?

sitting in one position for a day, the neck, shoulder, waist and back are in a tense state for a long time, and the bearing capacity decreases, which leads to protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc, lumbar muscle strain and other problems.

obviously he was a wolf-like age, but he was robbed of his energy by a sore back.

the waist is broken, and the sex life is greatly reduced.

injure the intestines and stomach

sit for a long time, the intestines and stomach are curled up, and the gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slower.

as soon as you sit down after a meal, there is not enough room for gastrointestinal activity, which is easy to cause indigestion.

the food eaten cannot be digested as soon as possible and accumulates in the intestinal tract, resulting in constipation.

the degradation of digestive function may also cause other health problems.

there are many causes of physical discomfort, and sitting for a long time is the accelerator.


self-help methods to keep in mind

improve sitting posture

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sitting posture is especially important when we can't avoid sitting for a long time.

lean back slightly, you can add a cushion to reduce waist pressure, shoulder relaxation, thighs and back, calves and thighs preferably 90 °, Jiro legs must not be stilted.

keeping good sitting posture can reduce the pressure on waist, neck and shoulder and reduce the harm caused by sitting for a long time.

move around

American Diabetes takes 90 minutes as the limit for sedentary time, and we should avoid sitting still for more than 90 minutes.

you can get up and walk around every half an hour.

pour water, go to the toilet, bend over, kick, lift shoulders, exercise properly, relieve the stress of sitting for a long time.

Daily prevention and timely treatment

Life lies in exercise.

jogging, yoga, square dancing, you can all try to exercise your muscles and build up your immunity.

once you have something uncomfortable, don't put it off and go to the hospital in time.

nothing is more important than having a healthy body when people are alive.

the last five health tips should be memorized by everyone.

waist, neck and shoulders, gastrointestinal injuries, and sitting for a long time do a lot of harm;

keep your body straight, shoulders flat, and the correct sitting posture to help you;

do not sit for a long time, often walk, always remember to do,

stride, small steps, do more exercise good health;

money is important, life is precious, who is light and who knows the center of gravity.