Guo Qilin 196 jin life photos exposed: excellent people, are willing to their own "hard hands"!

Guo Qilin 196 jin life photos exposed: excellent people, are willing to their own "hard hands"!

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there are many second-generation stars in the entertainment circle, and their parents escort them as soon as they enter the circle.

Guo Degang's son, Guo Qilin, is definitely an anomaly.

15-year-old Guo Qilin can be described as "black and fat".

at the age of 18, he is even fatter to the peak of his weight.

but by the time he is 20, he will be a different person.

in early 2016, Guo Qilin posted a photo of himself since his debut in 2011 on Weibo, with the caption: "five years, Transformation."

at that time, he had successfully lost weight and became a small thin man. His weight had been stable at about 126 jin, and he had lost a full 70 jin.

in a column, talking about why he should strive to lose weight, Guo Qilin said that this is the embodiment of his artistic morality as an actor, and the actor is responsible to the audience to keep in good shape.

it can be seen that a knife cannot be sharp without sharpening, and a man cannot become a tool without sharpening. Most excellent people are willing to "play a hard hand" on themselves.


recently, director Peter Chan revealed a detail in the shooting of the film "winning the Championship".

there is a big scene. Gong Li's personal lines are as long as three pages, but Gong Li perfectly interpreted them in only one shot.

Chen Kexin sighs:

it can be said that Gong Li is well-deserved.

A year ago, Gong Li oversearched his notes at the scene of the competition.

although Gong Li has a lot of experience in acting, volleyball is a field she has never touched at all, so as soon as she gets the script, she says:

"I want to live with volleyball every day."

before shooting, Gong Li and the women's volleyball team members reported together in the morning, ate the canteen together at noon, and got off work together in the evening.

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from the training ground to the field, and then to the press conference, Gong Li carefully observed Lang Ping's words and deeds and imitated its characteristics.

the long preparation period and extremely serious and professional spirit finally turned Gong Li into the second "Lang Ping".

some people say, "behind all excellence, there is ascetic self-discipline."

most of the time, we only see the excellent appearance of others, but we don't know how much effort they have made for it behind the glamour.

on September 23, 2020, Yan Yuxin's partner Li Zimeng, born in 1987, appeared on the News Network.

Yan Yuxin is the only post-80s among the four newcomers, and he is also the youngest anchor in the "News Network" lineup.

as soon as the program was broadcast, Yan Yuxin's performance was widely praised. Netizens said one after another that Yan Yuxin was very handsome, and the report was very calm.

however, behind the "composure" of Yan Yu's letter, he was accompanied by nine years of hard work.

in 2008, Yan Yuxin joined the broadcasting department of the CCTV News Channel and began to host Morning News in August 2011.

at that time, he had to set three alarm clocks every day to ensure that he got up at more than 4 o'clock in the morning, got to work, and ensured that the program started at 6 o'clock on time. He kept a self-disciplined schedule for nine years.

after 9 years of self-discipline and persistence, I finally got the opportunity to host the "News Network."

behind all successes, there are unimaginable efforts.


on April 26 this year, the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiaotong University issued a notice to withdraw 21 graduate students who should drop out.

according to the China Youth Daily, since 2019, more than 30 colleges and universities have announced the withdrawal of more than 1300 master's degree postgraduates. The reasons are related to many aspects, such as "beyond the maximum number of years of study", "not reported for admission", "applying for withdrawal" and so on.

this reminds me of a message written on the blackboard by a migrant worker in Henan Province during the summer construction of Henan Experimental Middle School:

if you don't struggle, how can your talent be worthy of your capriciousness;

if you don't struggle, how can you catch up with your parents' aging speed;

Don't struggle, the world is so big, what do you rely on to see?

No matter how long the road is, you can walk it step by step; no matter how short the road is, you can't reach it without opening your feet.

during National Day holiday, I went back to my hometown and saw my best friend.

compared with last year, she has another graduate student title.

Ten years after graduation, she achieved a "three-jump" from newspapers, advertising media companies to financial media centers, while her salary rose from 1400 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan, which is considerable in the third-tier cities in the north.

after graduating from her undergraduate course, she has been busy all the time, taking the examination of teacher qualification certificate and civil servant.

during her pregnancy, she reviewed the postgraduate entrance examination, and now she has become the oldest but most hardworking graduate student in her class, which is the result of her high degree of self-discipline and hard work.

the lower desire depends on indulgence, the higher desire on self-discipline, and the top desire on suffering.

she is the worst family in our class. She says the only weapon she has is hard work.

diligent, self-disciplined, persistent, and daring to be hard on herself, now she has finally lived the life of her dreams.

Takeshi Kitano once said:

it is not easy for anyone to live in the world.

but please believe enough that there is no road in vain in life, every step counts, and God will give you a big gift when you don't expect it.