Father's big pattern, mother's good mood, is a family's best fengshui!

Father's big pattern, mother's good mood, is a family's best fengshui!

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if the father is the mountain, the mother is the sea. The mountain gives people to rely on, and the sea caresses and comforts the heart.

if father is lamp, mother is fire. The lamp illuminates the direction, the fire brings warmth.

A family is created by parents.

the father's pattern and the mother's mood determine the fengshui of the family.


the pattern of the father determines the direction of the family

if the family wants to prosper harmoniously, the first thing is to go in the right direction, and the pattern of the father determines the development direction of the family.

the so-called pattern, "case" is personality, "bureau" is vision and mind.

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the size of the pattern in mind determines whether the vision is long-term, and whether the vision is long-term determines the success or failure of things.

as the locomotive of the family train, the father's character is noble, broad-minded, and far-sighted, so as to ensure that the direction of family development is not wrong.

during the period of the Republic of China, among the children of famous families, Zhang Wuling was regarded as an "outlier": he hated gambling, non-smoking and alcohol abstinence, but he was addicted to books from an early age and was keen on running schools for the public good all his life.

Zhang Wuling has a total of ten children. If you take a closer look at their names, you will find that they are all extremely fastidious.

the four daughters are Yuanhe, Yonghe, Zhaohe, and Chonghe;

the later six sons are Zonghe, Yinhe, Dinghe, Yuhe, Huanhe, Ninghe. Girls' names not only do not have the charm of flowers and grass, but also have two slender "legs", because their father wants them to step out of the boudoir door and go to the world;

and the boy's name has a treasure head, this is the hope of inheriting the family business, and the father wants them to remember home no matter how far they go.

in that feudal era, he hoped that boys must have a home in their hearts, while girls must have a broad heart.

its realm and pattern can be seen.

No wonder Ye Shengtao said:

later, the four daughters married Gu Chuanyu, a famous scholar of Xiaosheng, Zhou Youguang, a famous linguist and philologist, Shen Congwen, a famous writer, and Fu Hansi, a famous sinologist.

the six sons are also outstanding and well-versed in Chinese and Western learning, which has made a story in modern Chinese history.

those who have a big mind can have a large pattern, and those who have a large pattern can become a general climate.

this point, Chinese characters have long been exquisitely interpreted:

people standing on the mountain have a long-term vision, so they are "immortal" people;

people standing in the valley have limited horizons, so they are "vulgar" people.

my father has a big pattern, and he may not necessarily seek prosperity and fame through the ages. The pattern is also reflected in his attitude towards life and his open-minded attitude towards adversity.

when the family encounters difficulties or accidents, they do not flinch, can withstand the pressure, do not muddle through their lives, and take a positive attitude towards life.

Uncle Fan remembered the moving article "bring a smile home":

in a poor rural family, the child was one point behind in the high school entrance examination and had to pay a school choice fee of 8000 yuan. Mother and son are worried, but the father brought a worse news: "I have been laid off." But my father was smiling when he said this.

his old and frail father repeatedly ran into a brick wall when he was looking for a job, but when he came home every day when his mother asked him how he was doing, he smiled and answered, "almost."

suddenly one day, my father changed his mouth and said, "I'm going to work tomorrow!" This time, he laughed more happily.

my father started work on the family's only tricycle, but was accidentally injured while transporting goods. When he got home, my father was still smiling and even said, "it's all right, it's all right".

finally, the family saved up their tuition fees by relying on their father's tricycle. The child was also infected by his father and made up his mind to study hard during high school and was admitted to a famous school.

around us, too many families are in good financial condition, but they are often filled with smoke because of their children's temporary achievements and a little difficulty in life.

and this poor father is able to remain calm and optimistic in the face of danger. "if you want to be a big tree, you should not compete with grass." this is a rare pattern.

