Forgive everything before going to bed, wake up without asking the past

Forgive everything before going to bed, wake up without asking the past

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say that the good or bad of the world depends to a large extent on your heart.

the world is warm when the heart is full of sunshine;

the world is rainy when the heart is full of clouds.

things change with the heart, and the state is created by the mind. it turns out that all troubles are born by the heart.



Zhang Cunhe, 116, the oldest man in Shandong Province, is the master of life.

when asked about the secret of his maintenance,

the corners of his mouth smiled and faintly said:

his daughter Zhang Aizhi also said:

his daughter Zhang Aizhi also said:

one year, the house given to him was both small and around the corner, and he immediately accepted it.

and said to the children:

all this life, your state of mind. Is your state of life.

when the heart is big, the big things are small; when the heart is small, the little things are big.

people with a good mindset are more likely to control the direction of their own life in the complicated life.

will not be affected by anger, will not be blinded by hatred, and will not be knocked down by setbacks.

you can be the master of your own life only if you are not disturbed by the sounds of the outside world and are not hindered by worldly worries.

as the old saying goes:

A gentleman asks himself according to the law of heaven and earth, so he is comfortable and peaceful and broad-minded.

the villain is enslaved by foreign things, seeking fame and profit, so he is haggling and worrying about gain and loss.

people who are good at adjusting their mood are more likely to find beauty in life and live a happy and carefree life.


the past is clean, love and hate are random

Su Shi's official career is extremely bumpy.

1/3 of his 42-year official career was spent in exile.

but no matter how big the ups and downs of life, Su Shi is always optimistic, detached, and Lin Yutang called him an "irredeemable optimist".

when Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou, he went out for a spring outing with his friends and was caught in a sudden heavy rain.

Su Shi took it calmly, roaring up to the sky in the drizzle, bamboo sticks and shoes, leisurely and comfortable.

wrote a famous sentence:

in the days of exile, instead of complaining, I found fun in ploughing and cooking.

when he is sent to Huangzhou and his official career is lonely, he can still enjoy life and make famous dishes such as "Dongpo meat".

as Tagore said:

if pain has already occurred, waste a point more for it, life will be a little more bleak,

make yourself happy one more point, life can have one more minute of laughter.

as said in "disqualification in the world"

nine times out of ten there are unsatisfactory things in life. Often think about one or two, not eight or nine, before everything can go well.

before going to bed, forgive everything and shake hands with the world. After all, the stars are occasionally covered by clouds.

wake up, don't ask the past, run like you've never fallen, love like you've never lost.

after all, in life, you are happy and unhappy, so why not live happily.

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where the mind lies, everything can be expected

when someone asks Matsu Zen master how to practice, Matsu Zen master replied:

this person is very surprised:

to put it simply, it is necessary to live in the present, not to worry about the past, nor to worry about the future.

just like the sentence in the four lessons of Fan:

No matter how much the past is, it doesn't matter until today.

the future, no matter what happens, should start all over again from today.

Zeng Guofan was named Dansheng in his middle age, which also comes from this sentence, that is, to wash the old traces and get a new life.

if the computer has been used for a long time, the running speed will slow down and need to be cleaned up in time;

people's stress and negative emotions accumulate to a certain extent, which will also affect the quality of life.

Love and hate is a thing of the past; good things and bad things are a thing of the past.

only by knowing how to return to zero, can love and hate go with the wind, and everything can be expected.

Let all grievances go with the wind, seal up all grievances.

May you live in the present, cherish what you have, and enjoy your quiet time in a world full of troubles.

May you be beautiful all the way back.