Enrich your 4 good habits, please force yourself to form them.

Enrich your 4 good habits, please force yourself to form them.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there has been a saying on the Internet: "Life is easy, life is easy, life is not easy; things are hard, career is hard, career is hard; love is rare, hate is rare, love and hate are rare; learning is difficult, learning is difficult, learning is also difficult."

there are nine out of ten difficulties in life.

but recently, a mentor said to me, which is very thought-provoking: "there are no difficult things in the world that cannot be passed, only people who are not good at dealing with them."

think about it, it is true.

No matter how difficult it is to live, life is going uphill as long as you persist in doing the right thing and form good habits.



after reading it, Yang Jiang replied, "you are not doing well just because you think too much and read too little."

whenever I have confusion in my life, I always go through an experience of the writer Cheng Zhidan over and over again.

after the first year of giving birth, Cheng Zhidan's mother-in-law came from her hometown to help with the baby.

two unfamiliar people are forced to live under the same roof. The generation gap of thought and the difference of character make their lives friction constantly.

coupled with her husband's foolishness and filial piety, she was in a bad mood at that time, her joy of becoming a mother disappeared, and she became more and more confused about her future marriage life.

later, she took refuge in reading.

one day, she came across a sentence: "half of people's troubles come from being invaded, and the other half comes from wanting to invade others."

at that time, I had an enlightening feeling: "when I worry that other people don't care about my feelings, how do I care about other people's feelings?"

there are many moments like this. She writes them on paper and pastes them on the wall, reminding herself to look at life from a more intelligent point of view.

slowly, the mind is broadened and the life is not so tired.

she said: "Reading saved my life and life, and gave me a new life."

now she has given birth to a second child and still lives with her mother-in-law, but she is no longer as upset as she was.

once heard a scholar say: "when you feel confused, it is best to do something that is 100% devoted, and it is best to read."

it's not terrible to be confused. Just read.

the more confused you feel, the more you should learn to get out and read more.

every book you read will help you find a way out of life at some point.


exercise when you are sad

Wang Enge, president of Peking University, once said that one should make "two friends" in his life, one of which is the library and the other is the playground.

the more sad you are, the more you have to get yourself moving.

A respondent in Zhihu once shared the story of getting out of depression by exercise.

this respondent is a patient with severe depression.

four years ago, he was hit hard by the frustration of both his career and love.

I live in denial of myself every day, feeling that I have accomplished nothing and that I am unloved, and I once wanted to commit suicide.

later, his friends couldn't bear to see him look depressed, so they forced him to exercise.

he was reluctant at first.

but after one exercise, his mood unexpectedly relaxed inexplicably, as if the depression accumulated in his heart went out with the sweat.

since then, exercise has become a part of his life.

he said that what persistent exercise brings to him, in addition to the pleasure and excitement of venting stress, is more of a kind of self-sublimation.

in the process of keeping exercising, he himself slowly changed from laziness to diligence, and overcame the bad habit of procrastination.

at the same time, the contacts he made in sports also expanded his social circle and brought him new opportunities in life.

Roman Roland once said: "the source of vitality comes from activity. If one does not do physical activity for a long time, not only the body will gradually weaken, but also the mind will dull."

people who exercise regularly will find that exercise is the best brain medicine, and when you keep exercising, the whole person will begin to change.

Let's start today, get up half an hour early every day and run a few laps.

or on weekends, make an appointment with three or five friends to climb the mountain.

or take some time to go to the gym and sweat like rain.

it is never too late to exercise; if you keep exercising, you will get something.


Silence at trough

some time ago on the Internet, I saw this question: "Why do people like to be silent as they get older?"

highly praised and replied, "because it is becoming more and more mature."

think about it, it is true.

on the road of life, there are ups and downs, and finding someone to talk to is a choice; to solve the problem on your own is a kind of spiritual practice.

in the TV series "I am willing to Love the whole World for you", Zhang Changgong's family conditions are average, and he does not have a high education, so he runs up against a brick wall when looking for a job.

later, I finally joined an IT company.

along the way, he relied on his hard work to take up the position of vice president of the company from an ordinary clerk.

but at the peak of his career, the Internet industry was at a low ebb, and his company went bankrupt.

after losing his job, he was frustrated to find a job again and again. He was not only ridiculed, but also cheated out of money by the modeling agency.

later, in no way, he raised 80,000 yuan to buy a used car and made a long-distance freight transportation.

experienced falling to the bottom of the cloud, anyone may have emotions.

but even if he runs out of ammunition, he will not be discouraged, complain, complain, or ask for help.

in the process of falling and getting up, he finally found his own way out: writing online novels.

in the trough, he quietly precipitated himself, and eventually became a best-selling author.

has always liked such a passage: "No one lives easier than others, but some people are desperate for heaven and earth." And some people, but silently gnash their teeth, swallow grievances, forcing themselves to learn to be strong. "

people are at a low ebb, don't bother anyone.

because of your pain, others can't empathize with you.

your difficulties cannot be solved by others.

you have to walk step by step, and you have to eat in one mouthful, and only by cramping and peeling can you be reborn.


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at first, Yale was really excited about the busy life in the crowd.

however, as time goes by, he becomes more and more unhappy.

deep down, he always felt that he was just running blindly.

after some deliberation, he moved to Kyoto alone and found a secluded room to live in for more than a year.

this time of solitude enabled him to extricate himself from the noisy world and finally found his true self.

he figured out the way to the ultimate happiness in life: turn off the computer, put your cell phone aside, stay away from electronics, enjoy solitude and sit still.

he also wrote the reflection of this period in the book "the Power of Silence".

actor Chen Daoming once said, "solitude is an examination of a person."

being alone makes people introspect.

only when alone can people shield themselves from outside interference, settle down to examine themselves, face life squarely, and think rationally about the reality and the future.

so leave some time alone and have a long talk with your soul.

you will meet the most true self and find the true happiness of life.

English philosopher Francis Bacon once said, "habit is a tenacious and great force that can dominate life."

success comes from habit, and habit comes from daily life.

turn a few more pages of books every day, keep exercising, and keep self-examination. these small habits will take you further away.