Eighteen doctors jointly released "the last thing I want you to do" (suggested collection)

Eighteen doctors jointly released "the last thing I want you to do" (suggested collection)

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If you don't pay attention to trifles, you will get infected by a serious illness.

the golden advice of doctors from 18 departments has been collected here. Keep in mind that it is not too late to know!


Hematology doctors do not want you to dye your hair frequently

whether it will cause cancer has not been determined, but it is easy to damage hair allergy and even cause heavy metal poisoning.

pay special attention to the poor resistance of the elderly and pregnant women, so we should pay more attention to less hair dyeing.


the oncologist does not want you to

eat moldy food

it is good to be thrifty, but most moldy food contains harmful substances, such as peanuts and soybeans. There is also a kind of carcinogen aflatoxin, which is more likely to cause disease if you eat too much.

this toxin cannot be removed by general cooking techniques, and you can't take chances.


dermatologists do not want you to

often whiten and exfoliate  our skin has the function of self-protection and repair. Whitening and exfoliating products are harmful to the skin to a certain extent, and they are easy to be allergic, so it is best to use less.

you need to pay more attention to sunscreen and reduce melanin deposition than smearing it every day.


cardiologists don't want you to have a cold and strenuous exercise  mild exercise can help you recover from a cold, but strenuous exercise is not recommended when you go to a crowded gym.

after catching a cold, the body's resistance is poor, strenuous exercise makes the body lose heat quickly, it is more likely to be infected with the virus in places with a large number of people, and even induce myocarditis. Cardiologists can encounter many patients in this situation.


Nephrologists don't want you to pee all the time

watching football games and TV dramas. It's the best time to go to the bathroom. Put up with it if you don't want to miss it.

this is often the case, how can there be nothing wrong with the kidney? With the decrease of self-resistance, the probability of cystitis is higher.


the orthopedic surgeon does not want you to

always sit on the soft sofa

it is not good for people to sit on the soft sofa. The lumbar vertebrae do not have enough support, and it is easier to protrude the lumbar disc for a long time.

it is best to sit in a chair with a backrest, which is harder, so that the buttocks are close to the chair surface and the waist and back are fully relaxed, so as to reduce the pressure on the lumbar disc.


ophthalmologists don't want you to wear sunglasses on a sunny day

people who go out to work during the day try to prepare a pair of sunglasses and wear them when the light is too strong.

this is not to be cool, but to reduce the damage of the sun's ultraviolet rays to the cornea, retina and other organs.


otorhinolaryngologists do not want you to drive at a high speed and open a window

when the speed exceeds 85 kilometers, the noise outside the window will have a great impact on hearing, especially in the long run.

closing the window can isolate the noise outside the window to the maximum extent, and it is best not to turn on the car stereo for a long time.


stomatologists do not want you

to open beer with teeth

teeth are not diamonds. Many people use teeth to open beer, bite walnuts or tear labels, not to mention bacteria coming in from the mouth. These hard things wear out the teeth.

if you don't protect it now, you'll have to spend money to make it up in the future. It's not worth it!


the pediatrician doesn't want you to feed rice paste early

adults always want their baby to eat more and feed the baby rice paste early.

the pediatrician tells you that babies less than 3 months old secrete very little amylase, and eating rice paste will lead to indigestion.


Endocrinologists do not want you to

irregular diet

irregular diet, and soon the endocrine will be out of order, which may cause a lot of problems.

eating properly, exercising regularly and not staying up late can greatly avoid these problems.


Gastroenterologists do not want you to always drink strong tea and strong coffee

tea is good for your health, but drinking too much strong tea may cause gastroesophageal reflux, gastric acid flows into the esophagus, corrodes organs, and does great harm to the body.

similarly, it is best to drink less espresso.


Obstetricians and gynaecologists do not want you to

use hotel towels to stay in hotels

. It is best not to use public items such as bath towels. If you fail to pass the disinfection, it is easy to catch some diseases. For both men and women, it is safer to take a shower outside.

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the respiratory doctor does not want you to overdecorate

newly renovated house, there will always be some bad smell, the more luxurious the decoration, the more serious the pollution.

if you want to move in as soon as possible, the decoration should not be too complicated, and the carpet and wallpaper should not be used too much.

pregnant women and newborns should not move into the new house prematurely, the harmful gases decorated will increase the baby's risk of asthma, and it is not good for their health.


pharmacists do not want you to

take multiple medicines for a cold

be very particular about taking medicine when you are sick, it is not good to take multiple medicines repeatedly. Many people hope to get over their cold quickly and take several cold medicines at a time, which may be counterproductive.

before taking medicine, read the instructions carefully or consult your doctor. Do not repeat those with similar effects.


urologists don't want you to eat midnight snacks and hot pot more often

Young people nowadaysLike to eat midnight snacks, hot pot, and often drink a few bottles of beer with friends, alcohol and spicy food eating too much can easily lead to prostatitis.

after you are happy, you may have to suffer!


traditional Chinese medicine does not want you to

eat health products

different health products have different efficacy, different properties, and different people to adapt to.

eating randomly without listening to the doctor's advice will not be worth it if it has no effect or even hurts the body!


spleen and stomach doctors do not want you

irregular meals

spleen and stomach also have their own rules of work and rest. Young people eat three irregular meals a day, do not eat when the gastric juice is exuberant and hurt the spleen and stomach, and overeating and digestion during stomach rest is not good.

if this goes on, the spleen and stomach will naturally get sick.


these habits should also be changed:

the misuse of drugs for minor ailments

"it is the third part of the poison" is correct. If you take a lot of medicine for minor ailments, it is easy to cause drug-induced kidney damage.

Don't take medicine when you have some minor symptoms, especially a cold, which can be solved by adjusting your schedule and reasonable diet. Why take medicine?

sedentary  sedentary.

it is best to move for 5 minutes every hour so that you can work better after relaxing.

eat too delicate

often eat delicate foods such as cakes and biscuits, which can easily lead to weight gain.

eat some whole grains properly, replace dessert with sweet potatoes, and supplement protein and vitamins, which is nutritious and healthy.

drink too little water

Water is the "porter" of the human body. Experts say that drinking a few glasses of water every day can keep your metabolism better.