For the rest of your life, stay away from the people who consume you.

For the rest of your life, stay away from the people who consume you.

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what kind of person you are, that's what you attract.

Confucius said: "Virtue is not alone, there must be neighbors."

what kind of life you will live with the kind of person you are with.

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stay away from these three people who consume you for the rest of your life.

only be with comfortable people and laugh at life!


people who complain

as the saying goes:

"listen to the sound of gongs and drums."

A person's character can be seen through his words.

Ghost Valley emphasizes:

what Gui Guzi calls "sensible" is to conform to the mood of the listener.

if someone unilaterally complains and complains to you, he doesn't care how you feel.

the other person must not regard you as a friend, just as an emotional "trash can".

you know, the energy between people can influence each other.

when you are with positive energy people, you will become optimistic and confident;

with negative energy people, you will also be full of entanglements and worries.

Zeng Guofan once said:

"if you complain too much, you will stop too much."

people who complain too much must have a hard time.

the ancients said:

"if you complain about heaven for no reason, heaven will not be allowed; if you are especially for no reason, you will not be obeyed."

those who like to complain, not only God does not like him, but also the people he complains do not accept him.

Heaven is angry and people resent, and the disaster must be not far from him.

if you don't want to be dragged down by such people, you must stay away as soon as possible.


people who haggle over things

"Ghost Valley" says:

"he who gives way to himself will support others."

tolerance and modesty are not only the needs of virtue, but also the needs of communication.

No one can live in a vacuum Pure Land.

in the complex and diverse interpersonal communication, it is hard to avoid being collided and offended.

in dealing with the world, we must have the magnanimity of being clear and turbid and tolerant.

it is not appropriate to have a rat belly and chicken intestines. I am bitter about a little thing that happened many years ago.

there is a saying in

there is a saying in Daojing:

if you treat others too much, no one will want to deal with you.

need to know that it can accommodate the people of the world in order to be tolerant of the people of the world.

reject people thousands of miles away because of a little contradiction and fault.

it not only alienates friends, but also makes them narrow-minded.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

these three can do harm far away and better cultivate morality. "

Don't be critical of other people's mistakes;

treat other people's privacy, don't disclose it;

treat other people's past and laugh it off.

if you do these three things well, you can be kind to others and avoid disasters.

selfish people

good relationships are always mutual.

"Ghost Valley" says:

"people have evil, avoid it."

know that other people have certain hobbies, you can disagree, but at least respect;

know that others have certain taboos, you can not understand, but at least do not offend.

We should not only "give them what they like", but also "avoid what they say".

this is the most basic boundary between people.

selfish people always think that the world is full of fools.

the so-called human relationship is just a relationship, which can be left behind after you use it.

take all your kindness to him for granted.

as said in the vegetable Root Tan:

"hunger is accompanied by hunger, satiety leads to hunger, hunger tends to hunger, and cold leads to abandonment."

when you are hungry and cold, run to others;

when you have enough to eat and drink, it seems that nothing has happened.

seeing rich families, they rush to curry favor;

meet poor relatives, but abandon others.

dealing with such people is destined to be "useless socializing".

it will only take up your time, waste your energy and consume your heart, so you should stay away as soon as possible.