Ferry people, ferry hearts, cross oneself!

Ferry people, ferry hearts, cross oneself!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Buddha said: all life is in transit. A person's life is a long river of life. Everyone needs to cross the river, and everyone is a ferryman.

in this busy world, everyone is tasting all kinds of regrets and accepting their own shortcomings.

We are not perfect, but we are always on the road to perfection.

only when you learn to cross people, hearts, and yourself, can you travel light and walk through this life with no regrets!


Dickens said that

people who can be tolerant and magnanimous in life must be kind people, and they can tolerate and treat life kindly.

transporting people is actually a process of helping others. After all, lighting a lamp for others illuminates others and illuminates yourself.

I have read such a story:

the boy sells goods door to door. After a hard day's work, he feels very hungry, so he asks a family for water.

when a woman opened the door and saw him hungry, she generously gave him a large glass of milk. The boy was very grateful.

years later, the woman became seriously ill, but the little boy became the famous Dr. Kelly.

when he found out that the patient was the woman of that year, he not only cured the benefactor, but also paid the medical expenses for the benefactor.

after the successful operation, when the woman was worried about the expensive medical expenses, she received a notice of medical expenses with a small print on it:

"Medical expenses: a full glass of milk." Dr. Kelly.

the story is very short, but it tells us the most simple truth: those who love come back, those who are blessed come back.

be eager to help others, so that you can get help from others when you need it.

Life, in fact, is a process of constantly crossing people and being crossed. All we have to do is to pass on the goodness in our hands, live well with a kind heart, and accept life with a tolerant attitude.

the world is not a pure land, each has its own suffering, all sentient beings suffer, why not cross each other?


passing the heart is a kind of wisdom

this world, which is caused by human nature and complicated in the human heart. We always think too much, want too much, care too much, and let our hearts carry weight all the way.

the prosperous world is disturbing, and there is a long way to go. Only by putting down the burden and moving forward lightly can we still see the inner origin of life and maintain an optimistic state of mind in the troubled world.

once upon a time there was a young monk who went out to study with master.

along the way, the young monk complained that his backpack was too heavy and kept asking for a rest. Master never agreed, but moved on in high spirits.

however, he decided to find an opportunity to give some inspiration to the young monk.

one day, they came to a house, and a female donor gave a bowl of water.

Master suddenly came forward and held her hand. The female donor was shocked and attracted the villagers. The villagers thought that Master wanted to do something wrong, so a group of people chased master and disciples and called for a fight.

Master turned and ran, and when the young monk saw this, he ran with fear and walked like a leap.

soon the master and disciple threw off the villagers and stopped to have a rest.

at this time, Master asked the young monk, "do you still feel heavy after running such a long way with those bags on your back?"

the little monk replied, "it's strange that I didn't feel heavy at all after running such a long way with my backpack."

the same luggage, but have a different feeling, because at first his attention is on the luggage, so he will feel heavy.

but later, because of his eagerness to escape, he focused all his attention on himself, and he didn't feel heavy when he put the heavy luggage out of his mind.

in fact, things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart.

the world is what our hearts are.

the same is true in daily life. If you have too many mundane things in your mind, you will be overwhelmed.

if you take off the burden in your heart, abandon greed, hatred, etc., and no longer cling to something, you will feel relaxed and clear in your heart.

as Master Wumen Huikai said:


crossing oneself is a kind of growth

without barefoot, and no one is perfect.

everyone is born imperfect, and his life is a process of self-acceptance and continuous improvement.

the cure series Modern Love tells such a story:

Lady Lacey is an elite lawyer. Although she is usually gorgeous, she is a bipolar disorder (commonly known as bipolar disorder).

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people with bipolar disorder are often unable to control their emotions, and when they are manic, they are extremely excited and energetic;

when depression occurs, she is so depressed that she can not even move.

they repeat occasionally and without warning between depressive state, normal state and manic state.

one morning, Lacey met the man she was attracted to.

and just as Lacey was happily ready for a date, her state suddenly fell from "heaven" to "hell".

in this way, both dates ended up dead because of a sudden attack.

bipolar disorder forced her to switch between two extremes, resulting in the loss of jobs and boyfriends.

fearing that her true state will scare away her friends, she has been hiding herself so deeply that no one knows that she has bipolar disorder.

she only accepts half of herself, but she can't love all of herself.

later, after experiencing lovelornAfter being fired from the company, she finally plucked up the courage to confess to her friends.

when she told her friend that she had bipolar disorder, she felt as if an elephant had stepped a foot out of her chest.

and her friends gave her enough comfort and support so that she could open her heart and have a shoulder to cry.

it turns out that as long as she opens the door voluntarily, light will pour in.

at the end of the story, she decided to accept herself, actively cooperate with the doctor, and explained her situation on the dating website. She no longer hid herself, and her life became clearer and easier.

in life, it is the process of constantly passing through oneself.

just as Lacey learned to accept her imperfections and love herself, she realized that life was so simple.

Zhang ailing once said:

Life is a contest between ourselves and ourselves, and our greatest enemy is ourselves. if we want to defeat ourselves, we need to keep working hard, we need to be brave, we need to try our best to do a good job of ourselves, and take every step of life.


Life is a spiritual practice. To cross others is to cross oneself, and to cross oneself is to cross the heart.

May we be detached from our hearts, sowing goodwill, reaping warmth, turning if we can't get through, and letting go if we can't memorize.

find your own rhythm and pace, constantly overcome difficulties, and move forward bravely all the way.

there is a long way to go in life. Has there ever been a smooth road? If you have scenery in your heart, you will have your own mountains and rivers.

May you and I all be our own sun, keep company with the sun, moon, mountain and sea, be confident, brave, and kind, and be able to cross people, hearts, and ourselves in this long period of time.