Half your life is over, don't be weak.

Half your life is over, don't be weak.

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Lin Qingxuan once said: "Life is like writing on the water, the second stroke has not been left behind, the first stroke has gone to the distance."

turn around and see that the years have pushed you and me through half my life, and there is no time to recall and sigh.

along the way, we have met a lot of people, endured a lot of things, been looked down upon, laughed at, never covered up heat and indifference, and never got sincerity.

then, I finally understand in the countless ups and downs: the more accommodating to others, the more sad; the more concessions, the more aggrieved.

only by putting aside your inner weakness and facing up to the injustice and falsehood in reality can you complete yourself and appreciate your joy.

the last time I saw my best friend Xiao Xi, it was half a year ago, she had just finished decorating her new house, and everyone went to have fun together.

recently, she made an appointment to take her child to Disneyland. She said it four times in a row, but she didn't say yes.

she didn't tell the truth until she asked me to take care of my mother last week.

at a party at home a while ago, my cousin called Xiao Xi aside, said that Erbao needed to change trains when she was born, and asked her to borrow 50,000 yuan.

she paused for three seconds: "OK, I'll put you through right away."

because she was afraid that her cousin would feel stingy and that she would get angry because she couldn't change the car, Xiao Xi lent all her remaining savings to her cousin.

but when I couldn't take my daughter on a trip or arrange a nurse for my mother, at my cousin's daughter's birthday party, I found that my brother-in-law bought a new watch and the child bought a new tablet, but didn't say anything about paying back the money.

Xiao Xi turned to the bathroom, looked at herself in the mirror, and swallowed all her grievances.

in life, we are not the same. Carefully maintain every relationship, and even used to look at other people's faces, obviously very sad, but do not say a word.

but for yourself, you really don't need good acting, and you don't have to be tough and pretend to be happy.

refuse when you should, because he has his excuses and I have my reasons.

not so much should be, the most important thing is to understand the heart.

"Silent confession" says: "our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find who we really are."

Life is not easy. Don't lose yourself in order to follow other people's thoughts, nor do you have to hide grievances in order to be considerate of others.

appropriate refusal is not selfishness, but self-understanding and honesty towards life.

Last night at 11:00, my neighbor Sister Dan knocked at the door and put the key to her house in my hand.

she said, "I've taken all my valuables with me. If it's urgent, please take care of it for me."

I nodded and saw the loneliness in her eyes and the bruises on her face.

she decided to go back to her hometown in the south for a while, leaving her husband who always quarreled with her and even attacked her.

yesterday, Sister Dan worked all afternoon, preparing a large table of her husband's favorite dishes, buying gifts and cakes, and waiting for him to come home from work to celebrate.

unexpectedly, her husband didn't even call. He got home at 10:00 in the evening, got very drunk, and accused her of waste, saying that he had married a wife who was a black sheep.

Sister Dan looked at his helpless expression and whispered to him: "Today is our 10-year wedding anniversary. I hope you can be happy."

"if you have this money, you might as well buy a few packs of cigarettes. What are you doing with these useless things?" The husband complained as he walked to the bedroom.

Sister Dan came forward to help him, but she was impatiently thrown away and hit her face hard on the wardrobe.

this time, the pain sobered up.

she looked at the man in front of her, without tears, turned to pack up her things and left their home.

writer Wang Xiaobo said: "the most unfortunate thing in the world is to make a stupid thing after untold hardships."

when those who are willing are taken for granted, when those who are replaced by heart are disgusted, no matter who it is, it is hard to avoid chills.

after ten years of hard work, I chose to leave since I couldn't really treat each other.

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this bravery is not only putting away humble wisdom, but also embracing one's own free and easy.

I have seen such a sentence:

"you always focus on people who don't like you, which is very unfair to those who like you."

do not let others ignore, do not be tired by others, in order to meet better people and a better future.

choose to leave, not to escape, but to really face the problem and return yourself to yourself.

A question was asked on the Internet: how important is gregariousness?

A high praise replied: "get along with those who understand you; those who don't understand you are not in harmony with them." Gregariousness is not the rule. Be happy with yourself. "

but in reality, too many people have lost their freedom and the ability to please themselves.

A few days ago, Haozi, a classmate, posted and deleted a circle of friends in the wee hours of the morning, but I happened to see it.

he wrote: "I don't want to force myself to integrate the circle I don't like anymore. It's too stupid and too tired."

the picture shows a figure curled up under a street lamp on a rainy day.

this is his true mood, but he has no choice but to hide it secretly, and does not have the courage to announce it to the world, so he can only put on a mask and continue to disguise again.

when he graduated, Haozi was the first to find a job. As soon as he joined the company, he voluntarily added each colleague's Wechat and liked it more than 70 times in their visible moments.

every day, he arrives 30 minutes early, boils hot water ahead of time, puts away coffee beans, and is even ready to smile at everyone.

but behind this smile, it hides the refusal and restrains its freedom.

during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, he didn't want to go to the singing party of the department.But in the colleague's persuasion and the manager asked "without hesitation" to say yes.

knowing that he would be embarrassed, he took part in it because he was afraid that others would say that he was arrogant, different and unsociable.

but as a result, it loses its dignity and makes it even more uncomfortable.

in life, we often make the mistake of thinking that if we agree with everyone's wishes, we will be happy.

but after a long time, I found that only by putting away the camouflage that I had to do, and being myself boldly, could I really relax.

you don't have to ignore yourself in order to cater to others, you don't have to spend time and energy, and you end up asking yourself, "Why?"

Yang Jiang once said: "We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world, but in the end we knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

bravely walking alone is neither unusual nor wrong. I just choose another way to present myself, not to embarrass myself, and to live up to my life.