How did I volunteer in the first place?

How did I volunteer in the first place?

Don't drink soul chicken soup, the college entrance examination score is the first slap given to you by reality.

"say in the front"

my article is aimed at students hovering below the 2A score line, because my level is only 10 points above the 2A line, so for those heavy undergraduates, you can close this page now, because this article may not work for you at all.

so please don't scold me for being pretentious, because you probably haven't thought about "what to do if you can't get a 2A" since you were a child. This article is aimed at those brothers and sisters who have been endangered by soul chicken soup for several years like me.

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I don't say this because I want to classify people by scores. I only know people like me because I am that kind of person (college entrance examination scores hover on the 2A line).

"Anti-mind Chicken Soup"

in the afternoon, while delivering newspapers and playing with my mobile phone, I saw that many people turned to such a circle of friends:

when they score in the college entrance examination every year, they cry and laugh. Only those who have been to college know that the coquettish four years later, who belongs to the world, do not talk too early. In fact, a diploma is just a train ticket, a soft sleeper at Tsinghua University, a hard sleeper for an undergraduate, a hard seat for a specialist, a station ticket run by the people, and adult education crowded in the toilet. When the train arrived at the station, they all got off to look for a job, only to find that the boss didn't care much about how you got here, only about what you would do. Suddenly remembered the words of Bill Gates, is it possible to arrive at the destination in first class rather than economy class? So don't put forward too stringent requirements on the child, just do your best, standing all the way is also a kind of experience. (turn)

although it is true that "the coquettish in four years' time, no one in the world should speak too early", I really don't like the following analogy. If your scores are above the heavy undergraduate line, you will know that the heavy undergraduates under Tsinghua and Peking University will be divided into "211" and "985", and even 2A can be divided into "good 2A" and "average 2A". The Dongguan Institute of Technology I studied belongs to "average 2A". Under 2A, there are different choices in 2B, such as Bei Shizhu and Bei Lizhu, which are called "2B fighters". So how can chicken soup be taken in one sentence? Do you think universities are divided into "Tsinghua Peking University" and "non-Tsinghua Peking University"?

and the difference between school and school cannot be simply understood as the difference between "soft sleeper" and "hard sleeper". "soft sleeper" and "hard sleeper" represent the difference in hardware, but have you ever thought about a question:

"who will you sleep in the same dorm with during your four years of college?"

so what matters is not the college hardware, but what kind of people you will fight with. It is true that first class will not arrive at your destination before economy class, but first class means that people sitting next to you are more likely to exchange information with you that economy class people cannot.

so don't be silly, drinking useless chicken soup will only get you into a quagmire of "self-satisfaction", and the college entrance examination scores announced today are the first slap in the face of reality. You should see the reality clearly and choose the school you want to stay in carefully for the next four years.

Why did I choose this school in the first place?

in fact, the reason why I applied to Dongguan Institute of Technology is very simple, that is, my score is too low. And Dongguan Institute of Technology is the most cost-effective school for me.

at that time, I only exceeded the 2A line by 10 points, so I was out of luck with Guangzhou University City. I can not apply to many schools, I do not have the money to apply for those "2B fighters", so I can only choose some out-of-gear colleges and universities. I vaguely remember that there were several schools under consideration at that time:

Guangzhou second normal University, Jiaying College in Meizhou, Zhanjiang normal University, and Dongguan Institute of Technology.

and my father said to me like this: "if you do so badly in the exam, go to Dongguan Institute of Technology. At least you can know more people from Dongguan, and you will have more opportunities to develop in Dongguan in the future."

so I applied to Dongguan Institute of Technology as my first choice and checked to obey the assignment. Chinese language and literature is my fifth or sixth major. Because of my low scores, I became a student in the Chinese department.

I know that many people will have the idea of "going out to see the world", so they would rather choose a school that is not so cost-effective than stay away from home. But you can ask those brothers and sisters who go out to study and give up more cost-effective schools and have no regrets. Anyway, the people I know think it would be better to stay and study in Dongguan.


because even if you are far away from home, will you really have the mind to understand the outside world?

I have a younger brother who came from Shandong to study. I asked him why. He said I just wanted to leave my hometown and go to the south to have a look.

then I asked him, "did you go to see it in 2011?" Have you been to Guancheng? have you been to Guangzhou and Shenzhen? "

he smiled and said to me, "I thought about it, but I gave up every time I went out, because I found that I had nothing to visit alone."

this is what most people really think, so the ideal is really plump, while the reality is very bony.

my advice

there is only one thing, that is, choose the best school you can choose for your score.

what does "best" mean? That is, if the score is high, the closer to the big city, the better, and if the score is low, the closer to your home, the better.

in fact, majors and other things are really not very important, because I want to stress again that my article is for those younger brothers and sisters who are under 2A or below. If you have the ability, go to the school you want to go to, and then seriously get a good score and then transfer to the major you really like. If you have no ability, you will only get a diploma in whatever major you study.

andAnd as I have said before, there is no best class, only the best players.

A few last words

in fact, I didn't want to write about this topic, but a younger brother who had just made achievements came to ask me for my opinion, saying that he hoped I could state my opinion in detail. The reason why I don't want to write is that I think my view is too one-sided and there is no acceptability at all. But I also think I made the right choice, so I said what I thought, hoping to give some help to the confused you.

if you think I'm wrong, why don't you do it the other way around? that's a kind of help.