Graduation | fortunately, it's not all the sound of broken dreams.

Graduation | fortunately, it's not all the sound of broken dreams.

Brothers and sisters, take care.

there is such a line in "the sudden release of Spring". It is he Baorong (Leslie Cheung) who said to Li Yaohui (Tony Leung):

"Li Yaohui, why don't we go over it?"

for some reason, I have been replaying this sentence by he Baorong in my head when I was writing this article, perhaps because I know that it is impossible for us to start over.

"Why don't we start over?"

"I will graduate in two months. I don't know what to do. What should I do?"

the above question was asked by a senior sister backstage. I was overwhelmed by this question at that time. I was just a sophomore. How can I tell you what to do? But then I thought about it. When I asked these questions, she didn't really want me to tell her "what to do". Instead, she wanted me to tell her some trivial things we were going through but ignored from the perspective of my sophomore year, so that she could have another college life.

"Why don't we start over?" I replied to her like this.

I remember seeing a "perfume memory method" on Zhihu before, which is to buy a bottle of perfume you haven't used before, and then use it only on special days, and then if you want to recall what you did that day, you can smell the perfume, and the memory naturally comes to your mind.

so, brothers and sisters who are about to graduate, go and buy a bottle of perfume, but don't buy those bargains by the side of the road, it will only ruin your memory.

then find a day before graduation, borrow a SLR, make an appointment with the person you least want to forget, use the perfume you bought, and slowly visit the campus with them.

by the way, there is another condition, that is, remember to turn off the mobile data of your phone on that day.

you can find a classroom, then sit in it and take pictures with your friends, then talk about your past lessons, and then tell yourself not to sleep this time, because as soon as you sleep, you will graduate.

you can also ride your bike around the lake on a summer evening, wearing earplugs and listening to your favorite album in your freshman and sophomore year. Looking at those younger brothers who were in a hurry to go back to play LOL, they could not help sighing: "such a good campus, but walk so fast." But I am not, people always have to wait until lost to know how to cherish, this sentence is really old-fashioned, but also really killed all the people who are getting old.

you can also talk to the boy /girl you used to like before graduation. Ask the other person what he or she thinks of you and tell him or her to speak out about his or her shortcomings, because in society, people will only ignore you if you are annoying and won't tell you why at all. The most sincere, in fact, is not the most hurtful, hurting people are those who clearly you are a loser, but say to you, "you are fine, but we are not suitable" people.

well, let's start from the beginning and be as curious about the campus you are about to leave as you were when you first entered college, but you also found that this curiosity came not only from this new environment, but also because you will encounter an unknown self.

Check in, there are crazy and incredible offers for bridesmaids' attire in tan. Find a design that is right for you, bridesmaids' attire in tan will add new dimension to your wardrobe.

in fact, it is the same in society. Don't pretend to be familiar with the world as soon as you graduate, but still keep that curiosity about everything.

after all, there is a long way to go.

"the loneliest time"

Zhang Xuepeng:

when I left school, I dropped a good thing in the game.

when I turned around and showed off, I found that I was the only one left in the dormitory. I really felt like I was punched at that time.

not only color, but also facial expressions can deceive people. When we took the graduation photo, we counted down to three and threw our bachelor's hats into the sky together. "click", our smile stopped, countless scholar hats stayed in the air, as if time had stopped, some people in the picture had tears in their eyes, while others laughed so much that they could not even see their teeth. We see them all smiling in the picture, but we can't see their faces when they bend over to see their hats. Or lonely?

everyone will dress most handsomely on the day when graduation photos are taken, because good friends who once struggled together, ambiguous partners who have held hands, brothers and sisters enlightened on Wechat will flock to this day, but this is the only day they will be so full of people.

and all the usual hypocritical wishes became extremely sincere on that day, especially the words

"take care"

"but fortunately, there is also love"

the above picture was given to me by Brother Fan Shuo, and the two protagonists in the picture are his class assistant and his girlfriend. It was only when I saw this picture that I realized that graduation was not all sad. Although I am reluctant to give up, four years of college life has really made us grow up a lot, and it is precisely because we are unable to start all over again that it is so precious.

although some people still walk out of the campus hand in hand, others go to the next stage of life hand in hand; some people worry because they have not found the job they like, but some people are satisfied, with the final momentum and vitality to do what they like to do; some people are overwhelmed by life, while others live leisurely in their own world.

but although there are thousands of kinds of people, love exists among all those who love.

"not all the sound of broken dreams"

North Island said in "Polish tourists":

at that time we had dreams, about literature, about love.Love

about traveling across the world

now we meet the sound of broken dreams together in our late-night drinking glasses

on the night of graduation, when we eat what may be the best breakup meal in our lives, we always have to drink, especially when we are sad. But when we clinked glasses, I believe that not all we heard was the sound of broken dreams.

because whenever brothers and sisters talk to me about graduation, although their tone is full of helplessness, but from their eyes, I also see the vision.

well, today, you are all poets.

:) Happy graduation.

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