Freshmen are no longer freshmen.

Freshmen are no longer freshmen.

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A year of freshman life has just passed.

actually this year, I lost more than I got. Freshman year, I'm 19 years old. As an adult in a real sense, most of the time, I am still not mature enough. I still look at everything happening around me with the vision of a minor. With the end of the college entrance examination and entering the university, my life began to change to a great extent. I did not adapt to this change, so I felt that I began to lose something.

before I went to college, study was all I had. I ran to the high school entrance examination in junior high school and the college entrance examination in senior high school. In order to study, often feel the ups and downs. Because the result is not ideal, shed tears, but also because of their own progress, extremely happy. Because I wanted to study hard, I missed the boy I also liked, but fortunately, I made some really good friends. College entrance examination, also let me use my own strength to interpret "as long as you pay, there will be something in return" this sentence. The day when I was mindless and desperately preparing for the exam in my third year of high school has become the most unforgettable memory of my life so far. In the past, it was a day with goals and expectations.

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and now without this, life is not like it. I found that what I saw in front of me was blank. I didn't know what I could do. During military training, the experimental class began to recruit new students. For those who longed for excellence and were not willing to be mediocre, I seized the opportunity to try. I was not confident and was always worried that I would not succeed. As a result, I entered the experimental class. Although I thought it was very hard at that time, I knew that I would gain more than others. During the election of the class committee, I also successfully held the post of life committee. when I thought my life would be very busy, when I thought I would start my college life to the fullest, I still felt that I had a lot of time. Compared with the days when 24 hours were used as 48 hours, there was a lot of time. In addition to study, life also participated in the student organization, which is so ordinary. Met a large group of people in the organization, however, many people actually only communicate with each other with a greeting, and touch glasses faintly at the party. At first, I didn't know what to do when I was free. I didn't want to take the time to study. "Why do you still work so hard when you go to college?" I don't want to read books, and I don't want to be a nerd in other people's eyes. I treat the task of writing 30 articles at will. At the beginning of my freshman year, I go out with my friends every day. I don't let go as long as I have free time. In fact, after playing, it is still empty, while the money and time are empty. In this way, a semester has passed. After the examination results came out, ranked in the middle and lower of the class. Look, I didn't get anything, but I lost time.

maybe you want to go back to the old days once in a while, but you know, people always have to learn to move on. Fortunately, I did not go down in this way. I began to pick up books, began to exercise every day, and began to try to listen to classes. Life is still like this, but every time I finish reading a book, I feel so happy and full. I began to like the feeling of reading and sports. There is a joke on Weibo: if you feel uncomfortable recently, there are two reasons, either you haven't read a book, or you haven't exercised, and if you feel particularly upset, you haven't read a book or exercised. Therefore, I am still reluctant to give up these two items. In the tail of my freshman year, I still seized an opportunity. I went to run for Minister of Student Organization, hoping that my sophomore year could lead a fuller life.

I think the lazy creed is for me to go through a period of adjustment and then start looking for a goal again. It is impossible to tighten up every moment of your life to accomplish anything. You always need to stop and catch your breath. Although in the middle of this, the experience will be somewhat unsatisfactory, but as long as you still have thoughts in your heart and don't give up, it's good.

Don't worry, don't be in such a hurry to find directions. If directions were so easy to find, there wouldn't be so many people confused.