Goodbye, freshman year.

Goodbye, freshman year.

One meter of sunshine warm memories, a ray of green offer freshman.

the college entrance examination season, the graduation season, the examination season, our freshman year is gradually coming to an end in this busy season. Before coming to the primary school of science and technology, the assistant class told us that the most beautiful freshman was no more than a freshman. Now this most beautiful time is getting old and entering our twilight years. Thinking that there is always something left for her, we use this article as a carrier of memories for our freshman year.

A kind of green growth

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do you remember the term freshman backbone? When they first joined the Dongguan workers, they wore white short sleeves printed with fresh Dongguan workers to receive us who were full of curiosity about Dongguan Polytechnic. After settling us down, we joined the reception team to meet the new students. I remember that a girl in our class told me that when she was taking male classmates to find a dormitory, she happened to meet several boys with very little clothes walking up and down the hallway. I don't need to elaborate on the extent of the lack. Then she walked past them very calmly, just as calmly as she told me about it. I didn't know how the boys in the corridor felt. They probably didn't dare to be so presumptuous in the future. I don't know if they left any psychological shadow. On the 9th, a freshman backbone asked me to help receive the new classmate. she said she was waiting for me at the north gate. I was stunned. Where is the north gate? I can't even tell the difference between east and west, north and south, let alone the north gate. Now the north gate has become a part of my college life. Maybe one day I will forget the motto of Dongguan Gong and know enough, but I will never forget that there is a place called the north gate.

I still remember the scorching sun on the first day of school, our excitement evaporated in the sweat, and our youth filled the air. I remember seeing a circle of friends sent by a freshman in our class on the night of September 8: "Tonight I was sitting by the lake with my roommates watching the moon and eating small moon cakes. This is the first Mid-Autumn Festival when I am not with my family." When we are still full of curiosity about universities, they have begun to grow up slowly.

A nonsensical campaign

the class committee election on the night after military training was the first major event since he entered Dongguan. The monitor was the first to run for office. He drew a heart on the blackboard. He said he would treat us with a heart, and then spread it around this heart. After listening to his campaign words, I was tangled, because I was definitely not as wonderful as he said, so inspiring. Do I still want to take part in the election? in the end, I got hot in my head and wrote my name on the back of the study committee. I still remember that I only said two main points: first, I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination; second, I hope everyone will support me. Now I think it's funny. What's the relationship between the postgraduate entrance examination and the running for the student committee? after all, the duty of the class committee is to serve the students. As a result, I won the election. When the assistant class said that the votes of the student committee were only a few votes apart, and the successful students had to work hard to do their work well, they had an unspeakable feeling in their heart. Now, when I think about this kind of nonsense, I am afraid that it is the exclusive right of a freshman. Because at that time, we all simply think, like is like, hate is not to look at, love and hate, because we do not know, so we are not afraid of anything When a warm blood pours into my heart, I will do it.

A walk-and-go trip

I have been in the south for so long and have always wanted to see the sea, but it is a pity that I never had a chance. Finally, shortly after the beginning of the second semester, the monitor said that he would plan a spring outing and then began to discuss the location. I spoke in the group and hoped to choose a place with the sea. No matter where I went, my classmates mocked that the child who had never seen the sea was stubborn. However, although they were ridiculed for a while, in fact, they all supported me, and I couldn't help feeling a little moved, and the final place was chosen at the end of the competition in Shenzhen.

I arrived at my destination in the afternoon. I went to the seaside that night. Because it was evening, I just went down and walked for a while. But after all, some people in our class couldn't help it, so they played a water-splashing festival in the sea. The last fight got out of hand. As a result, both of them lay in the arms of the sea. Because they had a barbecue and sang until two o'clock in the morning, they didn't get up until more than eight o'clock in the morning. After breakfast, I went to the seaside. I don't know if it was because I came here last night, or because Shenzhen was just a bay. The first sight of the sea was not too violent. I didn't know why at that time. The sea I had always wanted to see was right in front of me, but I didn't have much interest. When they all went to the sea one by one, I walked along the seaside. I want to go out of this bay to see the scenery on the other side. After walking for more than an hour, although I didn't walk out of the bay, I think I finally know why the sea didn't excite me.

after walking out of the scenic spot, the sea is a different look. there is no soft beach or manual trimming. At this time, the sea does not have the feeling of calm in the scenic area, but it is a kind of depth, perhaps because of the bay. It is a feeling that you will fear at first glance. At this time, I finally have a feeling in my heart. I finally know what it should feel like after seeing the sea. You can't see the real sea in the scenic area, because the sea is magnificent and the ferocious sea is artificially hidden. If the sea is as gentle and calm as we have seen in the scenic area, there may not be a difficult and tortuous conquest of mankind centuries ago.

A freshman in silence

for me, when the freshness of college fades, it is repeated day after day. Every day is to get through class and morning study and evening study, and then return to the dormitory with nothing to do. Occasionally drink chicken blood for two or three days, chicken blood will be numb if you drink too much chicken blood. Life is like a pool of stagnant water, without accident is dead for four years, but this repetition of life will always make people feel sick, and finally one day disgusting that they can not stand, then ushered in an ideological crisis.

I suddenly began to think about what I got this year in college. I forgot all the knowledge I memorized before the exam, that is, I knew a little more about computer operation than I used to, and what did I gain from my student work.Where's Riley? It doesn't seem to matter. I spent 80% of my time doing these two things, with little success in the end, so why did I go to college here? If I go directly to the society to experience, don't I grow up faster than I did in college? Fortunately, I have resolved the crisis and have new confidence in the future, but I think this is a question that everyone should consider. What about you, what have you gained in your freshman year, and how will you spend your sophomore year?

some people say that freshmen should be confused and helpless. It doesn't matter how decadent a freshman is. After all, it is a freshman. No matter what happened in the past, it has passed. No matter what it is, it is your own freshman year. My freshman year has been confused, decadent, fearless, and happy, but now it has become memories. Maybe one day I will miss it and shed tears at the same time, but it doesn't matter. After all, it's the most beautiful freshman.