Hello in March: the mountains and seas are vast for the rest of your life. May you do whatever you want.

Hello in March: the mountains and seas are vast for the rest of your life. May you do whatever you want.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

writer Xiao Hong wrote in small Town March: "the weather is as warm as a day, and every inch of the day is interesting."

February is gone, and March is drawing near.

March wind, the face is not cold;

March rain, embellish silent;

March trees, new buds sprout.

watching the haze go away, the world is quietly full of life.

the plan of the year lies in spring. March is the most suitable season to start.

sow one grain of millet in spring and harvest ten thousand grains in autumn.

pain or panic, everything is a thing of the past.

with warm sun in my heart, I have just lived up to the deep feelings of the years by working silently.

standing in this picturesque spring, let's say softly: goodbye, February; Hello, March.

in the new March, may we all be at ease and live the way we want.


going to bed early can solve 80% of the problems in life

A few days ago, CCTV anchor Zhu Guangquan teased the party that stayed up late, saying that they were "controlling everything by glowing their eyes at night, and the little spark of excitement could not be put out, and the hair withered by burning the lamp."

hearing this description, many people call it heartbreaking.

the latest data from the China Sleep Research Association show that at present, more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, and among them, 3% of them have to stay up until 1 am before falling asleep.

going to bed early has become the most difficult self-discipline for us to achieve.

busy with work and lots of things during the day, news seconds have become the norm.

it seems that only after 10:00 in the evening do you really belong to yourself.

therefore, we covet this hard-won freedom and are reluctant to end the day.

many people are used to staring at their mobile phones late at night, watching TV shows, browsing videos, playing games, and indulging in the happiness brought by the screen.

I don't know that all the nights I get through will take revenge on myself in the future.

recently, the word "tired and ugly" has been a hot search, and some netizens have described themselves as "sucked up like dry grass" after staying up late for a long time.

the deepest night, with the most expensive eye cream, the dark circles under the eyes are getting thicker and thicker, and the loss outweighs the gain after all.

maybe some people will say that it's not that they don't want to sleep, but they can't sleep.

in fact, we don't have to put too much psychological pressure on ourselves because of insomnia. Just let nature take its course.

in the dead of night, whether the day is wasted or busy, you might as well tell yourself, "Today is over, and I've done my best."

as the saying goes, "there is nothing in the world."

nothing to go to bed early, raise the spirit, can solve most of the troubles in life.

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Reading is the most cost-effective investment

March, when everything wakes up and the breeze is quiet, it is a good time to read.

in this fast-paced society, people who can calm down and read a book are becoming more and more rare.

the more impetuous you are, the more you want to read.

Reading is a refuge to take with you.

it can smooth the wrinkles of the soul and comfort the inner uneasiness.

Reading is also the cheapest way to learn.

you can make friends with the world's top masters for only a few dozen yuan.

Tang Nuo, known as "the number one scholar in the world", has read more than 8 hours a day for more than 20 years.

he said in an interview: "I don't understand why people don't buy books. It's the best bargain in the world."

A thin book condenses the author's painstaking efforts.

Cao Xueqin wrote A Dream of Red Mansions over the past ten years, adding and deleting five times.

when Yang Shuo wrote Snow Wave, he wrote a total of 3000 words, which was revised in more than 200 places.

the smell of books is far away, and every book you read will blend into your temperament and help you quietly become yourself.

although sometimes we forget which books we have read, the contents of the books will imperceptibly influence our speech and shape our lives.

as Liang Xiaosheng said: "the purpose of reading is not to achieve much, but to give you an inner strength when you are beaten back into the quagmire by life."

Reading and not reading lead two completely different lives.

those who love to read are still young after a thousand sails;

those who do not read are old before the rest of the world.

I hope we can all steal our leisure time, read a few pages of books every day and live a less rough life.

I hope that the rights and wrongs in books can make us more awake and resist the bitterness of reality with the sweetness of knowledge.


exercise is the cure for all confusion.

gain three jin every festive season. After coming back from Spring Festival holiday, many colleagues around me complain that they are fat again.

eating Haisai, coupled with not exercising, fat is naturally hoarded in the body, and the whole person becomes "rich".

I would rather be sweaty than fat.

people who exercise regularly are Hale and hearty and full of energy every day;

people who are too lazy to exercise are listless and decadent all day long.

Holidays are by no means the reason for us to release ourselves.

people who are really self-disciplined know how to sharpen their body and mind with day-to-day persistence.

as Haruki Murakami wrote: "the body is everyone's temple, no matter what is enshrined in it, it should be kept strong, beautiful and clean."

many excellent people have the habit of exercising.

exercise has become a new way of life.

if you like to be alone, you can try sports such as running, swimming and yoga;

if you like lively, you can play badminton, basketball, group dance, square dance and so on with friends.

these projects are not good or bad, and what suits you is the best.

exercise can not only make our appearance more beautiful, but also make us feel better.

when we exercise, we have a sense of control over the body, so as to get rid of the anxiety of being conscious and powerless.

after exercise, a large amount of dopamine is secreted, so we feel refreshed and the sadness in our minds goes away.

exercise is not as difficult as you might think.

doing push-ups every day and standing against the wall for 10 minutes after each meal is better than sitting for a long time.

Health is one's greatest wealth.

and exercise is the cornerstone of health.

as long as you take the first step in the exercise, you have already beat a lot of people.

as long as you stick to it, I'm sure you'll get more surprises.


if you do what you do in March or April, you will have your own answer in August and September.

naturally there is a season and everything has its order.

March in Yangchun, the rivers are suddenly warm, and the mountains are about to burn, so it is time to sow seeds.

as Yu Jie wrote in the Book of time: "Young man, your job is to level the land, not to worry about time." If you do things in March or April, you will have your own answer in August and September. "

whether it's early to bed and early to rise, reading or exercise can make us better ourselves.

the longer the time, the more obvious the effect.

however, under the pressure, modern people's life is becoming more and more hasty.

many people expect to plant seeds today and return with a full load tomorrow, but forget to rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength.