Gain and loss, heaven is doomed; gather and break up, heaven arrangement (classic! )

Gain and loss, heaven is doomed; gather and break up, heaven arrangement (classic! )

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there is a saying in the Book of morality: "misfortune leads to good fortune, and good fortune lies in misfortune."

A person's life is always alternating between gain and loss, over and over again.

people can never be sentimental, nor can they leave regrets all their lives.

Life spends every day in joy, or every year in gains and losses.

but gains and losses always become simple and pure over time, as the saying goes: gain me luck, lose my life.

look at gains and losses, and let go of gathering and breaking up in order to walk the road of this life well.


look down on gains and losses

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "easy to make mistakes".

the main idea is: as long as there is a choice, there will be gains and losses.

Life is a process of losing and getting at the same time, but sometimes losing is a kind of gain.

instead of dwelling on past gains and losses, it is better to have a calm state of mind and live a good life.

in the Song Dynasty, a rich man was on his way by boat with a large bag of gold on his back, but unexpectedly, the tide hit and set off great waves.

by this time, his boat had reached the middle of the river. Seeing that the wind and waves were about to overturn the boat, the boatman hurriedly asked him to throw away the heavy bag of gold and grabbed the edge of the boat to save his life.

but he was still bent on going his own way, did not listen to advice, or clung to the bag of gold and did not let go, and finally a big wave came, and the rich man sank into the river with the gold.

sometimes, if you are too obsessed with one thing, the result is often to the end.

care too much about gains and losses, and if you want more, you will lose more.

in fact, life sometimes, a little light, a moment of loss, in the vast river of life, as small as dust.

there is such a saying: the so-called happy life is not how much you get, but how much you are bearish.

when you have a free heart, life is much easier.


Xunzi Zeng Yun:

sometimes, some people leave for a better start, and those who are noisy because they are not yet perfect.

everything goes with fate, and there are many things in the world that cannot be forced. In this life, self-cultivation is of course important, but the more important thing is to cultivate the mind.

those who have walked the road, seen the scenery, met people, have experienced is life.

and being too stubborn in front of your eyes is tantamount to drawing a circle on the ground as a prison, obscuring the wider world, and even being trapped in the square inch for the rest of your life.

just like a student asking a wise man for advice, he asked, "Master, what is turning around?"

the wise man replied, "it's all because the rope is broken."

being too serious is a burden, so go with fate.

when a kite is held, no matter how it flies, it is only five miles round; when a horse is held, no matter how strong it is, it can only be whipped;

this is also the case in life, a period of love is heartbreaking; a game of gains and losses makes people beat their breasts and feet, and people can't help but wonder, where are those pleasures? Where's the happiness?

Life, all because of fame and wealth, the heart is tired, but forget to live every day.

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you know, "sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time."

in my spare time, I smell the fragrance of flowers, bask in the sun, listen to the birds in the morning, see the gorgeous sunset, and I will have no regrets. I have fought for it, and it is a choice to be at ease.

everything goes along with fate, live well in the present, this is the precious experience of a lifetime.

A sage once said, "Life is a passer-by, so why be so persistent?"

instead of frowning and grieving, it is better to reconcile with time and learn to let go.

the so-called: gains and losses have no trace, come and go with fate.

the heart is small, the matter is big;

the heart is big, the matter is small;

throw away the extra burden, can free up the heart, welcome more beautiful, life is also more wonderful!