Half (good text in depth)

Half (good text in depth)

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there is no perfect thing in the world. "he who is rich in this must be lacking in that."

the same is true of being a human being.

the best state of life is to know "half wisdom".

it is important to know that great success is lacking, life does not ask for too much fulfillment, and "half" is perfection.


half is exposed and half is hidden

Shakespeare said: "the fool thinks he is wise, but the wise man knows himself."

A truly wise man knows how to hide his wisdom.

Sima Yi and Yang Xiu are typical examples.

at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, countless heroes showed their powers in troubled times.

in the Cao Wei camp, the brightest young people are Yang Xiu and Sima Yi.

their origins are very similar:

Yang Xiu was the son of Yang Biao, a lieutenant of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was so knowledgeable and talented that he was held up as Xiaolian in his early years, and he also presided over the "Yuedan Review". Guide rivers and mountains, comment on strange people from all over the world.

after Sima Yi was also an important minister, his father, Sima Fang, was Jingzhaoyin at that time, and he himself was also a representative of "rare, clever, knowledgeable and knowledgeable".

both of them were valued by Cao Cao because of their origin and talent, so they were able to assist Cao Cao's two sons, Cao Zhi and Cao Pi, who cared about most.

the difference is that Sima Yi is patient and knows how to keep a low profile, while Yang Xiu likes to rely on talent and is good at showing his cleverness.

Yang Xiu was appreciated by Cao Cao for his "cleverness" and ruined his future because he was "too smart".

during the competition between Cao Cao and Liu Bei for Hanzhong, Yang Xiu and Sima Yi went out with Cao Cao and deciphered Cao Cao's saying that "chicken ribs make food tasteless".

then immediately spread the words of "coming back without a fight" in the army, puncturing Cao Cao's awkward situation of "not wanting to fight again" and disturbing the morale of the army. Cao worried and killed him angrily.

Sima Yi kept a low profile, showed all his edge, and was good at hiding. In Cao Cao's suspicion, Sima Jia was able to save himself, and Sima Jia later became a famous "king's house" in the history of the three Kingdoms.

as the saying goes, "Muxiu will be destroyed by the forest wind". People who show themselves everywhere seem smart, but in fact they are stupid.

everything goes too far, it is just right to hide it.

only wisdom without showing off, wisdom without dazzling, is the great wisdom of dealing with people.

therefore, truly mature people are not eager to show off everywhere and show off to others. The more capable they are, the more they know how to protect themselves in a way that is half exposed and half hidden.


half is straight and half is curved

as the ancients said, "rigidity is easy to break, and things will be reversed at the extreme."

in many cases, upright people find it difficult to walk, but proper tact can save themselves.

in the historical records, there is such a story:

Qin Shihuang had a great general named Wang Jian.

Wang Jian not only uses soldiers like gods, but also is very upright and upright.

once, when the King of Qin was going to conquer the State of Chu, he asked his generals how many troops they would need.

although Wang Jian is a "victorious general" on the battlefield, he is also very cautious and says the number of "600000" again and again.

at this time, young generals said one after another that Wang Jian's budget was too high, and if the king used them, he would only need 200000 troops to win this battle.

so the king of Qin sent young generals Li Xin and Meng Tian to lead 200000 troops to battle.

but who knows, in this battle, Li Xin and Meng Tian not only failed to capture the State of Chu, but were defeated one after another.

the king of Qin, who received the news of defeat one after another, had to run to Wang Jian again and asked him to lead his troops to battle, but Wang Jian still insisted that 600000 soldiers and horses were willing to take orders.

seeing the crisis on the front line getting bigger and bigger, the king of Qin had to grit his teeth and integrate the entire army of Qin, bringing together 600000 troops for him.

is it time for Wang Jian to go out in a down-to-earth manner?

but every time he walked, he would send someone back to the capital to ask the king of Qin to give him a reward. He was simply a "greedy villain".

seeing that the general was so greedy for money, Wang Jian's advisers could not help asking him:

Wang Jian said with a smile:

Coming into the latest trends and fashion, our off the shoulder cocktail dresses is all you need. Buy our tons of options in every style now.

