Half and half (how well written! )

Half and half (how well written! )

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Friendship is half concerned about and half forgotten

friends don't have to get in touch with each other often, but they certainly don't forget each other.

when I think of each other occasionally, I still feel a trace of concern in my heart.

even if time flies, our friendship will never change.

those who are called "friends" are just passers-by.


Family, half giving and half harvesting

A happy family requires everyone to make efforts.

care about parents, educate children, and make this family warm forever.

when you are overwhelmed by society, a smile from your family will make you full of strength and move on!


Children are half gifted and half nurtured

each child is a seed, but the florescence is different.

some flowers can bloom brilliantly after breaking out of the ground, while others need a long waiting period.

be patient. Don't see other seeds blossom and bear fruit and conclude that your child is not a good seed.

believe in the child and wait for the flower to bloom, maybe your seed will never blossom, because from the beginning, he is destined to become a towering tree!


work is half luck and half effort

everyone spends most of their time working. Work is not only a guarantee to support a family, but also a step to hone one's will and move towards a better life.

those who work only for salary will always be mediocre.

work, that is, the more you do, the more you will work, and the more you work, the more opportunities you will have.


money, half angel and half devil

when money saves lives, it is an angel; when people die for money, it is the devil;

when it meets normal needs, it is an angel; when it expands selfish delusions, it is the devil;

the gentleman loves money and takes it wisely. There is no evil in money itself, but human greed for money is the source of all evil.


Happiness, half is to strive for, half is to follow fate

what is happiness? Happiness seems illusory, but in fact it is within reach.

when you are thirsty, have saliva to drink, do not envy other people's energy drinks,

when you are hungry, have a mouthful to eat, do not crave other people's delicacies. With a smile, strive for, try your best to listen to fate, you will be happy. But if you refuse to reach for the meal on the table and wait for others to feed you, what happiness is there to speak of?


Dreams are half courage and half hallucinations

Socrates said that the happiest thing in the world is to fight for a dream. People live in the world, it is difficult to walk, how many people can not stand the training of the world, walk to forget the original intention.

everyone should plant the seeds of a dream.

Dreams, always in the distance, hidden or present, may not be realized in a lifetime.

just like the eagle in the sky, the eagle fights the sky because of its longing for the blue sky. In its poor life, the eagle cannot fly above the blue sky.

but the real meaning of dreams is to take the first step bravely and act for them, rather than looking at them, daydreaming all day and wasting their time.


life, half is fireworks, half is Qinghuan

life, always inseparable from firewood, rice, oil and salt, pots and pans pyrotechnic smell.

learn to look for Qinghuan in the smell of fireworks:

the potted plants on the balcony, the scent of the flowers in the potted plants, the scroll beside the bed, the distance in the scroll, the picture on the wall, the story in the picture.

every plant, a book, a picture, a tea and a meal, wherever we can see and heart, there is Qinghuan everywhere. Most of the time we just lack a seed to find poetry.


Life is half confused and half understood

in the earthly experience, we always understand some truth in confusion, and then look at some things in confusion.

keep it in your heart and live a confused life.

confused in understanding, understanding in confusion, this is a wise attitude towards life.

understand the truth, learn to be relieved, life is full of scenery.

the world is always half-half: half heaven, half earth.

half is male and half is female. Half good, half evil. Life is always half-and-half: half strives for, half goes with fate. Half fireworks, half Qinghuan.

half confused, half understood.

half cause and half result, half gain and half loss, two and a half more things in the future, half return to heaven and earth, and half to the world. Too many half, half.

Life, in this half,

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walk through half, the other half, suddenly surprised, life is more than half!

to be a man and do things, you don't want to be comprehensive, you only want to be half and half in everything. Only in this way can you be content and happy and your life can be complete.