For the rest of my life, be quiet without arguing.

For the rest of my life, be quiet without arguing.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

No one can estimate how long a person's life will be.

if you have to compete for everything, win or lose, it will only make your life exhausted.

Nan Huaijin once said:

do not fight for immediate interests, do not fight for trivial things, naturally can encounter things calmly, deal with things calmly.

if you don't fight or rob, you have your own world.


is indisputable.

A poem in Journey to the West is written like this:

it is normal to strive for fame and fortune in life.

however, desire is endless. If you attach too much importance to fame and wealth, the more likely you are to be burdened by fame and wealth.

after all, prosperity is a thing of the past. If you look down on fame and wealth, you will not be easily perplexed by external things.

everyone must be no stranger to Madame Curie.

Madame Curie won the Nobel Prize twice and made great achievements in science.

with such extraordinary achievements, she leads an extremely simple life.

after Madame Curie succeeded in the extraction of radium, she was advised to apply for a patent. She said:

for this reason, she voluntarily gave up a large sum of income from invention and lived on the meagre income of husband and wife.

once, a friend of Madame Curie came to her house and found one of her daughters playing with her Nobel Prize. She was surprised to say:

Madame Curie smiled and said:

Madame Curie did not fight for fame or fortune all her life and gave everything she had selflessly to the cause of science.

I like a sentence very much:

to act as a person, you can treat humiliation as common as flowers blossom, so that you are not surprised;

Who doesn’t love to be a bit more beautiful in her favorite ruby prom dresses? Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.

you can not be surprised if your position changes like Yun Juan Yun Shu.

Life is in a hurry, money will dissipate, fame and wealth will be like clouds, so why fight for it deliberately?

as Laozi said in the Book of morality:

kind-hearted people are like water, which is good at nourishing all things without competing with them.

people are the same. Only by not fighting or robbing can we be truly carefree.

Life is short, and there are many troubles, only to be free in the world.


is a kind of wisdom

Franklin said:

"if you are competitive, like to argue with others, and refute others for fun, you may win a temporary victory.

but this victory is meaningless and worthless, because you will never get the favor of the other person. "

unnecessary disputes, which are both painstaking and laborious, end up in discord, so it is better to do something more meaningful with limited energy and time.

there is a master who has lived to be 100 years old.

once, a young man came to him for advice and asked, "Master, what is your secret to longevity?"

the Master replied calmly, "never argue with fools."

the young man didn't seem satisfied with the answer, so he retorted, "Master, I don't quite agree with you." How can it be so simple? "

seeing this, the master said calmly, "well, you're right."

then look at the nose, nose and heart, and ignore the young man.

Yes, never argue with fools.

as the saying goes, we often argue with the same people about their strengths and weaknesses, but not with fools.

there is no need to argue and argue about things that are not worth it, and finally affect your mood.

the poet Rand said it very well:

"I don't argue with anyone, and I disdain to argue with anyone."

I believe we all know the story of "the snipe and clam compete with each other and the fisherman gains". In the end, both sides lose.

I believe that we all have the experience of arguing about trifles in our daily life, which is often time-consuming and laborious.

as we all know, it is a rare wisdom to live without striving or robbing.

people who are really smart don't argue with anyone, because they disdain to argue with anyone.

Laozi said:

always have an undisputed heart, be yourself well and have a clear conscience before you can be calm.


it is a rare accomplishment for a person

Lin Yutang once wrote in "jitters":

warn us to take a step back and fight less, which may lead to more gains.

it is true that there is no need to argue about many things in one's life.

in many cases, if you fight for a moment of right or wrong, you may be able to win what you seem to win, but lose your feelings.

Yan Hui, Confucius' most proud student, once had an argument with the cloth buyer at the market.

the cloth buyer insisted, "3823, if I'm wrong, I'll give you my head."

Yan Hui argued with him, "3824, if I'm wrong, I'll give you my hat."

the two quarreled, so they asked Confucius to reason.

unexpectedly, after knowing the situation, Confucius said, "Women's eighth is indeed 23. Yan Hui, you lose, give him the hat."

after the cloth buyer left, Confucius explained:

"if you lose, you just lose a hat, and if he loses, it is a human life."

Yan Hui suddenly realized.

there is a passage in Zhuangzi's Theory of all things:

"is it not, otherwise it is not." If it is the fruit, there is no debate about whether it is different or not;

but if so, there is no argument for the difference. Change the voice to treat each other, if they do not treat each other. "

means: yes and no; yes and no.

if it's wrong, win.It doesn't make sense; if it's right, why argue?

as the poem of the famous poet Hugo said:

is not an escape, but a kind of magnanimity, but also the embodiment of a person's good self-cultivation.

Life is a short life, what is worth fighting for?

Don't fight or rob, this is the highest state of life.

the rest of your life is very expensive, not all people and things are worth your time and energy to fight for.

May you and I compete for the rest of our lives, regardless of gains and losses.

often have an indisputable heart, be a quiet and undisputed person, smile at Yunjuanyunshu, and watch the flowers bloom and fall.