"the king is paranoid by nature, and this time I almost took away all the soldiers and horses of the whole kingdom.

if I am as upright as before, he will certainly be suspicious of me. Once the war changes, I will probably face extinction.

but now that I am so greedy for wealth, the king thinks that I am a villain who has no ambition and is only greedy for money. On the contrary, he will rest more at ease with me. "

sure enough, after seeing Wang Jian's operation, the king of Qin not only was not angry, but more trusted him, dispelled his original suspicion, and let him win the war with peace of mind.

all things in heaven and earth are like this, and so is being a human being.

it is easy to break if you do not know the proper concession and slickness, then you will run into a brick wall everywhere and it will be difficult to protect yourself.

therefore, the highest state of being a person and doing things is to "stay straight and take the bend". While keeping your heart upright, you can also share the dust with the light, so that you can save yourself, realize your ideals, and achieve great things in this complicated world.


half of them are "refined" and half "silly"

people say: "to make friends, you have to be chivalrous, and you have to keep a little plain heart."

to be a man, you can be smart, but you must also be smart.Outside, keep half of the kind "foolishness".

because the highest state of shrewdness is kindness.

once read such a story:

there was a real estate businessman who was known as "shrewd" when he was young. Not only does he have business acumen, he can always keep abreast of timing and industry changes, but he is also very mature and capable.

but, as smart as him, he didn't let his career rise in the end, but went bankrupt after years of hard work.

he didn't understand which part of his career was omitted, until one day he accidentally came across an interview in the newspaper.

during the interview, the reporter asked Li Ka-shing's son Richard Li how his father taught him the secret of making money.

some people think it is a network resource, others think it is the accumulation of wealth.

but thinking about it, Richard Li said:

can you get eight points but only six points?

"all the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit." how can anyone think that they earn less? Li Ka-shing's "concession" seems to be stupid.

after thinking for a long time, the real estate developers were enlightened:

it was because of this "stupidity" that they attracted countless partners, made the business bigger and bigger, and finally created a huge business empire.

although he himself has been shrewd in dealing with the world, this shrewd calculation has not only enabled him to gain short-term benefits, but also lost many high-quality long-term partners and better development opportunities.

therefore, the more sophisticated he is, the more difficult it will be, and he will eventually go bankrupt.

since then, he has kept in mind Li Ka-shing's remark that "seven points are reasonable, eight points are fine, but only six points".

this person is the later leader in the real estate industry, Lin Zhengjia, chairman of Taipei Quansheng Real Estate.

this is the saying that "a small victory depends on wisdom, a great victory depends on virtue". There are countless interests in the world, but only "virtue" can carry things.

Lin Zhengjia also became a leading figure in the industry precisely because he learned to be "foolish" to "score only six points".

as said in A Dream of Red Mansions:

A person who is too shrewd will make himself fall into a situation of "haggling and losing hearts".

therefore, the best way to be a man is to be half shrewd and half stupid.


Life should not be too full.

if it is too full, it will be like flowers blooming brightly, about to wither, drink too much, close to getting drunk, and it will ruin the scenery.

"the flowers are half blooming and the wine is slightly drunk", which is also the human realm pursued by Zeng Guofan.

in that year, Zeng Guofan personally led the Hunan army to capture Jiangning and destroyed the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which had been a disaster for many years.

the Qing court sealed him again and again until he reached the rank of first-class Yirong Hou and added the title of "Prince Taibao". Since the Qing Dynasty, he became the first Han Chinese to enter the prime minister and pay homage to the emperor.

but at the height of his popularity and power, he laid off part of the army, read behind closed doors, and named his study Qiu que Zhai.

"seeking que" means "seeking for a vacancy". He uses this name to remind himself that life should not be too full.

as Li Mi-an, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, said in his "half Song":

"when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon is full, it loses." to be a man is not to be too satisfied, and a moderate half is perfection.