Good parents of 15 standards, in more than 10, children will grow up to be successful!

Good parents of 15 standards, in more than 10, children will grow up to be successful!

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everyone says that a good child is someone else's child, and subconsciously marks and labels the child.

as everyone knows, parents are the biggest factors that determine whether a child is good or bad.

parents are the first teachers of their children, and children taught by a pair of good parents are naturally not bad.

so, what is a good parent?

Uncle Fan found that good parents have the following criteria--


, the era of

is constantly developing, and the world is changing with each passing day. Something new comes out every day.

remember that "never too old to learn" and the next sentence is "never too old to be happy".

only by constantly learning and recharging yourself, can we keep pace with the trend of the times, set a good example for children, and there is no generation gap with children.


respect for children

respect is the most basic accomplishment for people to get along with each other. A parent who does not know how to respect his child is naturally not a qualified parent.

respect the child's body and leave the private parts to the child; respect the child's privacy and leave a free corner for the child's soul; respect the child's choice and let the child have the right to decide his life.

when you know how to respect your child, you will get equal respect from your child.


when we are wronged, our inner sufferings are unspeakable, not to mention children with weaker minds, the harm caused by an injustice may affect the whole life.

good parents will sort things out, find out the truth, and will not scold their children for their mistakes.


parents do not dote on their children

love their children.

proper love is nourishment, too much love is waste, a good education is never afraid of giving too little love, but afraid of giving too much.

only by loving children scientifically can children grow up normally, and doting will only turn children into a giant baby.

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often encourage children

everyone wants to be recognized by others, and children are no exception.

praise children when they do well, and give them encouragement when they do badly.

if praise is the icing on the cake, then your encouragement is to send charcoal in the snow, and the charcoal you send is to contribute to your child's next success.


there is a clear distinction between rewards and punishments

the results of things are good or bad, and the feedback of the results should also be divided into rewards and punishments.

when a child makes a mistake, let him take responsibility; when the child does well, he should be properly rewarded.

only after you make a clear distinction between rewards and punishments, will children work hard for sweetness and control their behavior in order not to eat the consequences.


do not compare children to others

the sentence that children hate most is, "look at other people's children." however, 99% of parents have said this sentence.

every child is an individual and a unique existence in the world.

not compared with others, it is also a kind of respect for children. I hope parents will remember:


willing to admit their mistakes

"people are not saints, who can make mistakes."

everyone can make mistakes, but not everyone will admit that they are wrong.

having the courage to admit your mistakes is also a compulsory lesson for good parents.

in the face of mistakes, every time you become angry, you are teaching your child how to make excuses, and every time you admit a mistake, you are teaching your child how to take responsibility.


less quarrelling and giving children a harmonious growth environment

the basis of a happy childhood is to give children a harmonious and warm growth environment.

Life has "firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea". If there are trifles in the world, quarrels are inevitable.

parents can not avoid quarrels, but they can avoid quarrels in front of their children, and even avoid forcing their children to "stand in line" every time they quarrel.

the feelings of children are very pure, and entanglements between parents should not be brought into the world of children.


put health at the top of children's growth

"hope for success" is the expectation of every parent, but the carrier of "Jackie Chan" is "adult".

want the child to be a useful person, as long as the child grows up to be a healthy person.

Don't be too demanding on children. It is better for children to eat one more bowl of rice than to make one more set of examination papers, and it is better for children to have one less illness than one less wrong question.



honesty is a person's best business card.

Don't promise your child easily what you can't do. You must do what you promise.

your breaking your promise will not only make the child sad, but also lose his prestige in front of the child.

it is futile for a parent who has no authority in front of his children to talk about education.


know how to control your words

language is so pale in expressing love, but very sharp in expressing harm.

good parents control their mouths and don't say things that hurt their children's self-esteem.

it's never your fist that hurts your child the most, it's your tongue.


Let the child be independent

in life, joys and sorrows are common, and parents can't stay with their children for a lifetime.

A child is an eagle waiting to soar and will leave your arms one day.

to cultivate a child's ability to be independent is to cultivate his ability to survive.

when children have the ability to be independent, they can grow freely wherever they go.


lead by example

A child is a mirror showing the shadow of his parents.

words are not as good as deeds. Parents' words and deeds will affect the growth of their children.

if you let your child eat more, you must not be picky first; if you don't let your child play with electronic products, you have to put down your cell phone first; you ask your child to be polite, and you have to make sure that you are polite to others.

the best education is never for children, but for children.


to accompany the child

do not miss the child's growth, so as not to regret the child's future.

put down your cell phone and play games with your child; reduce unnecessary social interaction and have more meals with your child; don't just focus on the work at hand, talk to your child more and listen to interesting stories about his growing up.

because children usually grow up when you least expect them to.

parents who do all these things should continue to maintain, and parents who fail to do so should reflect and correct them.

there are many criteria for good parents, including but definitely not limited to the 15 listed by Uncle Fan, which are worth thinking about together.

I hope all parents and Uncle Fan can explore and grow together and become better parents together!