No matter where you are, you can't limit your inner breadth, especially for men.

when the father has a big pattern, his wife will have the determination to stay calm in case of trouble, and his children will have the motivation to move forward bravely.

and all this is the strength that a family accumulates for future prosperity.


the mood of the mother determines the temperature of the family

if the father plays the role of helm and leader in the family, then the mother is the regulating valve and oxygen machine of a family.

the mother's mood determines the temperature and harmony of a family.

the gentle and delicate characteristics of women can create a warm atmosphere in family life, in which even great contradictions and difficulties can be overcome.

writer Liang Xiaosheng once said:

We often say that "get married and start a career." it is because the husband is immersed in the tenderness of his wife and the warmth of the family. Can be more energetic and trouble-free to work hard for life.

Hu Shi wrote in my Mother, "my mother is magnanimous and good-natured, treats people most kindly and gently, and has never said a word that hurts people's feelings."

when he was a child, Hu Shi's family was in decline. Every year, a large group of debt collectors came to the house, each with a lantern, sitting in the hall and refusing to go.

Hu Shi's eldest brother has long been avoided. Mother walked in and out, cooking New year's Eve dinner, thanking Kitchen God, New year's money and so on, without a trace of grievance on her face, just as if she didn't see this group of people.

in the middle of the night, my mother went out through the back door and invited a neighbor to come home and give everyoneThe family debtors shared some money and sent the debt collectors away one by one with a pleasant face.

after a while, the eldest brother knocked at the door and came back, and his mother never scolded him. And because it was the New year, her face never showed the slightest anger. Hu Shi recalled that for six or seven years, Chinese New year was celebrated in this way. The sister-in-law in the family is not sensible and the second sister-in-law is small, but Hu Shi's mother never quarreled with her two sisters-in-law.

the kindness of the mother does not mean unprincipled indulgence of the child. On the contrary, the mother reins Hu Shi most strictly.

she is a loving mother and a strict father, but she never scolds him in front of others. If she hits him, she will punish the child to kneel and reason. No matter how heavy the punishment is, she will not allow her son to cry, because she taught her son that she did not use it to get angry and ask others to listen.

finally, Hu Shi wrote:

in her speech at TED, Ms. Hong Lan, a Taiwan psychologist and brain expert, used her research report on the brains of men and women to clarify from a scientific point of view:

from the perspective of human evolution, the emotional energy of women far exceeds that of men, the mother is the soul of the family, the mother is happy, the whole family is happy, the mother is anxious and the whole family is anxious.

Hong Lan, a famous brain expert in Taiwan, gives an interesting speech, "Mother is happy and family is happy, mother is anxious and family is anxious."

so, when you educate a boy, you educate only one boy; but when you educate a girl, you educate the whole family and the next generation.

Liao Yimei, a famous screenwriter, said:

nowadays, my son is cheerful and optimistic, and his goal in life is to be happy.

Liao Yimei said:


Family harmony is the highest level of spiritual practice

wrote about the countless great writers Goethe, read all the prosperity and sorrow in the world, and finally said:

the father is the dry sky and the mother is the Kun earth. The universe is suitable to attract each other, and the beauty is boundless.

if the father has the direction and the mother has the temperature, the fortune of a family is bound to be smooth.

whether it is for Zhang ailing, whose love is low to the dust, or Xiao Hong, who has had an ill-fated marriage, behind their emotional misfortune is the sorrow caused by the original family.

Love is not one-way, love is a circle, to connect with each other, to give to each other.

the good feng shui and good fortune of a family are the blessings brought together by all the family members, inseparable from a stable and open-minded father, a tender and considerate mother, and even more inseparable from a good relationship between husband and wife and a harmonious and happy family atmosphere.

A good family will never be estranged or disliked frequently;

but a group of people are moving in the same direction. Walking together is fate, and walking together is happiness.

the father's pattern and the mother's good mood are the best feng shui for a family.

Uncle Fan wishes everyone to bring the best fengshui to their families!